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How to Make Money Online with

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Now a day every one talking about online earning or how to make money online? There are lot of ways to make money online like blogging, Freelancing, Affiliate marketing, PPC/PTC, Data entry and many more. But here i am going to introduce you with Fiverr was launched back in 2009 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger with the aim of providing a platform for people to buy and sell a variety of small services typically offered by freelance contractors like as writing and translation, logo design, programming &Tech, Online Marketing, video and animation and much more. Fiverr currently working in more than 200 countries and brings in revenue by taking a 20% commission from each sale of gig. is a micro-jobbing website that allow everyone to sell their products or services against $5 by creating a “gig”, Generally lot of people confuse here about term “gig”, it’s mean offer your services to public just simple is that. Let suppose you are very good in translation, then you have to create “gig” on you profile As you will create a new gig on your profile and if anybody need a translator, then he/she will contact you for that particular job against $5. As he/she will offer you to do this work, then you have to do within the given time frame, otherwise he can leave negative feedback and in future no body will contact you as he/she will see negative remarks on your profile. So, as you will complete this job, he/she will pay you your charges.

How to join

Sign up procedure is very easy here, just go to, click on JOIN and complete required fields here and click on join button, after that they will send you conformation e-mail, login to your email address and click on conformation link, that’s easy procedure for that.

How to create Gig on

Creating gig on fiverr is very easy, just click on sales button on top navigation bar, on right side you will see Create Gig option, click on this button and Gig wizard will provided you. Here i will explain you how effectively you can create a new Gig on


Write at least title of 80 character here, choose this title wisely and effectively to attract people more.


Choose category in which you want to provide your services, there are few categories like Online marketing, Graphic Designing, Advertising, Lifestyle and few more, Choose relative category.


Upload JPEG file here and file size should not more than 2MB, upload attractive and relative image here.


Provide detail description here, you can provide detail of 1200 character, your description play key role here, so be careful about that.


You can insert tag here, mean if you are going to create gig about “Online business promotion tips” so you can simply insert “business” tag here, insert atleast 3 tag here.


Next option is duration mean how much time you will take to do this work, remember that always choose possible time duration to do this work, other wise your customer can leave negative feedback where which is not good for you in future prospective.


Mean what instruction do you want to give to your customer, you can leave any instruction here, if there is no instruction for your buyer then leave it blank.



If you have video to promote to your services then upload here otherwise wise skip it.

If you are a maker of real things

Click No Thanks !

Publish GIG !

That the simple procedure of creating new “GIG”, if you are facing any problem so leave comment below.

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How to Make Serious Money?

How can make good enough money online with Fiverr, just keep working until you get promoted to a Level 1. Then work even more until you’re at a level 2.

How do you get promoted to level 1?

To get level 1, you need to get positive feedback from like 10 buyers and you have to deliver your gigs on time as promised, consistently. It’s not asking much. Always deliver your work in time and get positive feedback. When your level will up, people will more contact you and will take interest in your goods or services that you are providing there.

In conclusion:

Lot of people generating handsom money from fiverr, so if you have any skill promote it there are get benefit of having this. I hope you people will enjoy, Please must leave your feedback in comment section. Good Luck !

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3 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online with”

  1. Hi Waqas,
    very informative post, I’ve heard a lot about Fiverr but never used it! Will check it out!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow Waqas, really lengthy and detailed post, nice!
    I think those are all great points but I think Gig extras are really key now when it comes to making a lot of money on Fiverr. $4 is nothing after Fiverr takes their cut but if you strip down a service you can do for $5 then attach Gig extras that a buyer would need to buy to make the service worthwhile, you’ll see a nice bump in the average selling price and thus, your hourly rate on Fiverr.

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