Verify Paypal Account With Payoneer

How To Verify Paypal Account With Payoneer Mastercard

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As you know that Paypal is a world largest and most secure service to send and receive money online in all over the world. It owned by eBay Inc and Currently, PayPal manages more than 230 million accounts, more than 87 million of them active. It is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet very easily and quickly. If you want to start online business, such as online selling on eBay/Amazon, Blogging, Online marketing, freelancing, Affiliate marketing or any other, so the big issue is mode of payment against goods or services. So here Papal can help you lot to send and receive payment online. Unfortunately PayPal is not available in some countries including Pakistan, India, Egypt, and Iran etc. So, here I will show you step by step you to verify Paypal account with Payoneer US Payment Service. 
Verify Paypal Account With Payoneer

Verify Paypal Account With Payoneer Mastercard 

You can verify Paypal account with Payoneer Mastercard, just go to, sign up and place Order for your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard with proper detail. After verifying your given detail they will send you conformation e-mail. With in 1 month they will send you Payoneer MasterCard at given address. After that you need to activate your Mastercard, verification procedure will along with your MasterCard. After verification they will send you conformation email again and now your account will be activated. 

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  • Now login to Payoneer account and click on US Payment Service under Receive Money tab.
  • Now scroll down Services – US Payment Service page, you will see Bank Routing Number and Account Number which you can see in this demo picture as well.
  • Now note down these two numbers, after that open your unverified PayPal account.

  • After sign in, click on Add/Edit Bank Account under profile tab.
how to verify paypal account
  • After that you will see this window.


  • Now provide required information, first of all you need to fill Bank Name, you can see bank name in your Payoneer account. Secondly Routing Number, just paste 9 digits Bank Routing Number here, and in last Bank Account number which you can get from Payoneer account.


  • After filling all the fields click on continue.
  • After linking you PayPal with Payoneer, wait for 2 or 2 business days.
Paypal will make 2 transitions with your account to verify your account. You will receive an email notification from Payoneer when the test money is loaded in your account.
  • Open these two email and you will see amount which loaded to your account.
  • Now go to PayPal account again, and click on Conform Bank Account.


  • Now enter test amount which PayPal has sent on your account, finally click on “Submit”
That’s all, now you verified Paypal account with Payoneer, now your Paypal is fully verified, enjoy now and feel easy to do online buying and selling. 
If you have any question or any problem regarding verification, please drop you problem in comment, I will try to give you best solution of your problem. 

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74 thoughts on “How To Verify Paypal Account With Payoneer Mastercard”

  1. Waqas,am from Ghana and i think IP related issues will be a very big problem in the process of creating a paypal account….What i know is that paypal uses ip addresses to track down unaccepted countries…..Any advice, please

      1. Waqas ahmad mujhe ye main ne paypal account payoneer prepaid card k sath activate karne ki koshish ki thi but wo activate nhi hua paypal walon ka recorded message aya k ye card is ke issuer se rabta karen is ki kya waja hai kya is ko activate karne ki koi fees hoti hai ya kya waja hai.

        1. Ager aap Pakistan sy han to aap ko state change kerne ho gi Q ky Paypal Pakistan ko support ni kerta, New account create karo ur us ma us state ki information do jis country ko Paypal support kerta ho, Paypal ka account create kerne ky bhad pher back account ko connect karo Paypal sy.

          1. G main pakistan se hi hun or main ne dubai ka address de kar hi paypal account create kiya tha or payoneer ka card sirf paypal k sath connect karne k liye hi banaya tha or card to received bhi ho chuka hai but verify nhi ho raha mujhe paypal verify ki boht zururat hai kindly help me k kya karun?

          2. What type of error you are receiving ? Do you activate your card? If you have any problem regarding account, then go to payoneer support and contact them.

  2. Thank you very much Waqas ahmad for nice information,

    Main ne aek new paypal account create kiya or us mein USA ki state de ker apne bank ki detail di or 3 din mein 2 deposits aa gai or un ka indraaj karne k baad successfully verified ho gya hai THANK YOU !!

