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5 Effective Ways of Building Quality Backlinks

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As you know strong backlinks keeps key role in the success of any website, if we say that backlinks mean back bone of a website will not wrong, now a day Building Quality Backlinks become a part of off page SEO, lot of bloggers don’t know the proper way of Building Quality Backlinks   So I decide that I should try to present you my experience with you.
When ever we talk about website traffic then the first thing which comes in our minds is SEO (search engine optimization). If you are doing extremely hard working of on-page SEO and not doing off page SEO then you can never become king in the eye of any search engine, so if you want to improve you search result in search engine to gain maximum visitors for your website then you have to build strong backlinks, after doing on page SEO Building Quality Backlinks for website is the most essential part of SEO.
Building Quality Backlinks
During building backlinks  you need to remember that you have to follow safest ways of building backlinks for your website. If you try to build backlinks with wrong strategies such as auto generating back links then search engines especially Google will defiantly penalize your site and you can never appear in search engine again, you should keep Panda and Penguin in your mind during this time :). Always try to build strong and quality backlinks by following safe methods by which you can keep your site safe from any plenty.
There are number of ways to build backlinks for your website, if you want to improve your search ranking then writing unique article and building powerful backlinks is the most successful formula for any webmaster.

5 Safe And Powerful Ways of Building Quality Backlinks For Website

1. Guest Blogging

Doing Guest Posting or Guest Blogging is the one of the most used and recommended way of building back links for your website. This way of building back links is very easy, just write quality and unique type of article, and find such website which accept guest articles, but remember that always select relevant website for guest posting, for example if you are building Back link for beauty website then find beauty website which accept guest article, now link one keyword with your website, as he will publish this article you will get one Back link, this method is authentic and genuine.
You can also get Back link from article submission websites such as Ezinearticles, ArticleBase, GoArticle.

 2. Social Media

If you have quality contents then good but not good enough, without proper use of social media you can not get more traffic, you need to follow social media to promote your website. Social media is most powerful source of building back links which helps you to generate more traffic. There are thousands of social media website available to create back links such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more. Social bookmarking sites also can help you to create back links.
You can also create back links by social media profiles, just sign up on any social media website and leave you website link during creating profile.

 3. Commenting

Commenting on other blogs/website is the most used and easiest way of building back links  Commenting on other blogs is safe way for building back links  You need to visit relevant website, read the post and end up with leaving your comment, find such blog or websites which allow you do follow link instead of no follow or choose commentLuv enabled blogs.

 4. Forums

You can take advantage of Forum to create back links for your website. Forums is a place where you can get information, knowledge about any topic, you can ask question and even you can discuss a topic etc. You have to create profile on any forum, now add link of your website during creation of profile, if you are using forum for a long time, then these forums helps you to share links of your website, So forum posting is an another effective way of building back links but most of forums allow you no follow links.

 5. Directory Submission

Another best way of building back links is submitting your website to high reputed directories. There are lots of website submission directories available such as, yahoo directory, etc. Now there is no more importance of these links in the eye of search engine but submitting on high PR directories still working fine to build back links.
There are not just these way of building back links only, if you have any idea about building back links you can share with us which can be useful for us and for others as well, so don’t forget to leave comment and must share this post.

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  1. How to give backlink to my website through social media sites. Please explain it briefly with example screenshot also?

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