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Top 3 SEO Tools to Make Your Joomla Website SEO Friendly

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Have you chosen Joomla as your content management system? That’s great!as you have put your first step forward to building a great website. Probably now you’ll be searching for the right template and crafting engaging content for your new Joomla site. Once you’ve completed these steps you’ll be ready to launch your site and make it accessible to the target customers – willing to have a sneak peek of your newly launched online identity. However, there is one problem that you might encounter in the near future.

Joomla Website SEO

Wondering what could be the problem?

If you’ve developed just a basic Joomla website, chances are that people waiting to grab a hold of your products won’t be able to locate your site in the first place. That’s because, Joomla is not as SEO-friendly compared to WordPress.

So, what’s the solution?

Fortunately, there are plenty of free as well as paid SEO tools available over the web – which can be used drive traffic and boost return on investment (ROI). Here I’ll discussing about top 3 SEO tools that you can use for your Joomla powered site.

Tools to Make Your Joomla Website SEO Friendly:

1. Google Analytic

Almost every person who is in charge of a website understands the importance of analyzing their site traffic. Google Analytics is one of the most effective SEO tools that helps provide web traffic analysis. The best thing about this tool is that it is available for free of charge. In order to make use of Google Analytics you’ll have to create fields for your profile, which will then provide you with detailed analysis including event tracking, tracking site visitor activities and more. Have a look at image as shown below to see how Google Analytics works.

SEO Tools

2. Seomoz Toolbar

This is a free SEO tool offered by Moz company. Seomoz toolbar streamline SEO of your Joomla site. In case you’ve been finding it hard to rank using a particular keyword, then Seomoz toolbar can help you overcome such difficulty as it lets you evaluate the difficulty to rank on the basis of some given keywords. It lets you see metrics such as Page Authority (PA), and Domain Authority (DA) and other elements for every web page – that you access, analyze when you browse the links and more.

Once you’ve installed Seomoz toolbar on your site’s web browser, your search result will appear directly after your website address bar having PA and DA information.

Joomla SEO Tools

3. JSitemap

This Joomla extension helps generate sitemap. With JSitemap you can easily manage the sitemap contents of your Joomla site for users as well as search engine crawlers. The best thing about this tool is that you don’t need to add any additional plugins to handle your website sitemap. With JSitemap you can have more indexed links generated by Google, which helps you attain higher visibility for your site.

Joomla SEO Extension

What’s more? It lets your sitemaps get acknowledged from Bring and also from less powerful search engines, so as to index Joomla! site. Till now you’ve to wait for the search engines spiders to locate your site, but with JSitemap you won’t be required to wait any longer! as you can directly send your information to the search engines.

Let’s have a look at the few features offered by JSitemap:

• Provides a simple to use SEO control panel.
• Allows links submission to search engines.
• Generates sitemaps in real-time.
• Contains a caching system that accelerate sitemap generation
• It comes with new technology that help prevents HTTP 301/303 redirects in your Joomla! site.

This tool is available in both free and paid versions.


Are you thinking of building a Joomla powered site? Then, apart from investing time in thinking about your website design and layout, one other aspect that requires your consideration is choosing the right search engine tools for your Joomla! powered site. This is because Joomla CMS comprises of less SEO-rich features in contrast to WordPress. So, to get your site noticed by customers and search engine spiders, it becomes needful to use SEO tools that makes your site more search engine optimized. Though there are several SEO tools and extensions that you can use to attain higher ranking on SERPs (search engine pages), but aforementioned are few tools that you shouldn’t miss! if you want to have a SEO-friendly site.

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  1. Hi Edward,
    Nice share. These three are basic yet very effective tools for making an SEO friendly website or blog.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

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