Reasons to Make Blogging As A Part of Your Business

5 Reasons to Make Blogging As A Part of Your Business

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In order to leverage Blogging to your advantage, you need to stop selling on your Blog. Yes, it’s not a Type O because a Blog is Not a Sales Page. To Blog is to Engage and Inspire, sharing ideas and tactics which is also how you get recognized as a Professional. Your Blog is like a gateway to your website, where your sales magic happens. The only link you share on your Blog, is the link to your Website in every Blog Post Signature.

There are a few rules to Blogging and many newbies make the mistake of turning a Blog into a sales page, which often result in a complete opposite achievement as was expected. And rightly so, because to Blog is to share and to connect to your audience and is all about creating and inspiring. It’s kind of like a gateway to your website where your Blog kind of determine the quality of traffic you receive visiting your website. Your Blog content must be of the nature to inspire interest, and leave your visitor wanting to know more.

Before going deep into the reasons, have a look at this image, websites having blog are more popular than others.

the power of blog

1. Starting Your Blog


Like with any website and/or Blog you must start with keyword research before even thinking of your Blog. Simply because you want your Blog to target a specific audience, which if done right will result in actual sales from your website. First decide what niche you wish to target, and then simply use the free tools Google already gives you to work with. For best keyword research results, I strongly recommend the Google Keyword Planner inside Google Ad-Words. Try to have at least two keywords within your Blog domain name, targeted to your niche with a high search volume and low to medium competition. This will help later in getting your Blog indexed and ranked in Google, providing you’re using your own dedicated domain and not a free blog which is a domain within a domain.

2. Why Pay For Your Domain?


Why pay for a domain if you can have a free Blog right? Simply because you want your Blog to get indexed and ranked in Google. Besides, your own domain with a Blog Site like WordPress will cost you around $18 per Year. A free Blog is fine, if your primary purpose is just to engage with friends and chat about activity and so forth. But when you aim at actually making money online with your Blog, then just spend the few cents on your personal domain and secure your professional future.
Regardless of the direction your internet journey takes you, from Blogging to Email Marketing and so much more. Accept the fact that all successful affiliate marketers all have a monthly budget to run their internet empire and keeping it an empire and not just a shelter, so to speak. On a tight budget Blogging is a perfect place to start, because considering other alternatives it’s literally a few cents in comparison. And although it’s not advised to share affiliate links on your blog, you will only be allowed to do this providing you have your own Blog Domain.

3. How do I Know?

How do I Know

Well, truth be told I actually had my Word-Press account suspended in my newbie desperation primarily chasing sales a few years back. Yes, I had a free Blog and made the mistake of
flooding it with a tsunami of affiliate links. In fact, I didn’t even select the appropriate domain in my rush after this promises of instant riches. Turned out it wasn’t all in vain as it appeared, because all the times I failed accumulated into the professional advice I can share with my audience today.

4. The Importance of Your Blog Content


From an affiliate marketing point of view, I would strongly offer the following advice as I have learned the hard way. But I also know the feeling of not having the money to create, publish, index, sustaining and ranking your own website. So if you’re on a really tight budget, then just pay for your domain so you can be allowed to share affiliate links on your Blog. It also comes highly recommended to share affiliate offers on separate Blog Pages, because you can have several. When you do share an affiliate product then it is crucial that you have extensive product knowledge, and the only way to achieve that is to actually purchase and use what you promote.
This will result in better engagement with your audience, when they start a conversation. When you just share random affiliate links in a desperate attempt for a sale, then you also inspire some caution with your audience. Sharing your affiliate links on a separate page should not exceed a maximum of four to five products, but also give your reader something of great value at no cost. Keywords should carry your content all the way from your domain selection to Blog title and concluded in your Blog Post Content. Adding anchor text and some keyword phrases in your content will prove to be inspiring exceptional response.
Interesting and relevant content will inspire interest with your visitor, which will have them visiting the rest of your blog pages. Your content must be responsible to convince your visitor that buying your product is a natural advantage, and it’s always advisable to offer what’s known as a “back door” with professional marketers. Basically a back door is a money back guarantee, and is like an instant inspiration of trust. Which is why you must know that your product actually works, in order to prevent refund requests because that has been the downfall of many newbies.

5. Next You Need Autopilot Traffic to your Blog, Right?

The great news is that WordPress already provide you with a free Post Scheduling Tool, but first you must establish the when and what. Therefore you must post different content at different times and days of the week, and track your engagement results. You need to have more views than visitors because that means you have returning visitors, confirming your content is appreciated and used. Once you have established best times and days to post, then simply schedule your Blog Posts accordingly.
Be sure to enable the social sharing on your Blog, because that’s how published content will get shared automatically the minute you post to your blog. See how the post scheduling will result in autopilot traffic? Besides, many successful affiliate marketers use this exact same proven successful tactic with their own Blog Domains.
However, when scheduling posts please don’t imitate tsunamis of annoying pointless posts. Your posts must be informative, interesting and above all it must be moderate. You must determine the level of your moderation based on engagement from your visitors as indicated by your analytic results. So, all you basically need to do is take your time and actually prove that you know what you’re talking about within your niche.


Use your Blog to start exciting engagement and get a conversation going, base your content on interesting findings and lead your visitor to your affiliate offers without having to sales pitch your content. In general, visitors are more inclined to actually purchase something that proves relevant need satisfaction. Your product must serve a purpose as a proven solution to a common need within your particular niche. Remember that success is tiny objective steps in the right direction, strive for progress and not perfection.

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    That’s Fantastic Information about Blogging, I like it and you have explained very well about Blogging Part Time Business. Thanks for shared.

  2. Nice Post! I personally believe that to maintain the standard of a blog all the hacks mentioned above are important. All points discussed were worth reading and I’ll surely work with them all one by one.

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