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Exclusive Interview with IMRAN UDDIN of

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Today I am going to start Interview series of bloggers, there are so many bloggers in the world who are doing outstanding job in the field of blogging. Now they are Pro-blogger but they have also faced lot of obstacles in the beginning of blogging journey. It would be motivating for us to get the answers of some burning questions and also to get some tips by them. A new blogger can learn lot new thing from them about blogging, online earning and how to optimize website. I decided interview series because I want to know more about well-known personalities in blogging world. I hope you will learn lot and enjoy this interview series. 
alltechbuzz, pro blogger in india
Today I got an opportunity to interview of a Pro blogger from India, Mr. Imran Uddin, the founder of popular blog, I approached him for the interview and he was swift to reply, today I selected him for first interview because he is very prominent personality in the world of blogging, I am very pleased to Imran Uddin for giving his precious time, without wasting much time let’s straight to him.

1) Can you please tell a little about yourself and your Blogging Journey? How “AllTechBuzz” this amazing name born in your mind?

Hi this is Imran ,I am an Engineering Student and an Entrepreneur .I maintain many blogs as of now but the main blog is where I share many things whatever comes to my mind which can be helpful for everyone.
I was about to start a tech blog. So me and my friend Abhishek sat down brainstorming for some new and branding names related to Tech .We tried many combinations but most of them were already taken, so finally we ended up with All Tech Buzz which means it’s a buzz of Tech Tips and Tricks.

2) When and why you started Blogging? Any Specific Reason Beyond it?

Basically I am a geek and addicted to computers/ internet .I spend most of the time in front of my Laptop. I was very much interested in hacking, programming and web designing related stuff, so started a blog to share my knowledge for free to people over internet .But then after a couple of months I read somewhere that I can make money online using the same and started a clean tech blog to make money online to solve all my financial issues.

3) Apart from Blogging, What Else Earns You Money?

Apart from Blogging I also do Affiliate Marketing , SEO for my clients. These days I also started Blogging ,SEO and MMO Coaching.

4) You Provide Some Tremendous Tips through Your Blog About SEO, Blogging, And Online Earning. Any Reason Behind Choosing this specific Niche?

Honestly AllTechBuzz doesn’t has any niche .Though the primary topic over there is Technology I share whatever comes to my mind. I share things related to my personal life ,my experiences , tips, tutorials etc.
So I share things related Blogging, SEO , Making money online because I have good experience in those stuff.

5) What Are the Most Important Factor of Your Success? And Tips For Newbie Bloggers To Become Pro-Bloggers. 

Be Consistent , have patience , keep on improving your skills. Without proper skill set you cannot sustain in long run. If you have good skills then there are unlimited opportunities to showcase your talent.

6) Are you inspired by someone for Blogging? If yes then tell who they are?

I inspire from a lot of people .I learn from my senior bloggers and newbies as well. My all time inspirations are Neil Patel ,Amit Agarwal ,Amit Bhawani.

7) Can You Recommend Best Resources for New Bloggers Starting Their Journey?

If you are a newbies I highly recommend to take guidance of the people who are already established in Blogging.
I cannot mention a single specific resource here but you must read many articles related to blogging, SEO and new ways to make money online on regular basis.
Some of the blogs I regularly follow are Quick Sprout, SERoundtable, Search Engine Land. There are many other you can just google and find them. Bookmark good ones and follow them regularly.

8) Do You Think Earning by Blogging is the Best Way to Earn Money Online? And How Newbie Can Earn Money By Their Blogs? 

Yes definitely , I have been trying many things like Affiliate Marketing ,CPA ,Facebook Marketing and many other things .But nothing can replace blogging.
Blogging can not only give you money but it also gives you a lot of fame. Then money automatically follows you. The best example for this is John Chow.
I see many newbie’s get started making money from Adsense but I would recommend you to go with sponsored/paid posts using which you can make a lot of money.

9) Can you list the name of Blogs which should be followed by newbie Bloggers?

Follow seroundtable , Quick Sprout ,Labnol ,Shoutmeloud ,MyBloggerTricks.

10) How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog? Please Share Some Recommended Tips.

I follow many ways to drive traffic to the blog. The major things are Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media .If you master these three things then there is no limit to your traffic. You can generate as much traffic as you want.
These days social media has evolved very big .Almost everyone Is over there and spending a lot of time on social media. You can use social media to drive massive traffic to your blog.
The two best social networking sites to drive traffic are Facebook and Youtube. You can also check one of my recent article me explaining how I maintain my blog traffic even after many google update

11) Dose SEO and Content Marketing Play important role behind a Popular Blog?

As mentioned above these two are the most important factors .And of these two Content Marketing is the most important factor.
Produce great content and use social media to share your content to the audience then you will automatically notice a boost in your search engine rankings.

12) Nowadays most of the students start blogging for earning money, what is a message from you for those Bloggers?

There is nothing wrong in Blogging for money but you must develop proper skill set before doing so or else things won’t work in long run.
Many people message me saying that they have started blogging but not receiving any traffic. The thing is you cannot drive traffic without producing outstanding content and moreover without knowing basics of SEO and using the power of social media you cannot drive traffic nor make money.

13) Where Do You See Your Blog and Yourself in Next 3 Years? 

I cannot tell you how I will be seeing it but I want to see it as a best resource for Entrepreneurs, Bloggers and Tech Geeks.

14) And finally Last question, Any suggestion for newbie Bloggers?

Develop proper skill set, keep on improving yourself and your skills. Be consistent and be patient.
Take proper guidance or assistance from established bloggers.
Thanks once again for sharing your thoughts and some valuable knowledge with us, this interview will absolutely inspire and motivate newbie Bloggers.
Please must share you thought in comments and share with your friends.

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  1. Imran uddin is the name in the blogging,a name of interest,guideline and success. Nice to read that you met this great blogger personally. It will be great inspiration,both for you and other bloggers.
    I used to visit the blog ATB on regular basis and got “more enough to say” from there..

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