    1. Hi
      Hello, brother

      My have very problem paypal with payoneer account
      Problem only conform bank account deposit
      This my problem please help
      bank – enter deposit amounts
      2 digits

      This work
      How to make is??

      Please type website

      1. when you receive 2 smal deposits within 2,3 days in payoneer account from paypal direct deposit $0. , $0. after that you Go your paypal account and click on [confirm bank account] and paste the 2 deposits and continue Its simple!

  3. hi.if i verify my paypal account usin dis method how do i withdraw money frm my paypal account into my payoneer card?cuz i feel to be able to perform dis process it essential i add up my payoneer debit card info too.please shed more ligth on this

  4. Hello Waqas..Paypal charges $1.95 in verification process..But I don’t think there’s gonna be any cash in my Payoneer Mastercard when I receive it..So how does this work?

      1. Salam, I believe now it is necessary to have some funds in your account as paypal withdraws about 1.95$ from your account and later refunds it back.

        Meri maaloomaat k mutaabiq iss waqt aap k account/ debit card may at least 2-3 dollars honay chaahiyen kyoon k paypal aap k account say taqreeban 1.95 dollars nikaalta hai aur phir kuch din k baad waapis ker deta hai.

        Hope this may help someone

  5. Thanks for this guide, wow, i never knew i would verify my paypal using payoneer and guess what? i have been using VCC every year paying $$$ yearly.

    Thanks a lot Sir.

  6. Shohana Rahman

    I varified my payoneer master card with US paypal. But my 1st name of card and paypal different each other. Can i creat a new paypal and link with the same payoneer m.card? Am i allow this essue? Please answere me!

  7. Is this still working till today? I’ve done all the steps but only get error message “We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date.”

  8. Sir I need to ask where from I can get my payoneer card and what is charges and I live in Dubai plz kindly tell me detail I wil be thankful

    1. Go to, sign up there with your proper detail, after that they will send you MasterCard, After getting MasterCard you have to activate your account. They will charge you $29.something for fully activation.

  9. Ahmed my country is not listed in paypal which country to sign up for paypal to verify with payoneer i have payoneer card . thanks

  10. Bilawal Shaikh

    Hi Waqas,
    Bro I have verified paypal account and i’m using that account from last 8 or 9 months. But my account is limited $500 withdrawal limit. I want to lift that limit and my payoneer master card attached with my paypal.

    I have few concern i heard that if you will give your payoneer bank account to paypal than your papal acount will be blocked soon within 1 year because our payoneer bank account have all our real identity so we can’t attach our payoneer bank acount to our paypal.
    If we will attach our bank acount to papal it will be temperately verified may be for few months but it will be not long lasting.

    What you have to say about this waqas ?
    Please share your views ?

    1. Your account withdrawal limit is $500 because your account is personal account not business account. Second is lot of people using paypal by verifying with payoneer no such issue there.

      1. Bilawal Shaikh

        Sorry Bro,
        My Payoneer bank acount is also attached with Paypal.
        Actually my question is, Paypal give us 3 option for verify and lift withdrawal limit.
        1) Submit social security number.
        2) Bank Acount Number.
        3) Dabit card or master card.

        I have attached my Payoneer bank acount info now my account is verified but my acount is limited withdrawal $500 per month and now can i attach my poyneer card to my paypal but my payoneer card with my real name ?
        And I have Business PayPal Account. Please bro Answer my question. Your answer will be greatly appreciated ?

  11. Dear in PayPal account, their will be an option that how to remove withdrawal restriction. You need to do two or three steps more, like verify phone no and one two other that not in my mind. So after doing that your restriction will be remove.

  12. Hi Ahmed.i have paypal account,and i can use from it just for sending money, can’t use for receiving money( my country don’t support it). I registered for payoneer card, i want to know that is it important us bank account to verify paypal account?and must i creat new paypal account with new email or how?? Thanks

  13. Brother, You need to perform following steps in your PayPal account:

    1) Goto Profile > Update Card
    2) Add your CARD information
    * Paypal will perform its operation to add balance
    3) You have to verify and confirm Paypal Code that will appear in Transaction record of Payoneer
    4) Enter the Code on Paypal verification page

    This will remove the $500 limit from your card. Hope this helps you out.

