Online Marketing Statistics

Top 12 Amazing Online Marketing Statistics for Internet Geeks

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Are you an internet marketer? Tired of hearing about the same kinds of talks? Want compelling data to plan your future strategies and marketing tactics?

Then, you are at the right place!! This post will definitely help you in sounding smarter at your board events. I hope this reference will help you in adjusting and forecasting your future needs towards achieving digital marketing success.

Here are some data that shows the current stats of the online marketing world, read it, make use of it and share it among your communities!!

Online Marketing Statistics

Amazing Online Marketing Statistics for Internet Geeks

Stat #1: Frequency Matters!! The more is your posts on social media, the lesser is the engagement. It’s been noticed that when 2 posts are being posted by a brand, it receives 78% comments and 57% likes for each post. Test your own fan page by changing frequency to know the possibility of maximum engagement.

Stat #2: Only30% of the companies reply to their fan’s feedback in an average social media campaign. Standing unique by having higher engagement with audience related to your community can provide compelling results.

Stat #3: The CTRs (Click-Through Rate) on the generated messaging will be 119% more when compared to as-usual business marketing emails. Use innovative lead generation campaigns to improve your performance.

Stat #4: Mobile users make use of 35 messages per day on Text Messaging. Communicate to your clients via simple messaging, but make sure they don’t get frustrated to receive it from you!

Stat #5: Over, 2.304 trillion text messages are being sent by the mobile users in U.S. and in the year 2014 it has increased to 2.052 trillion. This means the usage of mobile phones and text messaging is being increased tremendously. So if you believe in demographics, consider to add text messaging in your marketing campaign.

Stat #6: Onan average, Tablets users spend 13.9 hours/week on their devices. Influence your data to target tablets users with customized and compatible content that is easily visible on smaller devices.

Stat #7: Over the past few months, 80% of the emails are being opened in tablets and Smartphones. Optimize email marketing messages according to the compatibility of Smartphones for best results.

Stat #8: Social Media has 40% of accounts and 8% of messages that have been listed as spam. Take time to review your SMO strategies to avoid spamming.

Stat #9: Nearlyaround 20% of internet users have bought things on seeing the Facebook comments and ads. Making using of Facebook paid campaigns can also increase your conversion rates.

Stat #10: 64% of Smartphones is being used to buy things online! Target your products or service online to impress mobile phone users. The eCommerce websites has increased their revenue over the last few years.

Stat #11: Social Media profiles are being actively used by around 91% of adults. Almost social networkings got integrated into the communication as well as marketing so, ensure to give your best on your SMO campaigns.

Stat #12: YouTube videos are being watched by more than 3 Billion hours a month. As you know, more than content and images, video speaks a lot better. Encompass your creativity and ideas and increase the experience of the online users. Make sure not to solely focus on promotion, but also look for engaging concepts and messages that can drive huge visitors and subscribers. Length also matters the most and when it comes to success, it has been proved that successful videos are shorter that 2 minutes of length.

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    I should say this thank you for revealing these top secrets with us… however can you give some more information on managing Social Media fans.

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