Modern SEO Practices for Guaranteed Success in 2017

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SEO is a sphere, many aspects of which appear to be ambiguous, and yet there are some aspects that can be distinguished good or bad, “black” or “white”. Ethical SEO-practices that follow the rules and recommendations of the search engines are called “white hat“, and those SEO-practices, the purpose of which is to promote by manipulating the perception of a site by search engines, – “black hat“.


Consider a few of these “black” and “white hat” professional web search engine optimization tools and techniques.


Bad list


1) Buying links


Hiding bought links from search engines may seem like a simple task, but it is also easy for search engine to track your bought link and apply to ban your site. Of course, a short time you will be invisible and even get a surge in SEO-parameters. But it’s not worth it, because sooner or later, the reference will be identified and discounted. Short-term benefits are not worth the large-scale failure.

2) Making link farm

Link farming – the so-called “growing” links that point to each other, creating whole web resources with useless content to cheat reference weight. Search Engines, detecting such frauds, quickly ban the entire network of websites. So, it is better to make a quality content on your website.

3) Using swap

Swap (swapping – replacement) – one of the “black” methods and therefore the most desperate search engine optimization technique. Its essence is to replace the content of a page with a successfully indexed search engine. To put it simply, it is the way you may cheat users to make the transition to the link of the first lines of search results (a page that does not contain content that they expect to see).

4) Using non-unique content

Using content from other sites is not natural, – even if it’s rewriting – rarely brings success in SEO. Sooner or later these resources are not indexed by search engines.

5) Track down algorithms


Stop trying to predict what will be the next algorithm update, or to react with lightning speed. Search engines now rarely announce updates to their algorithms, and Google releases several updates every day. All your efforts to outsmart the search engines at their own game are absolutely inefficient.

6) Forcing users to wait

Long load times increase the bounce rate, it lowers the ranking and simply annoys visitors. A slow site is not with “black” SEO tactics, it is just silly. Slow loading has a negative impact on customer experience and on SEO. This continues to fall out of the field of attention of marketers who believe that they have no control over this issue.

7) Ignoring mobile search

mobile search

Ignoring mobile search – this, of course, is not a “black” SEO method, it is not very reasonable. An argument like “My customers are not mobile. See how little mobile users are on my site “will lead you into a vicious circle. Google, for example, even rewards mobile-friendly sites. Therefore, it is very likely that you do not have mobile users due to the fact that you do not have a mobile-friendly site.

More than half of Google searches (good search engine optimization ) are from smartphones. Search within a specific mobile application to track open access is not possible, but just imagine how much Christmas shopping was done using the browser on the phone or application. Find out information about your competitors. Do they have the app? It is possible that you do not get much traffic because you just restrict yourself.


Good list


1) Create useful and unique content


This item is placed at the beginning of a good list because it is the best long-term strategy, which will provide you with a strong performance on SEO. Generate content that your users would like to share, that would be really useful for them.

2) Just imagine for a moment that you are not working on your company

Do you have enough information to buy something at home? Is this information informative and interesting?  It is difficult to be completely impartial, so visit the sites of your competitors. Enter a query in Google for the keywords you want to use, and look for the links from top results. Please rate the content of the same parameters that you apply to your work on the content. Do you have navigation that is easier to use and that will lead you to achieving goals? Ask someone disinterested, to honestly tell you about the impression from your site.

3) Use the best SEO practices

Modern SEO Practices

Yes, the content has to be useful and unique. But if you publish it on the site, which does not use SEO, the content will not help you reach the tops and attract buyers. SEO should be considered from the standpoint of the overall strategy and the creative process of formation of a consumer experience. Many websites like custom writing service, online stores make use of SEO and thus have many customers ready to buy their products and services.

4) Use progressive enhancement

Search engines are still strongly dependent on the HTML-texts and references. Yes, Google will now act as AJAX, but it does not guarantee full indexation, or the ability to recognize the relevance. Many sites that use AJAX and the JavaScript complex, have problems with indexing if they do not use workarounds specifically for SEO.

Progressive enhancement is the concept of development, which uses techniques such as CSS, JavaScript and AJAX, to provide first-class access to the content and user experience as a whole. Progressive enhancement ensures the presence of HTML-text and links that search engine spiders can index and give contextual relevance.



Search engines mainly keep track of the facts of fraud and thus “punish” unfair sphere of players. Of course, the decision is yours! But remember that it is always very risky, because once caught, you can forget about your website if it is under the filter now. The results of the “black” SEO techniques, will satisfy you for a very short time. Therefore, it is better not to misbehave and to direct your resources to long-term results. Use diverse SEO services if you think you are not experienced enough. This way you will become a real specialist in this sphere.


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