Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

Biggest Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

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Affiliate Marketing is one of the best and effective way to make some handsome income from your home. In Affiliate marketing you have to promote company’s Products or business, in return you will get paid. You have to write reviews and articles about their products or business. They will give you links or banners of different shapes, if any one of your visitor’s click on these links or banners then you will get paid per visitor. In other words we can say that you will get commission for promoting their business or product. Everyone makes mistakes in his/her life but if you want to get some more in your life then you have to avoid these mistakes. Below are some common mistakes that some new affiliate marketers do.


Buy this product Now…!!!

This is the worst mistake that most of the newbies do at first. They just think about money, just wait and don’t force your visitors to buy the product. Just write all the species and qualities of the product. And try to make it Unique because everyone wants different stuff. Believe me it will make them happy and your chances of getting paid will be more.

Full of Banners

This is another mistake that most of the bloggers and websites do at first. They become greedy and make their blog like a show room of Affiliate marketing ads. It is totally frustrating for your visitors that their favorite websites becomes a bunch of ads or full of sponsored reviews. Use only one two Affiliate marketing programs on your website.

Not Related

If your affiliate marketing program is not related with your blog or website then you should remove it immediately and find another affiliate marketing program suits your blog or website title. For instance your visitor wants to know about Tech and Gaming and you have joined affiliate program which is about medicines then you should remove this and find another affiliate program which is related to your blog or websites it will surely increase your earning from affiliate program.

No Quality

If you cannot write quality articles for their product then you should not use an affiliate program it will pay you nothing. If you can, then try to write Quality content and spend your time and effort in writing quality contents for their products or websites this will boost your earning with affiliate marketing. Personal knowledge about their product, as well as good research about their product or business, is also compulsory. Try something different but full of quality.

Low Traffic

This is the most common cause of getting low earning on your hard work. If you want to increase your affiliate marketing earning then you should first consider on your blog or website traffic. It is very important to do first on your blog, it will help you from various ways and increase the chances of getting big fish in your net. So focus on your blog traffic first and then apply for affiliate marketing program.

Reputation Decreased

Your reputation is everything if you have a good reputation then you will get more affiliate marketers if not then your hand will always be empty. If you want to increase your reputation then you have to write quality content and make your visitors happy. Your Template should also be well designed don’t use a lot of advertisements this is the main reason of decreasing reputation.

Without Comparison

Comparing one affiliate program to another is the best and easiest way to increase your earning. Do some research, now a days Amazon affiliating program is the best but it can only be owned by some of the greatest and hardworking websites. Try searching some great and high paying affiliate programs that can pay you according to your hard work.

No politeness

Yes this is the worst mistake that most of the newbies do at their start they write something like that ‘’I make 10000$ you can also’’ on their affiliate marketing advertisement which is related to earning. You should be polite to your visitors if you will not then you will lose your reputation and trust this can be the biggest loss for you. Politeness is the best weapon for getting of your visitor, so be polite with your visitors.

Hot shot

Be patience you will get your reward if you will do everything right. Most of the bloggers and websites just want to fill their pocket quickly I know it is quite exciting, But patience pays everything just be patience do hard work and prepare for every trouble then you will achieve your goal. Everything wants time just make sure that everything is ok with you blog or website.


Yes the last thing is laziness. We know that if you want anything in your life then you have to work hard for it. Be motivated by own. No one care’s about any one now a day’s you have to grow up if you want something don’t show laziness do everything on time also try to make your visitors happy by saying the right thing don’t use harsh language to any one, everyone needs respect If you will give respect to your visitors then they will also Payback.


So we have mentioned some of the mistakes that can be happened to anyone who is new to affiliate marketing. If you will ignore all of them then you will surely get good earning through your affiliate marketing program. Just remember these things Work hard, give respect, be patience, be motivated, Use politeness and write unique articles, make your content attractive. This will attract more visitors and your reward will be doubled.

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5 thoughts on “Biggest Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make”

  1. Nice Article. Yes. It is really true. Every new blogger is doing these mistakes often. They don’t know how to choose good product for our niche and how to promote it on our blog. Your points are nice and bloggers should get clear meaning about Affiliate marketing and Ignore the mistakes from Affiliate marketing after reading this article. thanks for share this.

  2. Hi waqas,This is a very useful article to learn the art of affiliate marketing as we all know that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn quick money and lot of new bloggers don’t take it seriously and as a result, they are unable to earn a single dollar. You have described each and every step very beutifully . Thanks a lot for sharing these useful affiliate marketing among with us..
    But, i have a questions can in the affiliate marketing companies pay when someone click on the ads or when someone purchase the products. help me out from this problem??

  3. Great article, thanks for sharing. It’s a common mistake as most newbies think flooding the internet with a tsunami of spam junk is the answer. It’s Not. Allow me to add, that it’s a good idea to purchase and personally test the product you wish to promote. This makes creating relative content a lot easier, and does wonders for one’s branding.

  4. Great article and priceless advice to newbie affiliate marketers. I’m glad you highlight the “hard work” part of things because affiliate marketing is often misunderstood as overnight riches. Success is tiny objective steps in the right direction.

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