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A Step By Step Guideline To Create Your Own Website

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The use of online services is not limited for official purposes nowadays. Even though, business is the sole purpose of using online services, still people might just want to build a website to promote any eminent point, to a large number of people. In case you are a layman and do not have the financial support to hire a website developer for creating your own website, this article can be of great help. This article, will offer A to Z guidelines, in a stepwise order, which will help you understand and create your own website.

 Create Your Own Website

Get an appropriate domain name to create your own website

The first and foremost point is to get a domain name for your site, which will be the official name. In order to get proper domain name, you have to pay an annual fee, to the registered company. If you plan for a long term registration procedure, then reliable companies might offer you with some discount amounts. 

  • Ways to choose a domain name: The name needs to be apt and at the same time unique. At first, you need to make up your mind regarding the kind of domain name you want. It can be either brand name or generic name domain. It is important to go for such name that matches your brand name as the product name is the one that people are looking for. They will type the product in the search bar, and this will generate traffic to your website.
  • Long and short domain name: The length of these names can be up to 67 characters. It is an argumentative topic that whether short names are fruitful or the long ones. In case you are planning for a short name, then make it a meaningful one. Or you can go for long term names with site keywords in it. 
  • Hyphenated names:  These can help the search engines to distinguish your keywords better. There are instances when you will be suggested with “plurals”, “My” or “The” forms, in case your name was previously taken. 


Register your domain name

  • For registering domain names, think about some good meaningful names first. You have to make arrangements for more than one name as there are chances that many names are already taken.
  • You will need the help of PayPal account or credit card to pay for the domain name. 
  • In case you do not have a web host, then you have to register your name at a temporary website. This can help you to secure the domain name. In maximum cases, registers park the domain name automatically. 

Choosing a web host and signing for an account

Work of a web host is to create a bridge between computers and internet. You have to sign in an account with a web host so that it can create a home for your website. It is similar to rent an office for your business. 

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Ways to choose a web host and its different packages

You can look for those web host services which can impose advertisement on the website. You also have to look for the space available, which is a vital option when you think of expanding your site. The web host must have FTP access in order to transfer web pages from computer to the web host computer. You might just have to check your budget plan before choosing any web host for your services. Some other specifications to be noted are size and file type, speed and reliability of access, PHP service, bandwidth allotment and more.

When it comes to hosting packages you can either try out the paid one or the free ones. Some of the names which deserve mention here are reseller hosting, shared hosting, semi-dedicated hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and more. 


Designing the website appropriately

  • The first step is to get out onto web. You can take the help of WYSIWYG web editor, which can help you publish a web page. This service works like a word processor. You can take the help of free software, which will guide you to create an appropriate website. 
  • You need to have a basic knowledge on CSS coding and HTML, to make the site look professional.
  • Then you have to take the help of a pre-made website template, which are easily available all over the internet. These pre-made codes can be used as per your needs. 
  • You need to streamline your webpage so that people can easily navigate through your site. You also need to practice user interface design. Position the elements in an appropriate manner like sidebars, graphics and more. 
  • Keep the header at the top of page and use logic in the design, you choose. Always look for a consistent style. You need to maximize readability. Avoid tags or plug-ins and use standard HTML forms.
  • You might also have to take the help of CMS programs like Jhoomla, WordPress, etc. to keep a track on your web content. The content of your website must have proper information about your services, with appropriate pictures to make it attractive.
  • Make your website mobile friendly. Stick to “m” in place of “www” in the web address to bring it to the mobile version. Keep the website simple and user-friendly with the help of responsive design. You should also consider creating an app for your website. 


Ways to get good themes

You can easily avail free themes for making your website more attractive. You design needs to be responsive in nature, and social friendly, as well. Make it lightweight and focus more on the page speed. There are Demo files which you can take help of. Always look for those themes with demo content. You have to import settings and content from demo files, and then work from that place. There are three major themes which can be used for a basic start. Those are theme forest, elegant themes and template monster.

We cannot explain to you more clearly as it has been put on display more accurately for the top themes for wordpress.


Test your website

This need to done during web designing cycle. You have to check the design of your web pages in latest browsers, which can be obtained free of cost. You might have to validate the code, in case you want to work in future web browsers. You have to check that whether the underlying code does not have any syntax error.


Need to collect credit card info, for more money

In case you are planning to sell products, you need to have credit card information. In case you want advertisers for your site, then it is advisable to look for some affiliate programs and advertisers, which are available on-site. 


Get the site noticed

Once your site is ready, you have to submit it to various search engines like Bing, Google and more. You can check through their submission page links, for more assistance. Other than submitting the site, you might want to promote it. You can take the help of various advertisement methods to promote your site, or take the help of online advertising companies. 

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SEO friendly domain name and Meta-tagging content

It is indeed important to use a SEO friendly domain name for your website. SEO or Search engine optimization is one such section that will help you to reach the top most ranks in different search engines. Therefore, using such names can help you to increase human traffic for your site.

Similarly, the use of meta-tagging for your content is a must. Meta-tag mainly works as an advertising section. It helps to draw the readers to your website. Avoid using any kind of non-alphanumeric characters in your Meta description, or else Goggle will remove your meta-tag.  To prevent truncation, you can change the double quotes into single quotes, or better remove it.   


The steps mentioned above are quite important and easy, as well. To make your website user-friendly you might have to avoid some points. Try avoiding flash message for your website’s content. It will take a lot of space, and provide difficulty for the browsers. Even though you can design your website with different pictures, make sure it has all the appropriate information that users are looking for. Take the help of user-friendly navigation process and guidelines, so that the browsers do not find it difficult to browse through your site, for their information.

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