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Adcash Review- What it has for Publishers & Advertisers

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Blogging is a popular form of online business where the blog owner is his own master. A number of blogs exist on internet on a wide range of topics. But why the blog owner will invest his hard efforts & time to provide complex information in simple format to the users? Have you ever thought of this? Though most of the bloggers claim that they have started the blog to provide information to the internet users, but their ultimate aim is to earn money through the blog. How it is possible? There are number of ways of generating a handsome amount from your blog. One of them is making money through ads.

Adcash is one of the best ad networks that provide webmasters and bloggers an opportunity to make good money by monetizing their blogs with Adcash ads. Not only the publishers, but the advertisers are equally benefited by it. We will have an intensive look about the benefits of using this network for both advertisers and publishers.


Adcash – A Short Summary

The Estonia based company was started in the year 2007 with a motive to serve both advertisers and publishers to grow and expand. Presently, Adcash has reached to 249 regions & countries worldwide. It serves ads to 200 million unique users each day and has a strong network of publishers with over 150k publishers associated with this superb ad network. Adcash is a good brand name among the different companies who have used its services and experienced growth. One of those big companies is Alibaba.


It even serves 5.2 million conversions to the advertisers every month. The best thing is that its app is also available and received near about 750 thousand downloads each month. This ad network has spread widely over the decade. Let us learn more about the benefits it provides to its publishers and the advertisers.

Why Adcash is Effective for the Publishers?

What else a publisher will want apart from making good money through an ad network? Adcash is efficient enough to provide every publisher an opportunity to generate decent revenue through his blog/website by monetizing it through Adcash ads. Here are some of the greatest benefits for you if you are working as a publisher with Adcash ad network.


  • Dashboard: Its multipurpose dashboard lets you to navigate easily through all the options from the main window. Further, you can reach the learning center and track the ad performance through its dashboard easily.
  • Easy Setup: The setup is simple. You just need to register and wait for the approval. After you have been approved, you can place the ad code on your site and start earning from then.


  • Multilingual Website: Adcash services are used by the people throughout the world. So, it serves its website in 8 different widely popular languages of the world including Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, and Turkish.
  • Reports: The reports and stats about the earnings, performance of ad units, and other vital information are well organized under the report section. The real time performance can easily be tracked through the feature-rich dashboard and the ads can be optimized there and then. The reports can also be sent to the specified mail address and you can also set time for delivering the report to your email. All things are done with just a single click.
  • Support: The support staff at Adcash is corporative and is always there to assist you with any type of query. The skilled support staff responds within 24 hours. You even get a dedicated account manager when you are approved as publisher at Adcash.
  • Payments: Payments are surely not an issue with this ad network. Though the minimum threshold to receive the money is 100 Euros, but Adcash follows NET-30 policy. You get the payment within 30 days after finalized earnings are calculated. The money can be received through Skrill, Payoneer, WebMoney or even through Wire Transfer.

Why Adcash is Effective for the Advertisers?

Adcash is not only beneficial for the publishers, but it has equal worth for the advertisers too. A number of big names are working with Adcash as advertisers and getting good results. Here are some of the reasons why advertisers can trust Adcash blindly for delivering them awesome results across its publisher’s network.



  • Simple to Use: The ease of provided by Adcash to the advertisers is main reason why they love using Adcash. An advertiser can start with his first campaign in matter of seconds. Its user interface is really easy to navigate and understand. You even get a dedicated account manager for any kind of help. Not only this, it is easy to add and withdraw funds with Adcash.
  • Wider Reach on Different Devices: Adcash offers various ad formats which include desktop ads, mobile ads and the video ads. There are ads for nearly every device a user can use to open a website. It ensures a good reach and enhances the probability of conversion. The advertiser also gets an ability to choose the ad format for the ongoing campaign.
  • Hyper Granular Targeting Abilities: You should be bang on when it comes to advertising. Your ads are shown to the people who might be interested in your ads. The ads are shown on selected publisher sites and to the interested people. This surely improves the CTR and the chances of conversions improve.
  • Highly Advanced Optimization: The advertisements must suit the taste of target audience. Adcash provides you with all set of the tools which you might need for optimizing your ads. Different tactics can be implemented for improving the ad performance.
  • Low Budgets: There are a number of ad networks where you have to spend as high as $1000 in the beginning of an ad campaign. But this is not the case with Adcash. Here you can start with mere $100 and increase the amount if you feel it right. This suits the low budget advertisers too and doesn’t put a weight on their pockets.
  • Real time reporting: The stats play a vital role in the advertising. You can witness the real time stats on your currently running campaigns through its dashboard. The campaigns can also be tweaked a bit as per your likings. Not only this, the reports can also be delivered to you through emails at desired time.
  • Payments: The advertisers can make the payments by the mode of their choice. The option to pay through credit card and PayPal is always present. Its payment gateways are totally secured and the advertiser can stay assured about the security of the transaction.

The Bottom Line

Adcash is an effectual ad network for both publishers and the advertisers. One can make full use of it by testing it completely. No matter you are publisher or an advertiser, you will get a dedicated account manager as soon as you sign up with Adcash. This will help you get the query solved in little time. You can even contact the support staff for answering your queries. Moreover, the payments are secure and there a number of methods to make the transactions. Trying this ad network for monetization or branding can give good results.

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