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6 Blog Post SEO Tips to Get Your Content Ranking

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On page optimization is first step of search engine optimization. If you have proper SEO optimized article, they you can go for on page optimization. If you are not optimizing your blog post properly, then you are wasting your efforts.

Blog Post SEO

In this article, I will share you 6 Blog Post SEO techniques that I also follow to optimize my own contents, and if you follow these 6 simple tips, then you can rank your contents high in search engine.

Before going to apply these tips, you have to determine which keywords you are going to target. There are different methods to find keywords for your article. There are many keyword research tools, like Google Keyword Planner, Long Tail Pro, KeywordSpy, KeywordEye, SEMRush and many more. I love to use Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush. If you are a new blogger or even Pro blogger, then I’ll recommend you to use Google keyword Planner to find keywords.

Google Keyword Planner allow us to find keywords with monthly searches, completions of keywords like Low, Medium, High. More important things is, Google Keyword Planner is free to use, while other keyword research tools are paid.

Once you find your keyword, no it’s time to implement it into your articles. Here I’ll show you that how you are optimize your post for better search engine ranking.

1) Title

If you really want to rank your article, then understand the importance of article title. If you have killer article Title, then you can increase your click through rate effectively. Your article title should be under 60 and above 40 characters. Another thing, you can target your main keyword in title, as close to the beginning as possible. One thing you should remember while targeting keyword in main title, it shouldn’t look un-natural, otherwise it can leave negative impact on your readers.

2) Heading

80% people not reading your whole article and reader don’t have unlimited time to read your complete article. So article heading tells what your content is about. Eye catching headings are good to describe your whole article and you can also target keyword in article heading to get SEO benefit. People doing mistakes here, they are trying to target main keyword in every heading, I think this is totally ridiculous and they are inviting Panda or penguin to hit them, nothing more than that.

3) Post Content

Main picture is here, your contact is king and king should be like King. People trying to cheat Google by doing these type of things, like keyword density, keyword prominence, Keyword Proximity and many other things. I’m not against these things, but these things shouldn’t be in extensive amount. If you are repeating one word again and again to just fill keyword density, then it can hurt your blog or website readers. So always try to keep it simple as you can and doing go for keyword density or other things, you can rank you blog post without doing these things because Google not ranking websites according to keyword density.

4) Images

Images can play very important role in your SEO. Well placed image can describe your thousands of words. In simple words, if you have an article related to marketing, and you have image of marketing circle, then it will leave positive impact on your reader. Images can give you extra SEO benefit as well, you can place your targeted keyword as an Alt tag to improve level of your SEO. If you are using WordPress, then you can give title, description to image.

Read: How to Optimize Images for Better Search Engine Rankings

5) Description

Here Description means meta description of your blog post. Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that provide concise explanations of the contents of website or blog. Meta descriptions are commonly used on search engine result pages (SERPs) to display preview snippets for a given page. Your Meta description shouldn’t more than 155 characters, and you can place your main keyword in meta description but it should be in a natural way. If it is not possible to place main keyword in meta description, then no need to do keyword stuffing.

6) URL

You post URL should be SEO-friendly. You can place your main keyword in URL to get extra benefit in search engine but remember site URL shouldn’t confusing or un-natural. Always try to avoid dynamic and relative URLs, here is best examples for you:

or “ugly” like this one:

It totally depends which platform you are using, If you are using WordPress, then you can optimize your website URL easily, but if you are using platform like Blogger, then optimize but for that, you need to do setting.


So these are 6 best blog post SEO tips and you can say 6 on page SEO tips. I hope if you follow these techniques, you can rank your post top in ranking. One thing you should remember that, SEO is not difficult, but people are doing it a difficult way and trying to explain it like a horrible shape. Keep things simple and clean, you will see best result.
I hope this article is useful for those, who are still struggling to rank Blog Posts. Please must share your feedback regarding this article and don’t forget to share with others.

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22 thoughts on “6 Blog Post SEO Tips to Get Your Content Ranking”

  1. if you are using platform like Blogger, then it’s not possible to edit your URL./// Nope bro we can edit 🙁 BTW Another Awsom article 🙂 Thanks a Lot 🙂

    1. Sorry i forget to explain in article that How to Add Meta Tags In Blogger? Very simple, just follow these steps…
      On your blog’s Dashboard; go to your Settings > Search preferences > Meta tags > Description and click the Edit link.
      Click the ‘Yes’ radio button.
      Enter the meta description for your blog. This will appear on your homepage and other multi-post pages.
      Click ‘Save Changes’ button.\

      Now you can add search description in every blog post

  2. Hi Waqas
    Very well written post.
    One-page SEO is the biggest source to make your post noted by search engines to recommend it to those who search the info you mentioned in your post.
    All the tips you pointed in this post are perfect and will bring huge traffic on your blog if you apply them properly and wait for awhile to get it work.

  3. good tips brother… and i am doing this all what you have shared in post but still i don’t get my posts ranked and day by day its going down in page rank… please have a look on my blog and then guide me. my blog is bloghazel[.]com…

  4. I’m new blogger , so, dont know too much and this one is awesome post , A very informative post for me. Thnx for sharing this.

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