how to optimize youtube videos

How to optimize YouTube videos for Maximum Traffic?

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YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Over 4 million videos viewed every day, and over 20 million unique visitors every day. You can use YouTube to grab a lot of traffic to you blog or website. YouTube is a great way to advertise your business. When Companies start their business they forget about the importance of YouTube. The worst mistake that most of the Bloggers and Companies do is that they don’t give any importance to YouTube at the beginning. Actually YouTube represents your Company or Website. YouTube represents your Product or website. Plus you can get more visitors from Social media strategies like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. So now we are here to give you some great tips to get more visitors to your YouTube videos.

Optimize your Videos for Search Engine

This is most important thing to do first after uploading your video. You can’t expect visitors without optimizing your videos. First of all make your title attractive to people. Description and tags also very important and social networking sites are a great way to get more traffic to your Website.


Your video Title should be SEO Friendly. Make your video title more attractive then you can catch more visitors. Your video Title should be no more than five words. Your Title should be grammatically correct. If your title is attractive then you are half done. Try to make your title short and attractive this will help search engines to get your video at the first place.


Tags are very important for optimizing your YouTube videos. You can use variety of Tags which suits your video, use as many tags as possible this will introduce your Video first, try different type of words, also use popular search words it gives your YouTube video a great start.

Embed code

Embed code is another useful weapon for optimizing your YouTube videos for maximum visitors. Embed is used for sharing. When people like your video then Embed code will be handy for them because they can easily share your video just by pasting Embed code.


The description represents your video. It is very important. Your description should be SEO friendly, make first 3 lines attractive and totally related to your video because they are the only lines that displays in YouTube search at the end of the description you can give a link of your Blog or Website,If any visitor will see your whole description then he will surely click on your link. This way you can drive more traffic to your blog or Website.

Make quality content

Content is king, make your video attractive and give some professional graphics it will attract your Visitors eyes because if you will make a good start then you are 60 % done. So make you videos attractive and focused about your product.

Get Attention

The best way to make your video attractive is to make your video is to give attractive content first. This will force them to watch the whole video, one more thing make your video short but full of attractive content this way people will understand more and more about your website or product.


Annotation are also a great way to get some attention but Remember don’t use too many Annotations, it will make people angry. Use Annotations carefully where they should be used and helpful for your visitors or costumers. You can use Annotation for linking to your other videos, this way you can grab more attention to you other content.

Increase your viewership

You can increase your viewership by saying your viewers to like or share your video on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social website. If your video is attractive and SEO optimized then people will like and share it for sure.

Give Response

If any one of your visitors ask you about your product or website then you should give them answer as soon as possible this will make them happy and grab some more traffic. If your visitors want to know more about your specific product then you should make another video and describe everything in detail, this will make them happy.

If you will follow all the steps then you will surely get double Visitors. Remember it takes some time but if you will do everything fine then you will get reward of your hard work.

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