GetResponse vs iContact

GetResponse vs iContact: A Detailed Comparison Review

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GetResponse vs iContact

If you’re part of online marketing, then you must need some email marketing service to develop your business and to take customers close to your business or brand. Is this what everyone thinks, right? Let me tell you something. You’re not the only one here searching for such mail services. But as a matter of fact, those days are gone where email marketing plays a key role. It doesn’t mean that this type of marketing is dead, but there are only a few services that can be guaranteed on your business. Here in this article, I’m listing the top three of the best email marketing service providers.

Here I have mentioned the pros, cons, and the pricing plans for each provider. You can continue reading to learn more about the email marketing service providers.

The important thing about email service providers is that they have the support staff necessary to maintain the relationships to analyze and the SMTP sends logs etc.

Like I have mentioned above, I’m going to discuss about three major email marketing services from where you can gain the services. I’m going to make a comparison between each of them and will express my opinion with examples on which service is the best and opt for the email marketing! Here we go!

The email marketing companies I’m going to compare and the one I think the top two are iContact, and GetResponse. I’m going to tell you which one is the best for you marketing!

1) iContact:


This is not an Apple device just because it has an I before it. IContact is an amazing marketing service in my view because it has an advantage of message building and its tools. The other advantages include efficient email deliverability rates, improved campaign tacking, and also intriguing sigh-up forms. Comparing the iContacts, pros and cons, we have:


  • iContact can offer hundreds of customizable email templates, like 600+ templates. The users can choose between the several different layouts and including them in various columns like one-column, multi-column, postcard and others.
  • It can send unlimited emails monthly to your subscriber list.
  • The message builder tool in the service helps users to create the message using the drag and drop block. The advanced users can use HTML and send messages.
  • The sign up forms can be embedded into websites and Facebook pages.
  • There are number of tracking tools that are available for viewing opens, clicks, trending of messages and the unsubscribed users in the important reports.
  • It includes the spam check tool to check the emails and the deliverability rates.
  • The delivery rate is up to 98%.
  • There is a 30 day trail for the new customers.


  • There is a limitation for the newsletter lists. You can’t send more than 15,000 subscribers. You need to subscribe to other plans and speak with iContact over the phone to create a customized pack.
  • The customer support is not as satisfactory. It works only in the business hours (Monday-Friday between 4AM-10PM)

What is iConcat good for?

It is the best choice for a list of any size which can be managed with simple reporting tools.

2) GetResponse:


GetResponse is one of the kind email marketing services that is made for the business with huge number of subscribe lists. The standard monthly plans for this service are up to 100,000 subscribers and you can take the large number of customers on request. It also has some of the best marketing features and precisely when it comes to tracking and reporting.

Let’s have a look into the pros and cons


  • It has more than 350,000 customers worldwide and is trusted by many users. In addition it has more fans on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can create an unique and impressive email designs with the help for their ultimate drag and drop editor with more than 500 templates that are available for free. It also has more than 1,000 iStock images.
  • The design and the custom landing pages are available to obtain more leads
  • Autoresponder version 2.0 is capable of sending scheduled or time based messages. This is more advanced than when compared to that of iContact and Constant Contact.
  • The inbox preview is available which helps you to review before finalizing the mail service.
  • There is an easy website form builder available for your website, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Delivery rate is high as 99%.
  • A 30 day free trial version is available for the customers.


  • There is no phone support available for all the day. It has working hours for that.
  • The interface has got some quirky features to annoy some users.
  • It has got some strict anti-spam policies. I’m not sure whether I can say this as a con, but this would limit the mails that you might send.

What is GetResponse good for?

Anyone who has got large businesses with large lists will be surely benefited with the help of GetResponse. As you move further with them, they will reduce the pricing and help you in decreasing the prices, which will definitely help you to build your business.

Let me tell you my final verdict after comparing all three mail services. I would suggest you and want you to choose the GetResponse. Here are my reasons:

  1. This is the best service. You will be treated like a family, not just another customer.
  2. The features are huge and endless. The service is updated on regular basis and you will be notified.
  3. Three words. Cheap, cheap & cheap. Yes, it is. If you really care about your campaigns, then email marketing is priceless and you can opt for GetResponse and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.


Here i compared two industry leading Email marketing service providers and game is not over here, we have to decide which one we have to choose for our marketing plan. if you talk factually and according to customers feedback, GetResponse is a best for your business needs.


Reason Why I Recommend You to use GetResponse


I suggested you why GetResponse is better iContact, here i give you reason why you should choose GetResponse.

  1. Best Service – If you stuck anywhere or need any kind of you, you’ll get immediate response and full cooperation.
  2. 100% Delivery Rate: Get Response will deliver your message/Email on time, accurate and 100%.
  3. Reasonable Prices: Prices of GetResponse are very reasonable. If you are doing small business or large business, you have different options to choose different plans.
  4. User Friendly Interface: This is one of the most reliable feature in GetResponse that i like. Interface of GetResponse is very easy and easy to use if you are a new user.

So these this was a detailed review between GetResponse and icontact. I hope it will clear you lot of ambiguities from your mind related to Email marketing and which one is best as well.

If you have any question regarding this review or want to ask anything, please must drop in comments below.

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4 thoughts on “GetResponse vs iContact: A Detailed Comparison Review”

  1. Hi Waqas,
    Thanks for this thorough treatise on Get Response vs iContact. Indeed a great review and comparison, with clear insight of both the tools. Keep up the good work.

    First of all thanks for sharing this helpful post related to email marketing. I am using Getresponse and i am quite happy with their services. I have also use MailChimp in past, but in my opinion MailChimp is difficult to maintain and sending newsletter to the email subscriber is time consuming, especially for a new user.

  3. Hi Waqas,

    I had a few questions regarding this comparison. I tried to contact you through the form here but I did not let me send the message for whatever reason. Can you please email me?



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