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How To Index Your Website Fast In Google

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Index Your Website

You must be thinking that…

why Google not indexing your website fast, “Why my new post are not appearing on Google” “New post not getting indexed by Google” “Why Google not indexing my new posts” “How to index my blog faster”

When ever you want to create blog or website you motive is that you grow in search engines and index your website fast, lots of newbie don’t care too much about that. Index mean how much page of your website stored by search engine, if search engine have a more pages of your website then it will show more in search engine as well, So if you follow these magic tips to index fast then your website will always top in search engines.

1. Use of social Networking & Bookmarking websites

Social networking means hub of peoples, use social networking as much possible in my recent article I described you that social media is considering king now a days, with using a social media channels you can’t get a traffic and also Google Author rank, so use these social networking site

1. Google Plus

2. Facebook

3. Twitter

4. Linkedin

5. Pinterest

6. Reddit

7. StumbleUpon

8. Delicious

9. Tweetmeme

10. digg

Top 10 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites that may help you to index your website fast.

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2. Submit your Blog via Feedburner

No doubt you would have heard of RSS (Really Simple Syndication), which is a way for interested visitors to get your new content sent to them rather than having to come to your site. If you want to make your RSS feed even more effective then using Google’s free Feedburner service is essential to your traffic building strategy. Submit your website in Google Feedburner, this service is launch by Google so Google will monitor your website. Learn How to submit website in google feedburner.

3. Install Google Analytics & Webmaster

These two are very essential for your website, if you think to grow in search engine without these two then its your bigger then bigger mistake, Google analytics is a stats watcher, it watch where from visitor come, how much time he stay there and also lot of other features in it. Next is Google Webmaster, as its name is master then it will be master also, Google webmaster provide you service to check stats of Google index page, Install site map and other lot of features, but if you want to index your website fast then add your website in these both.

4. Write Quality Content

Most important step is, Google will index your website after watching quality of your contents, write Awesome content and others will love to share it, remember one thing Google will never give you importance in search engine if you have copy write contents, if you are copying contents from other site then you are just killing your time you website also, Never ever think to copy contents from other site. So if you have quality contents on your blog then definitely Google will give you importance and you will grow in search engine as well.

5. Add URL to Google, Yahoo and MSN

Some time Google and MSN (Now yahoo merge with MSN) index your website URL automatically and some time not, if you want to add your website manually in both these search engines then follow these two links.

6. Create a XML Sitemap

Create your site map, site map is very essential for your website, without creating a XML site map for website no search engine will index your website. If you are using a WordPress then use XML sitemap plugin and if you are using other one then there are lot of alternate method to create sitemap. After creating a sitemap you should Submit it to Google via Google Webmasters Tool.

7. Faster Site, Faster Indexing

Update your website on regular basic. Search engine will not index dull, un-updated websites, remember your website should fast during Google crawling, try to reduce your website loading time, don’t use flash or heavy embedding things.


If you use these techniques i think you will always top in search engine, if you want to become king in search engine then work hard, your priority should’t to earn only, if you site will up in search engine then automatically your earning will increase.So if you need any help from our site then you are most welcome here, as much possible we will help you should but follow these step.

For any comment, suggestion, Query, Help you can use comment box of that.

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5 thoughts on “How To Index Your Website Fast In Google”

  1. i like your last point (number 7),that is very useful information,i agree that.if the site is faster (fast loading) search engine index that site faster.

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