Google As Your Homepage

5 Reasons Why We Should Use Google As Our Homepage

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Google As Our Homepage

We live in an online sphere where everyone has something to search, share or download. Anyone can notice one common thing that every user must have to do searching, sharing or downloading and that is the SEARCH ENGINE. Search engines have a significant place in our online activities and Google’s one of the most popular and widely used search engine all across the planet.

So thought why not discuss some of the best reasons to make Google my homepage and carry on our online activities with so many benefits it brings to the user. Listed below are some of the most common reasons that convince majority of internet users to make Google their homepage leaving rest of the search engines.

Well Structured Ranking Order:

The first reason that comes to mind is Google’s structuring order of web pages and links. They’ve a very organized system to rank each and every page submitted to their search engine. In old days, it was a common thing in search engines to rank submitted web pages in random order (however they’ve a different criterion back then). But Google has an improved ranking system that is based on relevancy of a particular web page. They evaluate what page is most relevant to the typed phrase in search bar before presenting to the user.

Full Text Scanning:

If we compare Google with other search engines then Google has an advantage in terms of text scanning for better results to the user. It scans whole text presented on the web page in order to decide if it is the right page according to the searched term of user or not. On the other hand, different search engines just read the text in TITLE, first paragraph or Meta description of that web page while evaluating the relevancy of that page. So this is how Google comes up with the most accurate results every time you run a search.

Larger Search Results:

Another best reason to use Google as our default homepage is because if it’s largest search results. You may get confuse while seeing the result number that looks like this (432,321,040) right under the search bar when you run a search. But this thing indicates the development and accuracy of this search engine so don’t panic because you may stick to fist 5 results instead of checking each and every page.

Easy Navigation:

You must have seen the interface of Google’s search engine (I’m sure you did) that is nothing but a plain white screen with its logo in the center. Beneath the logo, there’s a bar called ‘Search Bar’ (just for the records). This simplest interface makes it a lot easy for the user to do the search work without being distracted by any image or advertisement along the search bar.

Latest Database:

You should know that Google is one of those search engine companies that update their database on daily basis. They run spiders (also known as bots) to visit all the submitted web pages on different schedules (as per webmaster’s instructions). So that’s how they keep the most latest database for the user to enable him/her to reach the accurate and up-to-date information.

If you have any question related to this article, please must drop your comment below. You comments and suggestions can be useful for us and for others as well.

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