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My blogging journey completes 1 year – Thank you all !!!!

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Success is about dedication. You may not be where you want to be or do what you want to do when you’re on the journey. But you’ve got to be willing to have vision and foresight that leads you to an incredible end. Usher

Today is a memorable day in my life because I completed one year of my blogging. A year ago on the very same day (20th July 2013) I decided to start my blogging journey. Here I’m going to share you my 1 one experience in blogging.

I started blogging back in 2010, but due to lake of knowledge, I was slipped down. I’ll try to conclude each and every moment of my blogging journey, but before that I would like to say thanks to all my readers, my friends for your support, comments and feedback.It was never easy to reach here without your support.

blogging journey

Sorry to all my reader that I’m not going to cut cake this time because cake will be from your side ;). Anyways I’ll share cake on my Facebook profile, just you have to tell me which flavor do you like?

Let’s start with my blog story:

As I mentioned above that I spend three years to learn what blogging is and how to start? Three Years !!! Yeah you got it right. I started blogging back in 2009-2010 by using Joomla. Due to insufficient knowledge, it was a atrocious experience for me and after that I was in much tense that what should I do? Finally, I decided that I should learn skills first and then next. After that I switch to and spend approximately 2.5 years there. Blogger remain very useful for me and I have learned many things on this platform but I did very stupid mistakes there. I was running two blogs on blogger, and believe me I published 800+ articles on these two blogs and all copied material. As I upgrade my skills, I decided to choose a platform where I can share my skills, my experience with other peoples who are still struggling as I was struggling 3 years before.

So this was a story of my blogging journey how I came into blogging. Now I’m going to share my experience with WordPress and my blog Latest Tutorial.

Obstacles that I faced.

After spending three years, still I was struggling with many things. Here are some major difficulties that I have to face a lot.

Frustration is always with you: I can’t explain this word because I faced lot of frustration during this time, but I didn’t surrender. Not getting traffic, not earning, these type of things will always discourage you but keep pushing things. If you are not getting traffic then frustration is not a solution for that. Keep working hard, try to improve yourself, learn skills, learn different techniques, and I think it’s a best solution to get rid of frustration.

Writing Articles: It always been a big issue for me because I’m no good in article writing but still I tried to give my best.

Setting up WordPress & Plugins:I was using wordpress first time so setting up themes and plugins was alsoa big issue for me.


I can’t count achievements but I’m satisfied that I didn’t waste my time. Here are some achievements that I can share with you…

Pagerank: 1

Domain Authority: 24

Page Authority: 30

No. of Published Posts: 133

No. of Approved Comments: 4396

Facebook Fans: 1900+

Alexa rank: It has reached upto 13k in Alexa Ranking. Now because of time constraints the Alexa ranking dropped to 40k. I’m trying hard to get it back.

So this was all about me and my blog. Here I’m going to give you some tips if you are a new blogger or struggling to increase traffic or anything else.

1. Define Your Goals It should be clear that what you are going to do? What’s your aim, what’s your objective? Define your Destiney and then do hard work to achieve it.

2. Know Your Audience Share stuff that your reader demanding. Always try to help your reader and give them best information. Don’t confuse them but rather meet and exceed those expectations to gain reader loyalty.

3. Be Consistent Without constant work, you will be fail sooner or later. Consistency is required to make your blog popular. Always try to publish fresh contents to attract the attention of the reader.

4. Be Visible Your social presence is much important. Create attractive profiles over all social media channels. Join related community, make friends, and share your articles with them. It will help you to build more readership.

5. Keep Learning As I mentioned above that skills can give you an extra advantage here. Let’s suppose you want to start blogging, then you must know ABC of HTML & CSS because anytime you can face problem related to HTML or CSS.

Goals for the next year

  • Increase my followers on the blog and all social media platforms
  • Go to a blogging conference
  • Create strong relations with brands and create sponsored posts
  • Affiliate Marketing and CPA
  • Continue to enjoy blogging!
  • Meet lots of cool people.

Thanks To All of My Readers, Subscribers and Friends. Please must share your views in comment.

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6 thoughts on “My blogging journey completes 1 year – Thank you all !!!!”

  1. Hey waqas,

    Congo for your 1 year journey and I want to request you to pls share something about online earning… Because peoples will inspire by your earning get intrest to start blogging.

    1. I was thinking to include stats of my earning but i never count my total earning but i can say that blogging is incredible and i’m earning good with my blog.

  2. Waqas Ahmed first of all congratulation on your 01 year blogging journey. No doubt you really deserve what you got through blogging. I have seen that you are very much focused and committed on your work. So, keep struggling and get some more remarkable position in blogging.

  3. Hi Waqas,
    Good to be here,
    Congrats to you for the completion of 1 year blogging!
    At the time of celebrating One year of your blogging life I landed here. 🙂
    The beginning trouble and obstacles all you could overcome. and now you are your own stand. that is wonderful and your rank etc too shows you are going steady. Keep up the good work. Great Going my dear friend, you have a wonderful page.

    I am here via where you commented on my post.
    Keep writing
    Best Regards
    ~~ Philip

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