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Step By Step Guide To Create A Micro Niche Website

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Internet is a hub of opportunities to make money online, and blogging is one of the most rewarding way, to earn money. There is a mis-conception about blogging that you have to work day and night to make money. It’s true if you want to become a well known blogger, but if your motive is just make money, then you can create a Micro niche website to earn thousands of dollar.

Niche Website

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you, that how you can create a Micro niche website and make extra money with less effort.

What are Niche Websites?

Nice website means focusing on specific keywords Instead of many keywords.
There are many examples of niche and non-niche websites. An example of a non-niche site would be MSN.comyahooAmazon because these websites covers many different issues and subjects.

For me, smartpassiveincome is one of the most inspiring nice website for me. This website is just about how to build an online passive income business. There are so many other examples of niche websites.

How to Find a Niche?

Finding and selecting a niche is one of the most toughest part of any niche base website. Before selecting a niche, you have to generate idea, that what you have do you and what you are going to do. People always trying to find high CPC keywords for niche websites, I’ll suggest you don’t go for high CPC keywords. If you have niche with low CPC, believe me you can generate good money even with low CPC keywords.

Keyword Research:

There are many tools to find keywords like, Google keyword Planner, SEMRUSH, Long Tail Pro, Keyword Spy, Keyword Elite and many more. Few of them are paid and few of them are totally free. I like to use Long Tail Pro, it is one of the most effective tool to search keywords. It will give you complete information about your keyword with your competitors.
Google keyword Planner is a good tool to find keywords and you can use if free of cost.

1) Go to Google keyword planner and search keyword. Here is I’m going to search “free app a day” as a demo keyword.

keyword planner
2) Go to keyword ideas tab.

keyword research
3) Here you can analyze your keyword. “Free app a day” has 4400 Average monthly searches, competition “Low”, and suggest bid ‘PKRs.122” if I convert it into dollars, so it’s equal to $1.5 or something like that.

Keyword Research tool

Always try to hit low competition keywords with maximum searches. High competition keywords required lot of efforts to rank in search engine.

Now you have selected your keyword “Free app a day”. Another thing that I want to share, that 4400 are not exact searches, you can multiply 4400 with 2 or 3.

You Found a Niche, Now What?

After that you have you analyze your keywords that who are your competitors. Without proper Analysis, you can’t beat your competitors. You should know that from where they are getting backlinks, what strategies they are using, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Page Rank etc. For more you can read this article.

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Settings up the Micro-niche blog

Approximately 50% task completed here and rest is very easy, but you should know how to create WordPress blog and how to install plugins etc. All necessary details are here to setup a micro nice blog.

Domain name:

There are many domain names provides, you can select any website to register your domain name.

  • Namecheap (1 Year Registration: $9.98)
  • 1&1 (1 Year Registration: $4.99)
  • Go Daddy (1 Year Registration: $11.99)
  • Name (1 Year Registration: $9.99)

They offer coupons as well, so if you have coupon, then you can purchase lowest price like $2 or $3.

Web Hosting:

These three are most reliable hosting. They are providing different packages, and depends on which hosting plan you want to use.

After purchasing Domain name & Web Hosting, Install WordPress, Theme and Plugins.

Essential Plugins for Nice Website:

These are some essential plugins for WordPress blog. You can install others plugins according to your requirement.

Niche Website Theme

Your theme should be elegant, simple, responsive and easy to navigate. You can join these websites to download most elegant themes for WordPress.

SEO Strategies for Niche Website

As we all know the Search Engine Optimization field is booming day to day with new inventions and innovations. After installing WordPress, theme and plugins, now you have to optimize your website in search engine. There are two ways to optimize your website, Off Page Optimization and Off page Optimize. Here I’m going to explain you both.

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On Page Optimization:

On page SEO is perhaps the most important process not only for better rankings but also for a successful internet marketing campaign. There are different on Page SEO techniques, all of them described under.

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On Page SEO Techniques:

1) Quality Articles: You should remember that without killer articles, it is not possible to rank your website in search engine. Write unique and informative article with proper Title, Headings, Sub Headings, and Paragraph etc. Your article should be of 600+ words and without any plagiarism.

2) Images Optimization: Website images are very important to attract your visitors. Use eye-caching images to describe your at first look. You can get extra SEO advantage with images by adding Alt tag and description. For more about Images optimization, you can read this article.

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3) Design: Your website should be responsive and easy to navigate.

4) Cross Linking: Link relevant keyword in an article with existing article, it can help you to get better ranking in search engine.

5) Loading Time: page speed is one of the most important ranking factor in SEO. If you have lazy page load, then use will leave browsing your website because user don’t have unlimited time, you have to catch him in very short time.

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Off Page Optimization:

Off page SEO is a techniques that can be used to improve the website position in the search engine results page (SERPs). Many people connect off page SEO with link building, but it is not only that. Basically, off Page SEO has to do with promotion methods outside website design or website them, for the purpose of ranking a website higher in the search engine.

Off Page SEO Techniques:

1) Link Building: First step of off page SEO is link building. You can create backlinks by commenting on other websites, Forums posting, Web 2.0 sites, Guest Posting, Article Directories.

2) Social Media: Now social media is a part of SEO. Social media platforms can be used link building. You should remember that with social media, you will get no-follow links, but this does not mean that they do not have any value.

3) Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking sites getting more popularity now. Social bookmarking sites like,,, and are best social bookmarking platforms to mark your links.

There are many other off page SEO techniques that can be used to rank your keywords in search engine. Off Page SEO is most important for successful SEO campaign. When you are going to build link, always try to get backlinks from high authority websites.

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How to Monetize Your Niche Site

It depends on your website niche. If you have niche like buying and selling, then you can try Affiliate marketing. If you have general niche, you can earn with Google Adsense or there are many Adsense Alternatives to make money. If you have good traffic, then you can also try CPA (cost per action) networks. So there are many ways to earn with niche website, even you can also earn with direct advertising.


So this is how you can build your own micro niche website. If you want to earn quickly, then you should try niche base website.
Do you have any experience regarding this? Don’t forget to share your ideas in comments.

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