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Top 15 Most Influential Bloggers in 2015 – Infographic

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Blogging is all about passion and dedication. Well said by Gail Devers:

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

Blogging is not all about writing articles and sharing on social media. Being a blogger, you have to concentrate on many things that can help you to unlock the success door.

The first and most important thing according to me is who is your inspirational. Everybody has his/her favorite in any field. Being a blogger, i am talking about blogging industry. If someone says that i that no one there who inspire me, then he or she living in a dark world.

There are many people are doing extremely good work in blogging industry. Here I’ve decide to share list of most popular and Influential Bloggers who really inspire me and I’ve learned many things to them as well. If you are a blogger, no matter who is newbie or pro, you must follow them and their blogs to get many helpful information to make your career shine.
Influential Bloggers

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Who is your inspirational? Please must drop in comments. 

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65 thoughts on “Top 15 Most Influential Bloggers in 2015 – Infographic”

  1. Hi Waqas,

    First of all a big congrats that you are putting all the info regarding Most Influential Bloggers in shape of nice Infographic. This infography shows the extensive research of yours.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful and equally a profitable post for bloggers.


    Muhammad Mairaj

  2. It’s glad to read your post, you collected some of the great people from blogging, I have many o them in my Facebook Friend list. Hope so you would be one of them in future…
    however, i would like to know what criteria you choose to rank them in top 15 great bloggers…..

    1. Thanks faward for you comment here, i ranked them according to my own observation and some other stats like DA, PA, Social Presence, Alexa rank and others but more important is they really inspire me that’s why i make them here in this list 🙂

  3. I have found 8 are real influential bloggers Out of 15, rest are really use less and make the list value less.

  4. Yes, these are tough guys and thanks for adding me on the list. It’s not just about sharing articles on social media and everywhere as you mentioned. Blogger is passion, connection and solving problems 😉

  5. Hi Waqas, thanks so much for the honor! I see many of my blogging mentors here and my great friends are here as well. Great job on the Infographic, nicely done.

  6. Hi Waqas,

    Nice infographic. Very well chosen and I am so glad to see both of my mentors – Harleena ma’am and Mustafa sir mentioned in the list. They both have been amazingly helpful and supportive. No doubt other bloggers mentioned in the list too are experts in their niche. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    ~ Rohan Chaubey.

  7. Hi Waqas,

    This is such a lovely surprise 🙂

    Thanks so much for the kind mention along with so many other influential bloggers from all over! It is indeed an honor to be listed.

    These lines are so apt – Blogging is not all about writing articles and sharing on social media. Being a blogger, you have to concentrate on many things that can help you to unlock the success door.

    Thanks once again. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Harleena, you always been inspiring for me and many other bloggers, it was honer for me to add you in this list, many best wishes for you.

    1. Thanks you so much Deepanker for you valuable feedback here, no doubt wasn’t easy to rank them because there are many and many bloggers who are doing extra ordinary work in blogging.

  8. I am very small as compared to these big players.. But still thanks a lot for including me in the list. 🙂

  9. Waqas,

    Great work. Infographic isn’t an easy thing to make. Your piece looks amazing. As far as this list is concerned, you did it nicely. I know 90% of them and good to see few others on the list.


  10. Hi Waqas ,
    Nice to see this list of Great Bloggers. Actually I really like specially to @Neil Patel , @Mustafa , @Kulwant Nagi , @Harleena Singh , @Ankit Singla , @Enstine these are my favorite bloggers those blog i regularly read and all are really awesome .
    And Specially Thanks for #Harleena Mam who helped me a lot in my Blogging Career .

  11. Hello Waqas, no doubt you did a great job and created this awesome report about the most influential blogger of 2015. And I would like to say that I already follows all of them and getting their stories whenever they updates their email list.

  12. This is a very comprehensive compiled list
    At least very happy seeing my brother name Enstine Muki
    All the names in the list are those I am looking forward to be like in the blogging industry

    Nice work….

  13. Nice Work Waqas. You have done a wonderful job with the infographics. I completely agree with your starting quote. We all must work for our dreams. Nothing is impossible. Every big thing takes time. And, all these bloggers are live examples.
    I have been on most of these influencer’s blog before. And, they truly deserve this spot. When I started my blogging career, I came to know about Harsh. So, I have been following him from day one. In the beginning phase only, I am lucky to have Harleena Ma’m. She is really supportive and kind. I am glad I have worked with both of them now.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely list.

