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How to Easily Engage and Bring Back your Blog Visitors

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It is important that we all know how to always keep our visitors busy, whenever they find themselves in our site. It would not be fine that your visitor will just view only one of your articles and then bounce out of your site. That is why I have decided to write on this topic, to enable both newbies and PRO bloggers, learn how to engage their visitors and always make them come back.

1. Try out this useful methods below:

Use related Post Plugins

Related Post Plugin is a very useful plugin that every serious and PRO blogger should have. Anyone who does not have an active related post plugin on his or her blog, is not ready yet to get the most out of his/her blog site.

What is the meaning of the term Related?

When someone says that something or somebody is related to another, it simply means that they are connected in some aspect, or they are in the same class, category or family line.

What is a Plugin?

A plugin is a program, which when installed on a WP blog, it adds an additional function or new features to it.

What is a Related Post Plugin then?

A related post plugin, is a program designed to be installed on a WP blog, to add additional features, which will show up other topics that exist on your WP blog, at the end or beginning of every post or page, depending on the USER’s settings.

Why Use A Related Post Plugin?

Using a related post plugin will help engage your visitors fully and help increase your internal site traffic by up to 10%.

Where can I find and download a Related Post Plugin?

Find lots of related post plugins, with Image available, to help you discern exactly which related post plugin you had love to use on your WP site.

2. Add a subscriber Widget to your Blog

Many bloggers are also forgetting to add a subscription widget to their WP blog. If you blog without keeping your visitors in mind, then you are doomed already. If a Visitor loves the information he or she gets from your blog, he or she might love to stay updated with your current posts. Now, if you are missing the subscription widget on your blog, the user will bounce out, and might never remember to come back again to your blog.

Users can always feel free to check out your new post, when they check their email addresses after subscribing to your blog, via the newsletter widget you provided on your WP blog. This is why it is necessary to make sure you have a subscription widget on your WP blog, so that visitors can subscribe and receive alerts of your new post via email. By doing this, your visitors will keep coming back to your blog site.

3. Insert links to different topics in any new Article

This is yet another way to engage your visitors reading a newly written article or formerly written article on your blog. When your insert a given link of an old or new topic in your blog into an article, the user will love to click on the link to such topic and thereby engaging himself in your Blog.

Many links inserted will determine the number of clicks your visitor will make. Insert links related to the post the visitor will be reading or insert it into a word which is related to a particular topic on your blog. Example: If am writing on the topic ‘Increasing google pagerank’, I can insert a link of a former article which I have written earlier, that relates to my new topic; something like ‘How to increase dofollow links’ Such article that I have inserted is related to my new article.

However, you can also insert links to related words in the post. Example: If I have a word like ‘COMMENTS’ on the body of my new article, I can insert a link like ‘How to increase post comments and drive more traffic’ Now, this inserted article is related to the word Comment, because there is an appearance of the word ‘comments’ in the inserted article.

4. Make use of Episodes

An Episode is one of the single parts into which an article is divided. You can decide to apply this method to your new articles. If you want your visitor to keep checking back your blog, then this method is very important to you. When an article that is very long is shared into three different episodes, then it would be the best to let your initial or new readers keep coming back to check for newer episodes.

Apparently, most bloggers don’t apply this method, maybe because they haven’t heard or read about it before. It can be used to make sure an article is treated in full and in a well detailed manner, especially for articles that would seem too long.

However, article to be shared into episodes must not be expected to be too long before it would be shared. You can still bring up other contending issues into it as another fresh episode. Pro bloggers will understand what I really mean here.

5. Keep Writing Quality Content.

We keep emphasizing on writing quality contents, which is a great way to make your visitor trust and have confident in you as a great blogger. If your visitors begin to loss their trust in you, they will begin to hate your blog. If your contents are always of low quality, then you will be term as a newbie in blogging.

Always try and put things together, and produce an article that would worth reading. An article that would be informative and useful to even those PRO bloggers out there. That is the quality content we are always talking about. Don’t just wake up one morning and begin to write an article that would not even worth reading or that after a visitor might have finished reading it, he or she will not get any useful fact from it. If this happens, the visitor would be forced to leave immediately and might never come back again.

So, write quality contents, if you want to keep your visitors engaged and if you want your visitors to always come back to your blog.


The above listed methods will really help you engage your site visitors. They will not just visit and leave immediately. If a visitor comes from google search, after reading the post which he or she saw from google search, the related post plugin you have used on your site, will display some other topics which the visitor would be forced to read. In this case, you have held back the visitor who would have left after reading the first article.

Also, inserting cool links to other topics, is a way of bringing to memory of the visitor, about old useful topics which also exist on your Blog. This topics that should be inserted, are ones pertaining to the new article you are about writing, or articles that relate to a word used on the article.

Furthermore, making the newsletter subscription widget available for your visitors, is a very great idea to bring them back to your blog. Also, by applying the episode pattern of writing articles, you will also cause your visitors to always return.

Finally, if you follow all above methods, you are sure of also boosting your site traffic up by 25%.

Try this out and let US know if it was helpful or not by using the comment Box below.

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