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The Basics of Social Media For Business

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Business owners far and wide have contemplated their options in regards to having good, business enhancing procedures available at their disposal. As we step further and further into the world of bits and bytes, we are undoubtedly left with a whole new market area to explore, even if our immediate operation does not dictate the involvement of any extra virtual stimulation. Now for the sake of this article, we are going to assume that you understand what ‘social media‘ is, and how can one register on the virtual platforms in question. But because this is a ‘basic’ guide, and most business owners have been fed a lot of bull in regards to social media, we are going to cover that issue as well. 
 social media, use social media, social media for business,

What Is Social Media? How TO Use Social Media For Business?

Before the age of computers, smartphones and tablets we had letters, envelopes and mailboxes. And for a time it was good. And then Man created the Internet, and for a time it was good. But Man soon found out that there are certain benefits of being connected to people all across the globe. So in the spirit of progress, Man constructed a system by which all people can interact with each other, and how! Now there 3 major players in the social media business; first one being Facebook – a simplistic expression of one’s own persona thought colorful photography, free exchange of opinion, social critique, forming private and public circles etc. The second one is called Twitter, and it is basically a ‘one line show’. People on Twitter usually postulate a simple question, statement or response, while others, commonly refereed to as ‘followers’, view said statements and react with their own ‘one-liner’ respectively. And last but not least, our own personal favorite – LinkedIn; a more professional approach to the world of work advertisement and shared business project development.  Of course all of said social medias are free to view, register and even make business, more on that in the next paragraph. 

How To Make Money Using Social Media 

Social medias are all about making new friends, thus expanding your circle of acquaintances. Expanding said circle can thus increase your popularity. Let’s say you sell perfumes to local merchants to be distributed thought your area; don’t you think that having 100 friend on Facebook is not going to make your sales skyrocket? This is the direct, most favored approach of them all. Even if you are a gym owner and wish to get more customers into your gym, why not make a Facebook page for your business that expands on your goods, services etc. It is easy and readily available, and you put yourself out there, so to speak, without the hassle of having to pay for ad space on some third party website. 

SEO And Other Benefits 

One more upside to using social medias in your business, is that you can ‘unconsciously’ boost your SEO rating. Otherwise said, make it so Google shows your website first before the competition. This is especially useful if you are running an online business or you have distributors that sell your products over the internet. Search Engine Optimization is related to all social media outlets, and the utilization of the major social media networks can exponentially boost your notoriety, so to speak. 
And of course once you get your brand name out into the open, the machines of capitalism will make sure that you pull in extra revenue; doubling if not tripling your sales. Even the most respectable businesses around the world have at least a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is the ‘top’ social media developer, aimed for suiting both big and small businesses a like. Don’t forget, however, that online marketing is more associated with the company’s image than anything else. So be sure to propagate yourself accordingly. 

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