Essential wordpress plugins For A Newly Created Website

There are thousands of plugins on web for your WordPress website, for new WordPress users it will be a difficult time finding the right plugins which they must have. I have gatheredhere some plugins which are very important for a newly created WordPress website. These plugins make your site user friendly, look good,secure andhelp in promoting your website. So have a look at these and decide which of the following you need… (If you are in search of themes you can know by clicking here)

Essential WordPress Plugins For Your Website


1. Disqus Comment System

essential wordpress plugins

This plugin replaces your default WordPress comments with its innovative comment system. It integrates perfectly into your any WordPress theme without any errors. Disqus is too popular with more than 750,000 websites get their comments powered byDisqus.

2. Add this smart layers:

essential wordpress plugins

Definitely the best plugin among social plugins list mainly because of its responsive characters such as it adapts to mobile devices and also displays according to the device the viewer is using,it also makes your website look modern and has some awesome transitions. 

3. All in One Favicon:

essential wordpress plugins

It’s a simple pluginthat allows you to change the favicon of your website without accessing your ftp. It automatically syncs with any theme that you use.

4. All in One WP Security:

essential wordpress plugins

All in One Security Plugin is one of the best security plugin you can find to secure your WordPress website,it is very easy to setup the features in it, unlike most security plugins which are often very difficult for a newbie to understand. Protects you against spam and makes your site secure.

5. Author Bio Box:

essential wordpress plugins

Adds a simple author box at the bottom of your posts, easy to use and comes with a thumbnail support. You can include up to four different social networking profiles of the author.

6. BJ Lazy Load:

essential wordpress plugins

This plugin is designed to improve your page loading speed by loading images only when the user actually scrolls through the post. 

7. Contact Form 7:

essential wordpress plugins

Contact Form 7 is a free contact form for your website which can be used by inserting a simple code in to a page. Flamingo plugin must be installed to manage contacts from contact form. To insert a captcha into the form you can use Really Simple Captcha.

8. Back to Top:

essential wordpress plugins

Adds a Back to Top button at the bottom of your website. The button can be customized or you are allowed to upload you favourite back to top image.

9. Best Guest Post Plugin:

essential wordpress plugins

This plugin allows your viewers to submit guest posts. Comes with image upload facility so you need not use another plugin for uploading an image.

10. Evergreen Post Tweeter:

essential wordpress plugins

Auto posting of tweets to your twitter profile, with this plugin you can schedule tweet to you twitter account. There is no limit in amount of tweets you can schedule. This plugin gives you the freedom of scheduling a tweet per second for 24 hours. Considering that its free this is the best Social Posting plugin that you can find for your website. 

11. Q2W3 Fixed Widget:

essential wordpress plugins

Create floating widgets with this plugins, this plugins creates widgets that remain static when you scroll though the website.

12. Redirection:

essential wordpress plugins

This plugin is useful when you want to redirect specific pages to other pages on your website. It also manages 301 redirects and keeps track of 404 errors.


13. Facebook Auto Publish:

essential wordpress plugins

A very useful plugin that helps you to share your blogposts to Facebook automatically. Though this plugin has some concerning issues around it I think it’s still worth having a look.

14. Akismet:

essential wordpress plugins

Very popular anti-spam plugin, used by many reputed websites, Akismet is an Anti-Spam plugin which notifies the admin about spam in the comment section. Itclears the spam comments and lets admin moderate only proper comments. 

15. Anti-Spam:

essential wordpress plugins

Just install and forget, this plugin so effective everyone will definitely give a thumbs up. The best part is that there is no requirement of any captcha and no configuration need to be done.

16. All in One Rich Snippets:

essential wordpress plugins

This plugin adds a short summary of your page, Post ratings and Authors picture in Search Engine results. Helps to boost your click through rate.

17. Flamingo:

essential wordpress plugins

It manages your contact lists which have been build up using Contact Form 7. Shows address book and inbound messages.

18. Facebook All:

essential wordpress plugins

Facebook All is a collection of many Facebook plugins. It allows users to do multiple activities such as login, comment, share as it integrates Facebook to your site.

19. Facebook Page Promoter Light box:

essential wordpress plugins

This plugin displays a pop up Facebook box on loading of your website. Customization can be done allowing the pop up box to be displayed on specific pages.

20. Google Analytics:

essential wordpress plugins

This is an asynchronous loading plugin. It shows statistics of your blog such as number of visitors, page views per visitor, number of organic searched, visitors by organic search, etc. 

21. Google Maps Widget:

essential wordpress plugins

Display a map in a widgets section using this plugin. It has all the features of a regular Google maps, configure it to satellite or map display.

22. Google XML Sitemap:

essential wordpress plugins

Creates a sitemap for your website for search engines to index you website with ease. You can submit to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

23. Google plus author information plugin:

essential wordpress plugins

This plugin displays the Google+ image and link of the author in the search results. It helps in increasing traffic to your website and click through rate.

24. GC Message Bar:

essential wordpress plugins

This plugin adds a Message Bar at the top (or bottom) of your website. You can customize the bar with any colour you like and you have an option to hide and display the bar.

25. Jetpack:

essential wordpress plugins

Jetpackis essentially collection of WordPress plugins for your blog. Developed by WordPress it one of the most downloaded plugins.

26. Metro Style Social Widget:

essential wordpress plugins

There are not many social plugins that offer like, tweet and +1 in style like Metro Style Social Widget. Anyone is will fall for this widget plugin because of its looks and most people think this is a premium plugin.

27. Multi-Colour Subscribe Widget:

essential wordpress plugins

The only subscribe box available with colour customizations, Just install and activate it’s that simple.

28. Nmedia File Up loader Plugin:

essential wordpress plugins

If you want your users to upload any files you can use this plugin. There may be many such kind of plugins out there but most of them have some or any sort of errors, this plugin is bug free and works fine.

29. Really Simple Captcha:

essential wordpress plugins

Insert captcha in comments via this plugin. Created to supportContact Form 7.

30. WordPress SEO by Yoast:

essential wordpress plugins

This plugin is a masterpiece, for a newbie it may be difficult to setup but when you take a tour and go through the guide it is easy to set up. The reason why this plugin is so popular is because of its functionality.

31. Simple Share buttons adder:

This plugin adds share buttons at the end of every article you post, it also allows various customizations and different styles of icons are available for you to choose.

essential wordpress plugins

32. W3 Total Cache:

essential wordpress plugins

Best Cache plugin available, helps your website to load faster but it’s a little bit on tough side to setup this plugin.

So all the above plugins are very resourceful and for new user I would recommend to install these plugins and save some time. I may miss out few but these cover most of the requirements for a decent WordPress site. 

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