Get More Instagram Followers

10 Best Tips to Get More Instagram Followers

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Do you want to grow your business by using Instagram?

Wait! Let me share you impressive statistics about Instagram.

150 million active users (60% outside the US)
60 billion total photos posted
1.2 billion Likes per day
55 million photos uploaded per day

Get More Instagram Followers

If you are not using Instagram, then probably you are missing golden chance. If you do Analysis of most successful businesses over internet, you will find social media there. Proper social media strategy is the basic step to achieve success.

Instagram is an astonishing social network; people really enjoy sharing photos there. To get more like and more popularity on Instagram, you should have large number of followers.

Today I have some awesome tips to get more Instagram followers.

1. Make Your Account Look Great

What you are doing over Instagram? No one knows, but your account bio shows about you. Remember that, your profile is the key to get success over any social media platform, like Facebook, Twitter, Llinkedin or any other. If you have descriptive and good looking profile, then related people will follow you. Add cool profile bio and attractive profile picture to force people to follow you.

2. Be Grand, Not Bland

If you are doing marketing with Instagram, then don’t use it blindly. Use your brand as your face because people want to know interesting stories not just marketing messages. Always try to share cool and original stuff to engage your followers. If you will do just marketing, then people will never follow you. Again I’m repeating that, if you want to do marketing over Instagram, then you have to adopt a secret strategy for that.

3. Hit the Right Time

Just posting, posting, posting can rain your efforts. Locate what time zone the majority of your follower’s lives in and what time do they check their Instagram account.

4. Popular Hashtags Can Make you More Popular

Hashtags are very effective to get more Instagram followers. You can use popular hashtags to describe your story and more users as well.
Remember that don’t use more and more hashtags
Here are some most popular hashtags for Instagram.

#me #like


5. Share Attractive but Relevant Images

Images are key to get maximum Instagram followers. If you check most popular instagram accounts, then find a common theme. All of their images are very attractive, personal, unique, and original. If you are sharing these type of images, then it can enable you to maximum trusted followers.

In short, you should have original images that show your entity.

6. Edit your Images Before Sharing

If you are good in image editing, then getting more followers on Instagram is not a big challenge for you.
If you are using “android” then there are many apps for photo editing. Here are few most popular android photo editing apps.

1. VSCO Cam
2. Snapseed
3. Instagram
4. Pixlr Express
5. Flickr
6. Photo Editor by Aviary
7. Repix
8. Litely

If you are using PC, then there are thousands of free software’s to edit your images. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular software for image editing.

7. Follow and Get Followers

If you are not following others, then you can’t get followers. Don’t miss to like and comment others stuff, because building community is the core principle to get more popularity. Don’t make it your ego problem, that if you will follow someone, then it will reduce your dignity. No! You have to build community around you, and then you can expect more followers.

8. Interact With your Audience

Engagement with your audience is very important. If you are not communicating with your followers, then you can lose fame in the eye of your audience. Know your audience, habits & likes, and then share according to your audience. You can Statigram to study your Instagram followers.

9. Promote your Instagram Profile

Do you have account on Facebook and Twitter?
Then you can use Facebook and twitter to get more Instagram followers. Share your latest photos on your Facebook and Twitter profile to get tons of free exposure.
If your friends and followers already using Instagram, then you can ask them to follow you, and don’t forget to provide username with request.

10. Stick to a Schedule

Schedule time of your new post, because it’s very vital that your followers know when you will share new photo. Try to share on daily basis, but not too much. But if you are updating your account twice in a week, then it’s not possible to get loyal following.

Moving Forward

These are some ethical ways to get maximum Instagram followers. Remember that there are many fake ways to increase your followers, but these followers are useless.
If you want to achieve success, then original community is the only solution for that. Fake followers are just number of followers, nothing more.
Do you have any idea to increase Instagram? Please must share your idea in comment. Don’t forget to share with others.

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