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Top 10 Most Popular Websites In The World

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I think every next man is connected with internet, internet become a hub of learning, entertainment, earning, chatting etc… thousands of websites introduced everyday for a different task, now there are some ranking between websites, most visited website will get higher rank instead of other.
Now website ranking depends on three things, Alexa ranking mean internet website ranking, PR or pagerank, Backlinks mean with how much website is linked with other websites on the internet, so here is the list of top 10 most popular and most visited website in the world.
Most Popular Websites In The World

Most Popular Websites In The World:


Google not, who else? Yes Google is the most popular in all over the world, Google has more than 900,000,000 users per month, Google has various features like Gmail, Blogger, Disk storage, social networking G+, but more then it is a most popular search engine, Google is also a advertising market, advertisers advertise with google against some specific rate, and these ad google provides to its publishes through Google Adsense.

2. Facebook

Facebook is a social networking website that connects people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos, Facebook having more than 1.15 billion users at a time and more than 700,000,000 monthly visitors. Mark Zuckerberg is a founder of this website. Facebook earned more than $5.1 billion in 2012 and is ranked as the second most popular website in the world.

3. YouTube

Youtube provides video sharing services, YouTube is a Google owned website, YouTube has more than 450,000,000 visitors per month, YouTube is also a source of information especially for student who can get video tutorials from YouTube, you can watch songs, films, and funny clips etc, YouTube also give the facility to upload your videos.

4. Yahoo !

Do you know what the meaning of Yahoo is? Yahoo mean “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”, Yahoo is a second most popular search engine after google but its Alexa rank is 4, yahoo has 500,000,000 monthly visitors and 6.33 daily page views by per visitor. Yahoo has many features like yahoo mail, yahoo search, yahoo answers, advertising, Latest news, maps, videos and finance.

5. Baidu.Com

Baidu is  the leading Chinese language search engine, provides “simple and reliable” search experience, strong in Chinese language and multi-media content including MP3 music and movies, the first to offer wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and PDA (personal digital assistance) based mobile search in China.

6. Wikipedia

A free encyclopedia built collaboratively using wiki software. (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License). Wikipedia has more than 325,000,000 visitors per month, Wikipedia provides you text information and correct information.

7. QQ.Com is a largest and most popular ISP (Internet service protocol) owned by China’s organization Tencent, Inc founded in 1998, it has 448 million active users at a time and the number of registered is 990.0 million. It provides number of other services like QQ Instant Messenger, QQ Mail, search engine SOSO, QQ Show, QQ Pet, QQ Game, and QQ Music/Radio/Live etc…

8. Linkedin 

Linkedin is social networking website find connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, business experts, etc… it provides users to create their profile with complete information, now this website is used as social networking website.


MSN is the third most popular search engine and rank 9 top website; it has many features like messaging, Live account or Hotmail account, online storage, search engine, SkyDrive etc… so 9th position can be given to windows live.

10. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking website, twitter has more than 200,000,000 estimated visitors per month, mostly twitter is used by officials like celebrities, athletes, politicians, mega stars and other famous peoples.
So this is list of most popular websites in the world, hope you like this, now let me tell which website you are using most, must drop your comment under.

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