Google Adsense Account Without A Website

How To Get Google Adsense Account Without A Website

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As you know that Google Adsense is the one of the most recommended CPC network in the world, Google Adsense is the property of Google itself, Google AdSense was launched back in 2003 and now million of websites register with it, generally Google Adsense is CPC (cost per click) network which allow publishers to publish ads on their websites, if any one will click on these ads Adsense will pay you against per click.

Google Adsense Account Without A Website

Few years back there were no such restrictions as now a day, Google easily approves Adsense accounts in several of countries but there are very strict polices for few countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka, Afghanistan, Iran and few more. So today in this tutorial I will show you how you can create Google Adsense Account without having a website.

Tip To Get Google Adsense Account Without A Website:


Many of peoples don’t know the fastest and easiest way of getting Adsense account via. YouTube, you can create Google Adsense within 1 hour by YouTube monetization method, YouTube monetization method is disable in many countries, if monetization method is disable in your country then use proxy for that, just follow below link to get Adsense account via. YouTube in 1 Hour.

Note: YouTube may not allow monetization open in few countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka and few others but overall YouTube allows to create adsense account through this.

How To Get An Approved Google Adsense Account in 1 hour?



Blogger is an another best source of getting Adsense with having a website, Blogger is a free blogging service from Google, this is like a sub-domain and this service is totally free for every one, you need to create account on, after that just create a blog like Blogger provides huge space to upload your images, text contents and videos. Another benefit of blogger is it provides you lot of templates with customization, just go to, create a blog which Is free of cost, write unique and quality contents and try to drag visitors. After couple of months apply for Adsense through their Monetize tab, you will get Adsense account easily.



Hubpages is the largest article accepted websites, million of peoples currently writing article for this website, Hubpage is a revenue sharing website, you can write article on any topic for them, they will pay you against it. You can also apply for an Adsense by their Revenue share system, remember that before that you need to publish at least one high quality article there otherwise you can’t get an Adsense account.
Visit here to get Adsense account



Flixya is powered by Google Adsense itself, Flixya is website where you can share videos, photos and blogs, so there are immense probability of Adsense account approval. Just sign up on, add your complete information, after that upload at least 10 pictures, now you need to create blog and apply for Adsense.


Docstoc is an another simple and easy way of getting Adsense Account, just go upload few documents files such as .txt, .doc, .docx or PPT files, but remember that your files should consist of some useful information, and also make sure that there should no manipulation of copyright other wise you can’t get. After uploading your file just go and apply for Adsense.


The entire above mentioned points are verified, there is no other way to get Google Adsense Account. Many peoples selling google Adsense account now a day by applying these tips and they are continuously making peoples fool, if you want to get google Adsense without having a website then you can get easily by using any above mention methods.

If you are getting any error anywhere or have any question, please must drop below in comment, i will try to give you solution of your problem as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share with others. Enjoy !

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15 thoughts on “How To Get Google Adsense Account Without A Website”


    Hi! First of all nice tip 🙂
    But as a blogger we should remember that getting approved in adsense doesn really mean earning good amount of money! Firstly to earn some sufficient amount of money from Blog then we need traffic and most importantly original self written USEFUL contents! When we have those we have traffic ~ With traffic getting approved in adsense is a mins away 🙂

  2. I appreciate your sharing of this great piece of knowledge. Im trying to decide between hubpages and sqidoo. What is your suggestion? Give some vie about squidoo too…. Thank you

  3. Waqas Ahmad i was thinking that you are going to tell me ,how to get Google Adsense Account Without A Website, well nice knowledge of other webs in your article.

  4. i want adsense approve for my two blogs help me toget adsense blogs are

  5. flixya and docstoc are not working anymore, now trying hubpages and youtube for an adsense account, but youtube has banned monetization in my country(even tried with a proxy no change), been working on and produced 10 quality articles but still no option for adsense available, qualify for adsense keeps popping up. Only experimenting with Hubpages is left that I will keep you updated what happens.
    Please if you can help in any way with adsense will be much appreciated.

    Thank you 🙂

  6. The flixya website is not opening and i tried to use youtube but it was disable because am in Nigeria and i have no website

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