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Top 10 DoFollow High PR Article Submission Sites For Backlinks

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Submitting articles on directories is one of the oldest & easy means of SEO but article marketing become a so common now days. Dofollow directories are so important for your internet campaign. Article submission is a very simple as submission in normal directories. So, question is that what’s advantage of Article submission? Answer is very simple, we submit article for two things one for Google PR and other one is Alexa rank, if you want to prove these two thing you need a strong type of back links, especially to improve Alexa rank. If your Alexa rank will high then your PR with increase automatically, because Google will give you PR on the basis of Alexa rank and Alexa will give you rank on maximum and strong back links.

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Another thing which may help you by Dofollow directories submission traffic will increase which is your motive of doing all these things, so find the list of top 10 DoFollow High PR Article Submission Sites.

 Website name  Google Pagerank

 Alexa Rank

 1 7 551
 2  6
 3 6  753
 4  6
 5  6 6,950
 6  6
 7  5  2,266
 8  5  14,152
 9  5 14152
 10 4 7,998

5 mistakes You Should Avoid During Article Submission?

Generally people doing doing mistake that I mention, if you want to groom yourself in Article marketing then you have to follow these rules and avoid mistakes.

1. Submitting at right places

Always choose relative category for article. Irrelevant category can hurt you. There will be no advantage if you have added blogging related article to music category. So first of all choose relative category and then publish article in it.

2. Avoid Grammatical mistakes

There are many websites that do not accept poor articles like Ezinearticles. Your article should be perfect in grammar. If you are poor in grammar, then you can take advantage of any grammar cheeking tool. is a good tool to check grammatical mistakes.

3. Make it simple

Your article should be simple but better to understand for the reader. Don’t use complicated language or complicated words. Keep it simple but groom it well. It will help you to make more visitors.

4. Follow the guidelines for each site

First of all read all the rules and regulation of the website. Different sites having different policy for user. So you must be aware from these policies.

5. Don’t duplicate content that already exists there

Forget the concept of copy paste here. Your article will be checked by website member of through any bot and then your article will be live. This is one of the biggest mistake that many people do. If you are trying to publish copyright material, then you will caught at first step and if not, in the future you will caught defiantly.




Article submission sites can be used very effectively in off page SEO. There are so many advantages of these websites, you can promote your website because these websites has very good reputation is search engine. So, it will help you to increase your page rank, domain authority and page authority as well. These website will also give you heavy SEO weight.

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  1. amazing amazing amazing list brother i foung on many other sites but mostly lists are not working your list is working thanks dude

  2. Thanks for the list, I remember a couple of years ago how many I saw Squidoo irrelevant when compared to others, but seeing it on top of the list now just makes me wish I would’ve started with it earlier. Keep up the work!

  3. Thanks for sharing such a useful websites, however, i want to share 1 more do follow website which is very beneficial to collect backlinks and is giving referral traffic for my site. Here it is –

    I hope you will also get good results 🙂

  4. Hello dear
    please tell me
    what if I submit my sitelink to all the directories listed above?
    will it creates any problem?

  5. Hi dear,

    Can i use only one articles submit to all the articles list or should i using my all different articles submit to each articles site ?


  6. Helpful article. I am a new blogger and looking for quality SEO and link building these days. Your article is really helpful. I have learned many things from you. Thanks.

  7. Nice site Dude and I can see you know what you are doing
    because your Alexa Rank 50,935 which is pretty good and your blog looks good as well and you dead on point.

  8. Well your article is great i think you are awesome Guy who have a perfect knowledge about article submission and let me know how to phone numbers at top right side example see i want to add like this with flag. Thanks you

  9. Thank you so much for this post , These sites look really beneficial for gaining search engine rank
    Article submission is also one of the great way to build quality backlinks. Thanks for sharing high pr do follow article submission sites that get instant approval your article.

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