Tips To Protect Your WordPress Site

6 Tips To Protect Your WordPress Site From Hackers

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Hacking is much panic word for any webmaster but believe me million are websites hacked every day, There were more than 1 million hacking attempts on last month, so you’re not alone in feeling scared, violated, or cheated. It will probably happen to each one of us at some point or another in our lives. So question is that can we secure our website from hacking? Answer is yes! You can. Here I am going to give you 6 WordPress security tips that could save your site from hacking.

protect your wordpress site

1. Update Latest Version of WordPress

Updating in WordPress is much necessary, if you are running an old version of WordPress then may you can easy hacked, if you want to remain secure from hackers than update your WordPress if it require. How do I update my WordPress? You can keep up to date your WordPress by installing Automatic Updater WordPress plugin. This plugin used to update WordPress version automatically.

After installing latest version of wordpress delete these two files:

DELETE /wp-admin/install.php (not needed anymore)

DELETE /readme.html (to prevent users from seeing WordPress version)

2. Don’t use ‘admin’ username

Don’t use default user name “admin” for main login, so website hacked due to this mistake, after installing its very important this change admin user name because default user name every one know, so if your main access user name is “admin” then change immediately after installing WordPress.

3. Install necessary security plugins

To save WordPress website from hacks in only possible by plugin, there is no alternate way to secure WordPress website, if you install all the necessary plugin that I mention under I sure you, you will be much secure from hacking attacks.
6 Critical WordPress Plugins You Should Have Installed

1. BulletProof Security

2. Lockdown WP Admin

3. Limit Login Attempts

4. Wordfence Security

5. WebsiteDefender WordPress Security

6. AntiVirus

4. Change default secret keys

When you open your wp-config.php file in public_html folder, you will see 4 secret keys:

define(‘AUTH_KEY’, ”); define(‘SECURE_AUTH_KEY’, ”); define(‘LOGGED_IN_KEY’, ”); define(‘NONCE_KEY’, ”);

I am amazed many people, even experienced ones, do not change this keys. A secret key is a hashing salt that is used against your password to make it even stronger.

Simply visit and copy the 4 generated keys & paste into yourwp-config.php file.

5. Protect your wp-admin

AskApache Password Protect Plugin is a plugin that give you some serious protection of passwords of your wordpress Blog, it protect your wp-admin directory, wp-includes, wp-content, plugins, etc.

6. Use strong password

Password is a key, if your key is strong make sure that no one can open your door, if you are not using a strong password then it may be possible that any one can enter in your personal place, mean to say that if you are strong type of password then your website will much secure. Use All caps (ABC), use special characters (!@#$%*&), Use numbers (12345), mix it all and use at least above then 20 words password, never use like your country or you own name in password.


So these are Tips To Protect Your WordPress Site, don’t use lot of security plugin to secure your wordpress site because it may cause to down your website, hope you will enjoy this post, please share with your friends and share your thoughts in commet box.

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