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The Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords

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As you know that lot of companies advertise with Google and now it become very lucrative business. Google makes huge amount of money from online advertising. Google generate 97% of his revenue from advertising, which is around $32 billion in the last couple of months.
most expensive keywords
According to a new report from SEM software company WordStream that aimed to determine the top 20 categories that see the highest search volume and cost per click (CPC). They determine that insurance, Loan, mortgage, attorney, and credit are top five most expensive keywords in Google Adwords. 
You can check here info graphic of the most expensive keywords which is presented by WordStream.

Where Does Google Make Its Money? [ infographic ]


Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google Adwords:


1. Insurance  (e.g, “car insurance”, “auto insurance”, “insurance quote” “car insurance quote”, “car cheapest insurance” “car insurance online quote”, “car insurance online”, “auto insurance quote” ) 
CPC: $54.91
2. Loans (e.g, “cheapest homeowner loans”, “home loans”, “business loan”, “quick loans”, “online payday loans’) 
CPC: $44.28
3. Mortgage (e.g, “mortgage companies”, “mortgage refinancing”, “mortgage refinance”, “mortgage lenders” “refinanced second mortgages”)
CPC: $47.12
4. Attorney (e.g, “medical malpractice attorney”, “defense attorney”, “personal injury attorney”, “personal injury lawyer”, “auto accident attorney”, “car accident attorneys”, “accident attorney”) 
CPC: $47.07
5. Credit (e.g., “home equity line of credit” and “bad credit home buyer”)
CPC: $36.06
6. Lawyer (e.g, “family law attorney” “wrongful death lawyer”, “personal injury layer” “lawyers personal injury”, “personal injury law firm”, “attorney personal injury”)
CPC: $42.51
7. Donate (e.g, “car donation centers”, “car donation”, “car donation in massachusetts”, “vehicle donation”, “donating a used car”) 
CPC: $42.02
8. Degree (e.g, “criminal justice degrees online,” degree online”, “online college degrees”, “online associate degrees”, “psychology bachelors degree online”)
CPC: $40.61
9. Hosting (e.g, “managed web hosting solution”, “dedicated hosting managed server”, “managed web site hosting service”,  “hosting services”, “cheapest web hosting”)
CPC: $31.91
10. Claim (e.g, (e.g., “personal injury claim, “personal injury claim lawyer “, “car accident claims “, “accident claims no win no fee”)
CPC: $45.51
11. Conference Call (e.g, “conference calling service”, “conference call providers”, “audio conference call”, “conference call rate”, “conference call vendors”)
CPC: $42.05
12. Trading (e.g, “online trading”, “online stock trading”, “option trading”, “commodity trading”, “currency trading”, “forex trading”)
CPC: $33.19
13. Software (e.g, “software training online”, “software courses”, “crm software programs”, “crm software solution”, “customer relationship management software”, “web based crm”) 
CPC: $35.29
14. Recovery (e.g, “raid server data recovery”, “raid recovery service”, “server raid recovery”, “dell raid recovery”, “computer data recovery”, “hard drive data recovery”, “hard drive recovery laptop”)
CPC: $42.03
15. Transfer (e.g, “secure file transfer”, “zero apr balance transfer”, “credit cards”, “balance transfer credit cards”, “cash back credit cards”, “credit card balance transfer zero interest”)
CPC: $29.86
16. Gas/Electricity (e.g, “electric energy suppliers”, “electricity providers”, “electricity business rates”, “business electricity tariffs”, “compare business electricity prices”)
CPC: $54.62
17. Classes (e.g, “online classes”, “online courses”, “online college courses”, “online university”, “online degrees”, “online computer classes”, “online business classes”, “online business degree”) 
CPC: $35.04
18. Rehab (e.g, “drug rehab centers”, “alcohol rehabilitation centers”, “drug rehab programs”, “crack rehab centers”)
CPC: $33.59
19. Treatment (e.g, “drug treatment centers”, “alcohol treatment centers”, “residential drug treatment”, “drug abuse treatment center”, 
CPC: $37.18
20. Cord Blood (e.g, “cord blood banking”, “cord blood storage”, “umbilical cord blood banks”, “private cord blood banking”, “cord blood stem cell banking”)
CPC: $27.80
How To Execute These Most Expensive Keywords Effectively: 
To design and develop website for such most expensive keywords is not difficult at all, but you need to utilize these keywords very effectively to monetize your blog or website. So what do you do if you are competing in one of the most expensive CPC categories? Here are 3 best tips to compete in these most expensive keywords categories. 
1.Be Specific
Keep your blog with specific keyword, write post about which you blog and keyword is. Target specific keyword in each article but try to target 2-3 keywords.  Use keyword tools to get correct idea about searches and traffic, and apply relative keywords that are very specific to your business.
2.Be Relevant
High quality and relative post can help you to get high CPC rate, if you will post irrelevant post on your blog then it can lower your average CPC. Always be relevant according to your niche and keyword, then you can achieve your target, other then considers that you are wasting your time and efforts. 
3.Search Engine Optimization  
It’s most important for you, without proper optimization you can’t move required visitors on your blog, optimize you landing pages and generate high CPC. 

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