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5 Ways To Make Money Online From A Website or Blog

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Online earning is a one of the most searched word on internet, every next man want to earn something online, there are dozen of ways to earn online, online earning now become very popular, everyone want to do business, jobs, marketing online, but here I will show you how you especially young peoples like students can make money with blogging or website.
Make Money Online
Earning with website is one of the most trusted way of earning, if you are student or housewife, then blogging is the best way to earn for your pocket money, if you know somehow of blogging, web designing, article writing, SEO, keywords then nothing difficult for you, if you want to start blogging for earning online then you need 1 website, well optimized, well manage, well written, If you have these requirements then you can make money with following ways.

1. PPC Advertising Networks

PPC mean pay per click, there are many networks providing PPC ads, Google Adsense is one of the most popular networks under this category, generally you need to sign up with the PPC networks with proper information like name, last name, Email address, website address, home address etc… after sign up they will verify your website according to their need, now they will provide you relevant ads to your website which you have to place on your website, and now they will pay you certain amount of money for each click.Earning through PPC advertising depends on the traffic levels of the website, if you have 5 to 6 thousands visitors per day, then you can make huge mount of money through PPC networks, and more then traffic it depends on CPC (cost per click) and CRT (click through click), if your website CPC is high, then you can generate maximum amount of money, you can make your CPC high by selecting high CPC niche for your website, here is the list of few high PPC niches.
Real Estate
Home Loans
Google – Google Products
Another way to increase CPC of your website is organic traffic; try to increase organic traffic of your website instead of social media, if you have 50 visitors from social media then its equal to 1 user from search engine. Next is CTR (click through click), it depends on your website behavior and website design, right Ads placement tends to get higher CTR.

So here is List of most popular and high CPC advertising networks:

2. CPM Advertising Networks

CPM mean Cost per mille, CPM advertising networks provides ads to those website which have more user and page view monthly, generally high quality and high rank website can get this type of ads, because these networks will pay you according to ad view not ad click, let suppose, if you have website generates 100,000 page views monthly, and you are displaying ads with a $1 CPM, then your revenue will $100. CPM rates vary with the network which you are using, if you have ads of high paying CPM network, then you can make more money, generally more CPM networks pays $1 to $10 per thousand page views, but there are some rules that can boost or reduce your CPM rates like ads placement, numbers of ads, your niche, your visitors, location of visitors, and source of visitors, if you want to get more money, then show ads at top of your website, only use 1 or 2 ads network because many advertisement can cause of decline in you CPM rate.

Here is the list of Best High Paying CPM Advertising Network for Bloggers to Make More Money.

3. Direct Banner Advertising

Direct banner advertising mean selling your own website space to others for advertisement, to earn from Direct Banner Advertising you need to have huge traffic on your website, there are lots of organizations who advertise their products and services, the process of direct advertising is very simple for both advertiser and publisher, advertiser need to search such relevant website for advertisement, and publisher need to decide the rate of ad, duration of ad, type of ad, format of ad and payment method, this way of earning is bit risky, not many peoples using this method due to frauds, but if you have satisfied advertiser partner then its very useful to earn extra money from your website.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a one of the most popular work on the internet, marketing mean buying good or products from one place and sell them out on commission on other place, but in affiliate marketing you need to have a merchant who are willing to sell goods or services indirectly, this is simply called affiliate marketing. Let assume that a person wants to sell laptop; you’ll say that I sold it, but you will share some of it, there are lot of websites available who providing these type of transactions.

5. In-text Adverting

By this method you can make money by In-text-proving networks ads, In-text adverting mean advertisement with you post text, like Kontera, infolinks, and Vibrant Media will place sponsored links inside your text. These links may be in the shape of a single underline, double underline to distinguish them from usual links, and when user move the mouse over the link the advertising will pop, it is also relevant with PPC networks. 

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    I have blog but i in vain make money. nice tips for me. This post is very wonderful resource for money making.


  2. Hey Waqas, Thanks for sharing this great information with us. I enjoyed reading this article. It very helpful to beginners are everyone whoever really wants to make money from blog.

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