    1. Hi Yatin Khulbe,
      Nice to know about your blogging journey, indeed both are very supportive and very informative as well, both are my favorite a well 🙂

  14. That you dear waqas for including this small man in your list. Actually real inspiration is around people like you who keep people like us alive. It is love and respect from readers, friends and people like you which gives us the positive energy to keep helping the online community and keep sharing what we learn and explore.

    Wishing you the best of life and thanking you once again for keeping inspiration alive 🙂

    PS: I came to know about this post thank to Rohan Chaubey :>

    1. Thank you so much Mustafa to drop your comment here on my micro blog, i feel really honer to see comment of my teacher and my inspirational here. You are doing outstanding job in your field and we must appreciate your work so you can work with more energy and dedication. Thank you so much bro 🙂

  15. First of all! The Thing which makes me Happy All the Time, is that we are getting thousands of Professional and Talented Bloggers from our Country Pakistan. I am glad to see Muhammads Name in this list. and Happy to know that this Blog is being maintained by a Pakistani Fellow. Althrough Talent is not limited to boundries and I believe on this also. But there is a different type of feeling when you see such talent from your own Country. Keep it up bro! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much umair, Pakistan is not less than anyone just we need to put things on right track, Mustafa Ahmedzai doing great job from a long time and he deserve to be in this list. Thanks again for you feedback here 🙂

  16. Hello Waqas Dear
    First Its is very very Awesome and Wonderful Superb Design Your info graphic Really i m Impress and All 15 Top Blogger My Fav Harleena Mam is Queen of Community ,and Harsh Agarwal and Amit Agarwal Top Most Popular Blogger , This is Very Interetsing Post Thanks a lot For Sharing me, Good Job, Its my First Visit your Blog and my First Comments ,Keep on

    Have a Great Day Ahead

    1. Thank you so much Leena glad to know about your first visit here, No doubt they are mentors and doing superb job. Thanks again for your feedback here. 🙂

  17. Howdy,
    I do follow most of them and through you this post I discovered many new probloggers.
    Thanx for you help buddy
    Nice and thumbs up post buddy..!!

  18. Hi Waquas,

    The bloggers at number 1,2,3,4,6,9, 10 and 15 are awesome in the blogging areana. They have certainly a deep impact on blogosphere. I don’t think rest of the blogger should be in this list.

    Bloggers like Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse, Neil Patel and other are an authority figure in blogging. So without any doubt they will be in this list.

    Alexa Rank has nothing to do with what they have impact on every blogger. Influence should be determined by their fan base, how blindly people are following them and other factors.

    1. Totally agree with you Rahul Biswal, Undoubtedly they are big players and they are always top in this list. Secondly, i did’t ranked them according to Alexa rank or any other rank, i ranked them according to real influence in blogging industry.

  19. Thanks for the nice info, before reading this I was aware of Harsh, Darren, Mohammad Mustafa and some others. but after this I know some more. Now going to subscribe all of these top bloggers.
    Again Thanks 🙂

  20. Waqas I think there is something wrong with Pinterest share button because when I click on the button it open’s infographic in new windows. Please check it out.

  21. Waqas, this is definitely going to be an useful list for all those who’re new into blogging world and looking forward to go through some amazing blogs regularly.

    I feel happy to say that some of them are in friend list and I have also got the opportunity to chat with few of them.

    We all need to learn a lot from all these bloggers as then only we will be able to see our names get included in this list.

    Ah at last I’ll like to say that all these bloggers have put in lot of hard work for making their blog a successful and popular one.

  22. This is really a Unique content, not so possible to make top list from Thousands no no!!! lacks of Bloggers around the world and many of dedicated. Appreciated your efforts.

  23. Its an awesome list and I believe a gold mine for a beginner. One should bookmark this article and follow these blogs regularly to keep motivated and finding the right way to blog.

  24. Hello Waqas,

    Blogging is a passion, a never-ending game and these guys are totally great at it.

    It’s such a blessing that I am befriended with some of the notable bloggers like Enstine, Harleena and Mustafa Ahmedzai.

    Really big names you got in there, mate!

    See me often!

    ~ Adeel Sami

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    Another informative post. I have different knowledges at this task. Thanks for the awesome share. you informed me well.

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