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5 Basic SEO Tips To Optimize Your Website

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If you are new blogger or planning to start a new blog, you should know the core concept of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine optimization is an ocean which have no end, there are many bloggers who are totally fail due to wrong SEO techniques, right SEO can help you right place in search engine, if you want to get high rank in search engine then you need to know basic concepts of it, if you are not doing well SEO then you can not get more traffic from search engines, now a day every blog owner asking how to increase blog/website traffic? There are few methods to make more traffic in which one is SEO from which you can optimize you blog and can get huge amount of traffic daily.

The word SEO is not simple as it seems, basically SEO dividend into two parts.

On Page SEO: On page SEO consist of your unique article, keywords, page navigation, Template/Theme, Meta keywords, Post Title.

Off Page SEO: Off page SEO consist of backlinks, Social media promotion and all other techniques which you are using for your website.

New blogger generally doing silly mistakes due to which they can not get high traffic and high pagerank, they are doing wrong techniques like Duplicate content, wrong keywords, over optimization, low PR backlinks and many more due to which their blog can not get huge amount of traffic from search engines, in this tutorial I am going to give you some basic but very essential SEO techniques, if you apply these tips for your blog I can assure you can become king in search engine. So read these 5 Basic SEO tips and apply very carefully.

1. Contents are the real King

First and most important step of search engine optimization (SEO) is your contents, if you have well written, unique, high quality contents, then you can gain huge traffic through search engine, always try to post unique contents to keep your visitors in touch, don’t waste your time on copying contents from other blogs, copied contents blog will never on top in search engine, copied contents blog will defiantly penalize after an update like Panda or Penguin.

2. Link Building

Backlinks are backbone of your website, lots of new blogger not aware from this SEO point, link building is very important to get high PR and Alexa rank as well, generally backlinks mean with how mush other website your website is linked. There are two types of backlinks.

Dofollow: When google crawler crawl a website, it looks for external links point to other websites. If this links is “do follow” then search engines will follows the link and will index it.

No Follow: No follow link is a link that does not calculate as a point in the page’s favor, does not improve Pagerank, and doesn’t help in a high page’s spot in the search engine.

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Backlinks keeps key position in pagerank, you can create backlinks by commenting on other blogs, forum discussion, forum posting, article posting, article submission, directory submission and many more ways are available for backlinks, but remember one thing, never try to purchase backlinks, because Purchased backlinks are not trusted because they provide automated backlinks and use the similar keyword for all backlinks and search engine never likes auto-generated backlinks, so it can be hurtful for your website.

3. Optimization (But Not Over)

This post means only on page optimization, optimization is your right but over optimization can hurt your blog, always keep searched post title, use description not more then 160 words and don’t fill up the whole article with the same keyword again and again which appears like spam, if you are writing about blogging then word blogging shouldn’t more then 4 or 5 times, always keep your keywords limited, if you have 500 words in you article then use only 20 words for keywords mean 4% of your article.

Images Optimization:

I think one image equal to hundred words, optimize you blog Images to get Better results in search engine, always use at least one image in you post for better explanation, It not just makes your article eye-catching but can help you to get extra visitor as well.
Submit a sitemap of your blog to all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to drag more visitors, sitemap is a very essential part of you website, all search engines will index your website according to your sitemap and will show in search engine as well.

4. Keep an Eye on Search Engines

All search engines updates their algorithms frequently, you must keep eye on Google because you need to escape from Panda and Penguin panties, check you Google Analytics daily and do analysis of your traffic while it increase or decrease, must read the news about panda, penguin and other updates of search engines, and make SEO according to their requirements.

5. Update your Blog Regularly

Very important SEO tip is keep update your blog, at least post one article daily, search engines loves updated websites, if you will leave your website dull, search engine will also leave your website and you will drop low in ranking, visitor always wants fresh and new articles on your website, if you are updating you website regularly, visitors will keep in touch with your blog, keep update your website with fresh articles for better SEO and search engine result.

Over To you:

So these are some basics SEO points, there are many more techniques are available for more better optimization, new blogger fails due to fake techniques like difficult navigation of a website, Slow loading, too much advertisements, Useless contents, poor backlinks, copied contents and many more, if you avoid these wrong techniques hope you can become successful blogger, if you have any question or any suggestion please must share with me, hope you like this article and don’t forget to share. Enjoy Blogging 🙂

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12 thoughts on “5 Basic SEO Tips To Optimize Your Website”

  1. From last few days i have lost my 80% google search traffic. I don’t know what is the reason behind it. Please tell me how to recover back my traffic?

      1. Google Actually Playing With Its Search Engine Algorithm . And We (Bloggers) have to pay the fees of that game with drop in our Traffic.

  2. Hello admin,
    Thanks for your valuable blogger tips for on & off page seo.This post is equally important and wonderful resource for blogger blog develop.

    Best Regards,

  3. awesome article which should be known to all. Definitely without optimize your site you can’t get more traffic. Thanks a lot for informing us

  4. Dear Waqas Ahmed after read this article i am feeling i will be king on google.
    You have share to us very important information.

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