Great Plugins for Making your WordPress site Responsive

7 Great Plugins for Making your WordPress site Responsive

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Considering the immense popularity and usage of smart phones for accessing websites, it has become essential for every entrepreneur to create a mobile-responsive website. Today, a commendable population of business professionals has opted for building WordPress websites. Well, this is a move that has actually helped these entrepreneurs gain maximum profits. If your WordPress site isn’t mobile-friendly, it is likely to miss the opportunity to generate a clientele. So, if you want to know about the WordPress plugins that can help your site to get a responsive design, check out this post. Here, I’ll be providing you an in-depth information about 7 best plugins that make your WordPress site mobile-friendly.

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Why choose free mobile responsive plugins and not hire a WordPress developer for making your site mobile-responsive?

Before I come to the 7 best WordPress mobile responsive plugins, I’ll like to answer this question. Well, unlike hiring a WordPress developer for creating a mobile responsive design for your site, it’s better to use a suitable WordPress plugin instead because it’ll help you save a good amount of money. Moreover, a good mobile responsive WordPress plugin will also take less time for converting a plain WordPress site to one that fits every mobile device.

Below I have listed 7 best WordPress mobile responsive plugins that work wonders for transforming your site to one that’s friendly with almost all the mobile devices:

1- JetPack

Packed with great features, JetPack plugin is one of the most simplest means of making your plain WordPress website mobile-friendly. With this theme, you’re just a click away from a mobile friendly theme for your site. With 24 modules to choose form, JetPack serves as a nice addition to your WordPress site.


2- WPTouch

Best WordPress plugins to make site Responsive

Installing WPTouch plugin onto your WordPress website will automatically enable an elegant mobile theme for visitors accessing your site via mobile devices. With this WordPress theme, you can ensure Ajax loading of your blog posts accompanied by special effects that are displayed when the website is viewed via popular mobile devices such as iPads, Android mobile phones, BlackBerry OS6+, iPod touch and many more.


3- WP Mobile Detector

Best WordPress plugins to make site Responsive

Unlike other WordPress mobile responsive plugins which support a couple of gadgets, WP Mobile Detector supports more than 5,000 internet-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets and a series of small-screen devices. Some impressive features of this plugin include 7 pre-installed mobile themes, advanced mobile statistics and automatic formatting of content and images for a set of devices.


4- iThemes Builder

Best WordPress plugins to make site Responsive

iThemes Builder lets you transform your WordPress website into mobile-friendly site. This mobile responsive plugin lets you create multiple mobile-friendly themes in a couple of clicks. Some of the noticeable features of this theme include built-in custom header uploader, style manager, mobile specific navigation menu and customized themes for specific mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, HTM5 etc. )


5- oBox Mobile

Best WordPress plugins to make site Responsive

oBox Mobile has been introduced by Obox Design and allows you to convey your WordPress site into a fully responsive mobile-compatible site. The easy-to-install nature of this WordPress theme makes it a plug and play theme. Features that make oBox Mobile special include adverts, post slider, translation ready and social media buttons.


6- Wapple Architect

Best WordPress plugins to make site Responsive

Wapple Architect is a WordPress plugin that enables you to mobilize your WordPress blog/site within minutes. Backed by a plethora of features, Wapple Architect plugin retains your site’s originality while switching from plain web design to mobile responsive design. Features that add individuality to Wapple Architect include mobile-friendly navigation, dynamic image re-sizing, advanced pagination and many more.


7- MobilePress

Best WordPress plugins to make site Responsive

A simple WordPress plugin, MobilePress allows you to switch from web-friendly design to mobile-friendly design for your WordPress powered website. This theme serves as a great help for web developers who’re thinking about creating their own mobile-responsive WordPress websites. Recently, WordPress has released the 1.2 version of MobilePress as an attempt to offer improved features that can aid in faster and effective transformation of plain web-friendly WordPress websites into mobile-friendly websites.


With that, I come to the end of this blog. Hope you’d have loved reading about the 7 amazing WordPress plugins that aid in converting web-friendly WordPress sites into mobile-responsive sites. Be sure to install these themes into your WordPress website to notice how well it fares on a majority of mobile devices.

Which of the above themes did interest you the most? Don’t forget to send me your views/suggestions using the comments box below.

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