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Should You Hire A Writer For On-Site Content?

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You can write, so do you really need to hire a writer to create the content for your business website?

Most businesses are happy with the idea of hiring a web designer to create their site, but they question the value of paying for a writer. After all, almost everyone can write passable prose, so why spend good money for someone to fill in the blank bits of a web design.

I think that’s a mistake. A professional writer can bring considerable value to a business. The copy and content on a business site play a crucial role in attracting visitors and making conversions, and professional writers of digital content are expert at crafting content that helps reach out and engage with visitors.

Hire A Writer

Some business owners and employees have a flair for writing, but in the majority of cases, skimping on content is a false economy.

What Can A Writer Do For You?

Firstly, it’s not really about the nuts and bolts of writing. You may very well know exactly where commas are supposed to go and that you shouldn’t fill your prose with dozens of adverbs, but the real skill lies elsewhere.

A professional writer can:

  • Set a consistent tone across published content, establishing an engaging personality that lends coherence to a business site.
  • Develop an accurate view of client and customer personas and craft content to strategically target those personas.
  • Develop editorial calendars: keeping the content monster fed is not easy and most business owners and employees simply don’t have the time or the skill to do it. A professional writer will be able to provide a consistent flow of original, high-quality content.
  • Write for your audience: many business owners make the mistake of writing about what they find interesting, operating under the false assumption that their audience will too. That’s almost never the case. A pro will work to understand a businesses intended audience and create content to attract and engage them.
  • Keep it interesting: personality matters when it comes to writing. You may be a brilliant engineer or financial whizz, but projecting an appealing personality through words is not something that comes easy to most people.


Content Is Not Copy

The difference between content and copy is not always clear to business owners. Each has a specific job to do and paying a content writer for copy and vice versa is not always the best approach.

Copywriting is the creation of persuasive writing designed to elicit a particular action from site visitors. That usually involves presenting products in their best light, establishing trustworthiness, providing a strong value proposition, and so on. Copy is about selling.

Content is intended to engage an audience by providing them with something of value. That can be educational, informative, and entertaining content — but it has to give them something that grabs their attention and keeps them coming back for more. An obvious example of content is a company blog.

If you hire a content writer to create your on-page sales copy, your conversions may not be what you hope for. Copywriting is a specialized subset of professional writing that requires quite different skills to content writing. You can expect to pay a lot more for a skilled and experienced copywriter than for the writer who provides you with blog articles.


In short, unless you’re confident of your writing abilities, hire a professional, just as you would hire a professional designer. Be prepared to pay more for sales copy than for other content, but don’t skimp on either — going the route of low-grade SEO content for $10 an article is not wise.

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