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How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Website

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Bounce Rate is one the worst things that can be happened to your website. Now a day’s many websites are facing this problem. Bounce Rate is the sign of death to your website. It can be defined as the percentage of the visitors that just visit only one page on your website but not the whole website. Bounce rate of your website should be as low as possible. Because if you have a higher bounce rate it means you are losing your visitors, and they are losing their interest in your website. But if your bounce rate is low then you don’t have to worry about it, your bounce should be 15 to 30 % or as low as possible. So now we are going to show you that How to reduce bounce rate on your website.

1. Cheap Design

In most cases this is the reason. Just imagine a garden without flowers? Yes this is not be an eye catching sight at all. Same as if your website has a poor and totally old design template then you will lose your visitors quickly this will make your website dead. You should use a great website design. You can Buy or choose a free of cost template, but a little investment will pay you for a long run. You can buy a decent template for your website between 30$ to 50$. The more you will invest the better you will get. If you want to reduce bounce rate then a little investment is must.

2. Loading time (Slow loading)

If you want to reduce bounce rate then your website loading time should be as low as possible. Now a day’s people don’t have time to wait for your website to load. There are a lot of reasons behind slow loading, your template as I mentioned above, a bunch of widgets, lack of SEO and some other issues related to image optimization. Average loading time should be 4 to 5 second. Try to make your website fast because people want everything quickly and easily, if your website loads fast then you will be able to reduce bounce rate quickly.

3. Annoying Pop-ups

Pop-ups also help us to communicate with your visitors but sometimes it’s totally annoying to your visitors. There are 70% of chances that visitors will leave your website and find another. Mostly advertisement Pop-ups are very annoying to your visitors. If you want to make your visitors like your page or subscribe to your news later then use widgets at the right side of your website instead of using pop-ups. If you want to reduce bounce rate then remove those advertisement Pop-ups and ‘’like us’’ Pops-ups.

4. Automated videos

Automated videos is another mistake that most of the owners do with their website. We know that this a great way to advertise your business but it makes your visitor’s anger and they will start avoiding your website and go for a best alternative. If you want to reduce bounce rate then you should remove those automated videos and audios. You can use Banners or links instead of using automated audios and videos.

5. Not for Mobile

If your website template is not optimized for smartphones then you will not be able to reduce bounce rate of your website. According to a research from Microsoft the internet users with smartphone are slightly more than the computer users. If you want to reduce bounce rate then you have to make sure that your website is mobile user friendly and easy to use. Otherwise you will lose your visitors and you will not be able to reduce bounce rate.

6. Related or not

If your website content is not related with your website title then people will start leaving your website and the result will be a disaster. The reason behind it is that people first see your website title, if it suits with their interest then they will start visiting your website at daily bases. Try to make your content totally related to your website title this will help you to reduce bounce rate of your website.

7. Freedom

You may think that why is the word ‘’Freedom’’ here. The reason behind it is that most of the website don’t use comment box or Request us page. Actually this is very important it gives your visitors the opportunity to give their ideas about your website. You can use Livefrye, Discuss plugin, Facebook comment plugin. These are the top plugins for replacing your traditional comment box, also use a ‘’Request us’’ page this will increase your reputation. Then you will be able you reduce bounce rate for maximum revenue.

8. Golden comments

Yup golden comments. The word golden comments means that the people who like your content from heart and give their comments regularly. You can find these type of visitors if you will care about everything we have described above. You can place your top comments on the right side of your website this will increase your reputation as well as revenue. Golden comments are also a great way to reduce bounce rate of your website.

We have described all of the mistakes and their solutions above, if you will ignore all these mistakes and go for solution then you will be able to decrease your bounce rate, in that result your revenue from your website will increase. Just remember four things. Make a great relationship with your visitors, try to make your website attractive and user friendly template is must, avoid using annoying Pop-ups and automated videos. If you will do everything right then you will surely reduce bounce rate of your website.

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  1. Hi Waqas, Bounce rate matters a lot in SEO. A Properly SEO optimized has a lower bounce rate. All the points that you mentioned in this article have helpful for a blogger to lowering down the bounce rate. But, according to you how much bounce rate is sufficient for getting good SERP.

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