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How to Generate More Traffic Towards Your Site

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Without saying much, I will start sharing some tips to generate traffic towards your page. This will help to keep up the site movement in coming time.
7 Best Ways To Generate More Traffic:

1. Give some extra time for you Social Media strategy:-

Social Media strategies give help you accomplish to desired reach. Provided you need to implement your strategy at right place & right time. You will see some positive results soon.

Some Social Media tips which are taken from the articles of some famous Social Media experts are given below. Go ahead & take the leverage.

Post more relevant & attracting stuff. The stuff which engage the individuals & gives you high reach.

Create your account on all Social Media sites & add your journal link to them.

Keep posting your latest posts on social media at regular basis.

Try to get more people on your social media page.

Use SEO & other development tools to increase your opportunity while communicating over social Media.

The sites on which your presence is must:-


Distribute your 40% of time towards posting accountable stuff of Social Media & gathering more people. This will slowly increase your site movement.

Remember the more you engage your audience on Social Media, the more footfalls you will have on your website.

2. Post Good & Regular content:-

There are certain aspects on which traffic flow towards your site depends on two good qualities these are:

A. Content you Post

B. How regular you are

Regular posting guarantees you to have regular visitors on your site & good quality content will get your site to be bookmarked on your guest’s web browser. These people would work as a stake for your website.

3. Don’t depend on Alexa & Page Rank:-

Many new bloggers pay more attention towards Alexa & Page rank & that’s where the disaster happens to start.

Keep these things in mind:-

No Web journal can get a good Page Rank & Alexa at early stage

Stay away from all these rankings & emphasize more on your Quality & regularity

Stick to basics to try to play over smart. Learn from other bloggers how they stepped up & try to attempt that.

Don’t neglect the Social Media. At the current stage it is the best unit to promote & generate traffic towards your site.

Yes it is amazing to see your page going up in rankings, but your mage focus shall be on the traffic, which could just be created by sticking onto the basics & you will see you ranks getting higher.

4. Get into the world of Blogs called Blogosphere:-

Follow the ideas given below & get known in the Blogosphere:

RT (retweet) the tweets of some of the major bloggers, which might influence to RT your tweet

Create a robust space in the Social Media world

Post guest articles

Build contact with some exceptional bloggers, so that they can share their experiences with you.

5. Keep your website user friendly:-

Good online Presentation & less loading time guarantee you of the loyal guests to your site.

Suppose your website having unusual look & time consuming, your visitors would start ignoring you no matter how much great data you have. If you want your visitors to come over again you need make your website easy to access & less time consuming while loading a page. It will make your site more convenient for the user to use.

6. Add your Social Media accounts link:-

Another way to generate more traffic towards your site is to include Social Media buttons to share your journal directly to the reader’s Social Media account. Try to put the button on the right spot to catch the eye of the reader for him to share further. Just like at the bottom of the article.

Try some one liner to motivate the reader, & to share it with friends & colleagues.

Just like this one “Like it, share it with others & let the knowledge flow”

7. Create a mailing list or your regular visitors:-

A mailing is actually a easy way to increase visitors on your site & create your loyal visitors. Every time an individual visits your site reads your article & likes it. But in blogosphere with so many bloggers sharing their thoughts, tips with others, he might forget to visit your blog again.

But not to worry, ask him to put his email ID for subscription of your newsletter. The more subscribers in your mailing list, the more traffic your site would have.

These were the tips I extracted from my working experience & I am sure these will help you to increase traffic on your website.

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