  14. Hi i have a payoneer account and have my card and us bank of america
    confirmed and so on i can use it now, but i have just opend a personal paypal
    account and want to veryfi it with my paoneer bank details i know what to do
    but is scared paypal will reject my verification because i chose south africa as my country while joining paypal and i want to veryfi it with the payoneer us bank checking account, should i rather choose usa as my country for paypal and open a new paypal account or will their be no issues

  15. WAQAS AHMED i have verified paypal but i cant lift limit. because card declined. there a three step to verify two of three must be verified SSN . bank account . and credit card. bank account verified. but paypal declined my payoneer card i dont know why. i have registered with my real name like in payoneer , with usa country. , what u think.. ANd can i use this method to sell on ebay? is there any trouble.

  16. A BIG bouquet of thanks! I have just gone through the guide and it’s really awesome. Thanks for sharing your guide. I always love getting freebies and this one will definitely help me out with my own blogs. I’m a new blogger therefor this post is helpful for me.

    This guide is loaded to the max with invaluable tips and resources. I love this post because it is useful and

    informative for me.I have shared and tweeted it. Always enjoy your posts. 🙂

    Thanks again !!!!

  17. Ivory Washington

    I just wanted to ask a few question regarding with this matter… im tryin to do what it says. but its not working.. from philippines

    before paypal is verify but i make a new one and i still used same payoneer but its not working.. can u help me or any idea..?

    thank you!!

  18. Ivory Washington

    ahh i understand now.. but its okay also to receive money from my paypal even its not yet verify while waiting for payoneer to be arrive??

    Thank you !!

  19. Ianthe Nerissa

    Hello there, thanks for your great information, but when I did all this step by step, I got this error message on PayPal “We were unable to process your bank account registration at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date.”
    I’m lost, would you please help me 🙁

    1. Nerissa first thing that you should do create new account, don’t try to integrate it with old one. Secondly, make account by giving information of countries that paypal support, like USA, Canada, UK. Now integrate your account with Payoneer MasterCard.

  20. Md. Amzad Hossain

    Hi Mr. Ahmed,
    I,m Amzad from Bangladesh and I’ve create a paypal account using country Cyprus. I have no US Bank account. recently I open an another account in payoneer. can I verify my paypal account with payoneer? I’ve no any US Bank account, can I receive money for my fund rising? if no, have any way to own a US Bank account?

    1. Thanks Amzad Hossain, your answer is in my article, if you read my complete article and follow steps then you can find your answer. Yes Payoneer is a kind of Virtial US bank account and you can verify PayPal by using Payoneer.

  21. Hi Ahmed,

    I’m from Nepal and since there is no option in PayPal to add bank account these days. In this case how can I make PayPal allow to add my Payoneer Debit card to verify PayPal. Please help!


      1. Hi Ahmed,

        Do you mean no need to be the same address of PayPal and Payoneer to verify PayPal? I hope different address won’t make issue later on.


      2. Hi Ahmed,

        Since I have to change country name also to add new address of US. I closed the account and trying to sign up again but PayPal is asking for valid Telephone Number.

        What to do in this case?


  22. Hi Ahmed,

    I don’t own telephone number in US. What I use as telophone?

    Without entering number you can’t continue further.
    Please confirm.


  23. When linking Payoneer Debit Card with PayPal in order to remove Monthly limit I get the error”Sorry, you can not link this card, try a different card”

  24. Payoneer is no longer accepted. Do you think it would be a good idea to buy a PayPal vcc from Auction Essistance to verify my account?

  25. Paypal is not accepting Payoneer any longer, so is there any other option for opening and verifying paypal from an unsupported country

  26. I can’t seem to verify my PayPal adding the bank from Payoneer. Can getting a VBA from Auction Essistance solve my problem?

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