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Infolinks Review ~ Make Money Online with In-Text Advertising

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There are lot of way to make money with your blog and infolinks one of the most preferred ads network. Mostly bloggers end up their blogging journey at Google Adsense when they come to make money online with website or blog. There is no possibility of doubt that Google Adsense is a leader in online advertising. But Adsense is not the only option to make money. There are lot of alternatives available through which you can monetize your blog.

In this tutorial, I’m going to write infolinks review. Hope this review will be helpful for you to make extra money with your blog or website.

Infolinks Review

About Infolinks

Infolinks and was started in 2007 and since they have thousands of advertisers and publishers. Infolinks is one of the highest paying In-Text Advertising Network which shows only In-Text ads and it is more relevant to blogs but can be very useful for websites to. It is very similar to Kontera and Vibrant Media and others but infolinks paying much more than these networks.

How Infolinks Works

Infolinks will show ads with inline text. Infolinks used some keywords from website to show advertiser’s ads. These links will be different from natural hyperlinks. These links will be double underline or dotted.

How do I integrate Infolinks into my website?

Integrating Infolinks into your blog or website is very simple and quick.
After your application is approved, you will receive an Infolinks script for your registered blog or website to integrate into your site’s HTML. Each site you add to your account has its own unique Infolinks script. Copy this script and paste into your website’s HTML pages right before the closing </body> HTML tag.

If you are using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, then plugins are available to integrate directly.

Infolinks also offers several plugins for an even easier integration process for some of the most well-known site building platforms. You can choose to integrate the script manually or use one of our plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Blogger and Drupal sites.

It’s that easy! Once the code has been inserted, Infolinks will automatically integrate ads into your website’s content within minutes.

Visit the Integrate tab in your account for more information about integration. To add other products to your website please click the Customize tab.

Infolinks vs. Adsense

Infolinks can be used as an alternative of Adsense. Infolinks provides different ad formats. If you are running website or blog and you are not getting Adsense account, so I will suggest you that infolinks is a best Adsense alternative to earn with your website. I’m not saying that Infolinks paying as Adsense paying, but something is better than nothing. As I mentioned above that Adsense is a leader but Adsense is very hard to get. I have seen lot of peoples using Blogger platform for blogging mean subdomains of So don’t think even to get Adsense on blogger sub domains. They will never approve you on blogger. So if you are running you blog on blogger, then infolinks is a best option to make money with it.

Can we use Infolinks with Adsense?

Lot of people confused here. You can use both networks on same page or website. There will be no issue by Adsense and no issue by Infolinks as well.


I have used Infolinks and I’m very satisfied with it. If you are struggling to make money with your blog, then you must try infolinks. It will pay you some satisfactory amount. I hope you will enjoy to read Infolinks review. Please must share if you have any experience with infolinks and please take few seconds to share with others.

Infolinks Review With Details

 Network Type:  PPC, CPC, CPM
 Ad types:  In-text links
 Minimum Payment Threshold:  $50
 Payment Frequency:  NET 45
 Payment Methods:  PayPal, Wire, ACH, Infolinks Prepaid Mastercard
 Website URL:
 Website Requirement:  You should have contextual base website.

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  1. Hi Waqas, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for sharing Infolinks with your readers! You’re right, Infolinks is a great Adsense alternative and a fantastic compliment for those who are looking to boost their earnings even further. Keep up the good work, and happy blogging 🙂

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