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10 Best Alternative Sites Like Fiverr

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Online earning is not a difficult task if you have any skill. Lot of people asks me how to make money? My answer is very simple, earning through internet is very easy if you have any skill. Many people try to earn without having any skill, internet is not a place where you can earn without doing anything. For online earning, you need to serve your services or something like that. Lot of people think that online earning is a fake thing, but believe me that there are so many trusted ways to make money online.

Freelancing is one of the most recommended way of online earning. Freelancing can be good if you have different skills. There are so many freelancing websites where you can setup your profile, present your skills and start earning.

Sites Like Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular micro-freelancing website now a day. On Fiverr, you could make good amount of money by providing any service against $5.

Why Fiverr is different from other freelancing websites?

Fiverr provides you an opportunity to make money in quick time by doing any job for just $5. On other websites like oDesk, Freelance, Elance, required highly recommended skills. Another thing that is not common between other freelancing websites is that on fiverr you need to show that you can do this, while on others, you have to apply for projects, and it’s up to the buyer that he/she will hire you or not. So that’s why fiverr is entirely different from other freelancing sites.

Sites Like Fiverr But why?

Defiantly you want to know that why fiverr alternatives? So there are some reasons due to which you should move from fiverr. First thing is that you will not get full amount of your earning. Fiverr will deduct 20% from your earning. So, if you sell one gig for $5, then fiverr will cut of $1 from it. So, this is too much low amount for any freelancer.

Another reason is that no sale of gigs. Yes! If your gigs are not selling, then it will create headache for you. Many freelancer fails due to this reason, there is huge competition on fiverr, so it is not easy to sale maximum gigs. So as a freelancer, you couldn’t rely on just fiverr.

List of Best Alternatives To Fiverr

I still believe that fiverr is one of the most popular platform where you can make money in a very short time, however if you want to earn extra amount of money, then defiantly you have to look at some alternatives.

1. SEOClerks

SEOClerks is best spot for SEO masters, developer and designers. You can offer your services from $1-$999, that’s why most freelancers using this platform. Here you can also create gig and can offer anything that you could do. After that buyer will contact you, do the task and collect your part.

2. Gigbucks

Gigbucks also a micro-freelancing website like fiverr. Here freelancer can earn from $5 to $50 which is many times better than fiverr. It hosts gigs for all the kind of categories that found on fiverr. It has very flexible interface that anyone can use it. Simply sign up with required information and start earning.

3. ListingDock

ListingDock is also a best fiverr alternative for a long time. ListingDock is a place where buyers and seller connect. Anyone can make a listing and sell anything. It has very similar interface like SEOClerks. Here you can also provide different kind of skills as on fiverr.

4. Gighours

Gighours is a best website to make money online. This website also has variation in prices; you can start selling from $5 to onward. So this is another best alternative of fiverr.

5. Fiverup

This one is one of the most popular platform as compare to fiverr. It has very simple and user friendly interface. You can Buy and sell gigs from $4 to $100. You can join by providing necessary information, or you can directly login with facebook. After that process is same, you have to create gig and wait for customer.

6. Fourerr

Fourerr is also a good option for freelancers. It is the online marketplace where people buy and sell services and Micro Jobs for $4. They also charging 20% commission on your earning. They will release your payment through PayPal.

7. Zeerk

Zeerk is a big pond for freelancers to make money. Zeerk is a place to Buy and Sell Freelancing Services from $2 to $100. It is a marketplace for freelancers to sell services and for buyers to get quality freelancing services.

8. TenBux

TenBux is a totally copy of fiverr. So if you are fiverr user, then consider it sister of fiverr. You can do each and everything that can do on fiverr. There is one difference that they offer both $5 and $10 per gig. It has very easy and simple to sign up process. They will pay through PayPal and Payza.

9. My Cheap Jobs

MyCheapJobs is a good place for buyer and seller. You can create any gig like fiverr but here you can charge more than $5. It has easy sign up process and easy to use. So it is also be a good fiverr alternative.

10. Fivesquids

Fivesquids is a Uk based website and doing same as fiverr. You can start selling your skills & talents from 5 pounds. You can join fivesquids community by easy sign up process and keep earning.


So these are these are some best fiverr alternatives. I also tried many of them and result was absolutely perfect. Again I’m repeating that if you are a freelancer then don’t waste your time on just fiverr. Try your luck on other freelancing websites. If any website missed here, so please must mention in comment. Keep earning and keep enjoying.

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5 thoughts on “10 Best Alternative Sites Like Fiverr”

  1. sahil dhingra

    Seoclerks is perfectly for seo experts and small business owners. There are some more websites that I want to share are tenbux, gigbull, fittytown. These are also high authority websites.

  2. I’m using fiverr but receiving less orders because of competition on the platform. But i’ll try alternatiives from your list and see if i can increase my sales and revenue.

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