How to Withdraw Money From Paypal in Pakistan

How to Withdraw Money From Paypal in Pakistan

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If you are doing online business or want do purchase anything, then you must have a Paypal account. Paypal is PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money and receive money online.

If you are doing online business, Freelancing or doing blogging, then you should to know that how to withdraw money from Paypal in Pakistan.

How to Withdraw Money From Paypal in Pakistan

In this tutorial, I will show you that how you can withdraw money from Papal with in Pakistan. If you don’t have PayPal account, then you can create PayPal account if you are living in Pakistan.

How to Verify Paypal Account in Pakistan?

Majority of people don’t know how to create and verify PayPal account in Pakistan. I know PayPal not supporting Pakistan, but still there is an option to verify and withdraw money from PayPal.

Here is a step by step guide to verify PayPal Account in Pakistan.

1)      Go to

2)      Sign up with your proper information and you have to give original information.

3)      After that they will verify your information within 2 or 3 days and then they will send your MasterCard on your provided home address.

4)      Now you have to login into your Payoneer account, and activate your MaterCard. (Activation process will be along with your MasterCard so you can read activation process from there).

5)      Now you have to login into your PayPal account. (Remember that you can’t make PayPal account by providing information of Pakistan, because PayPal not supporting Pakistan).

6)      As you will login, click on “Get Verified”.

7)      Now Add bank account information provided by Payoneer, and you have to wait 2 or 3 days.

8)      After that they will deposit two testing amounts in your Payoneer account, so you have to insert these two demo amount in Paypal account to verify your identity.

9)      Now your account is fully approved.

Note: Payoneer MasterCard is free, but you have to pay $29 to activate your card. If you have any problem in above steps, you can read this article with screenshots, so it might help you better.

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Now question is how to withdraw money from my Paypal account? So, don’t take tension, process is very simple and you can withdraw your Paypal amount in Pakistan.

Before going to discuss, how to withdraw money, you must conform that you have verified PayPal account, if you don’t have verified account, then you can’t withdraw money from PayPal. So, follow above steps to verify your Paypal account.

1)      Login to your PayPal account.

2)      Left side of your account, click on “Transfer to your Bank

PayPal In Pakistan

3)      Type how much amount you want to withdraw from total balance, and leave “send money to your bank” default.

payPal bank transfer

4)      Now you have to wait at least 4 or 5 business days to complete this process.

withdraw payPal amount

5)      After that, you will receive conformation mail that fund added into your account.

6)      Now check your Payoneer account to check that you have received or not.

7)      Now you can withdraw this amount by using your MasterCard in any ATM in Pakistan that accepts MasterCard. MCB (Muslim commercial Bank) accepts Payoneer MasterCard.

Now you have to insert your MasterCard in ATM, it will ask you PIN code, you use PIN code which you have set during activation.

After that you can withdraw your amount. Remember that you should calculate dollars in rupees before that, because you will receive money in Pakistani currency and you have to insert Pakistani amount during this process.

So this is how you can withdraw PayPal money in Pakistan. No doubt that Payoneer is a gift for of us. If you don’t have Payoneer account, so sign up right now, it’s totally free and after that you can verify you Paypal account easily. I have seen many people selling Paypal accounts, so never go for that, you can verify your Paypal account free of cost with that process.

Again I’m repeating that if you want to do anything online, then PayPal or MasterCard is very important for you. If you are a blogger, and want to purchase webhosting, then ultimately you need PayPal or MasterCard. If you want to make money online, then you must have a PayPal account for that to receive money from other countries.

If you have any question or any problem, you can ask freely in comments. Don’t forget to share this useful information with your friends and others.

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