Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Ethical Ways to Increase Website Traffic Without Building Links

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No doubt that link building is one of the most effective way to increase website traffic and ranking but link building is hard. Link building is not the only way to drag traffic from Google.

When I came into blogging, my link building wasn’t too good. I adopted some techniques to increase my traffic, and I won the race easily. Don’t be too crazy about backlinks. I have seen too many websites having few backlinks, but very high position is search engine.

Ways to Increase Website Traffic Here are some best ways to increase website traffic without building any backlinks. If you apply these techniques, I hope you will enjoy enough traffic.

1. Produce In-depth and Quality Contents

Quality Articles in Google

Lengthy and quality contents are useful to get higher position in search engine. According to MOZ, 6% of Google search results contain In-depth articles. Google hates low quality website and low quality contents. You contents should be informative for your readers, well structured and well written.

Tips To Produce High Quality Written Content:

1) Judge Your Readers that What They Want To Read 2) Do Proper Research and Gather information About Your Topic 3) Make Your Writing Actionable 4) Structure Your Content Well by using headings, Sub heading, paragraph, Bold, Italic, etc…

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2. Optimize Your Articles

After writing quality article, it’s time to optimize it. A well optimized article is very important to rank high in search engine. Here are some tips to optimize your articles.

Optimize Your Article For Search Engines:

Title: First and most important step is your title. Write titles that people can’t resist. Title should be simple but attractive in the eye of search engine and for user as well. Target your keyword in the title and try to place it in the begging of title.

Opening and closing paragraph: Opening and closing paragraph should be eye-catching. Describe your article in the opening paragraph and conclude it in closing paragraph.

Heading and sub- Headings: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I mean your article should consist of heading, subheadings like H1, H2, H3, etc. Search engine likes article formatted like that.

Cross Linking: Cross linking or inner linking is a same thing. Cross linking is one of the most important technique in SEO. Link your existing article with related phrase here.

Eye Catching Images: Add related but attractive images in the article. Add well optimized images by reducing size, add alt tag, etc.

Metadata: After doing all these things, now move to metadata. Add Meta description to describe your article to search engine. 150 words meta description will be more than enough. Next one is Meta keywords, use Google Keyword Planner tool to find relative keywords for your article. 10-15 meta keywords will be enough for one article. Third one is Meta, you can also add 2-3 relative meta tags, but Google saying we are not using meta tag to rank websites.

Optimize Permalink: Article URL should be simple and short. It should consist of target keyword and permalink slug shouldn’t be too long.

So these are some tips to optimize your article. If you apply these tips, there will be immense chances to get more traffic from search engine.

3. Focus on the Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail vs Popular

Long Tail keywords are easy to rank in search engine. Long Tail keywords mean phrase of two or three words. If you want to optimize single keyword like “SEO”, so for that, huge efforts are required, but if you target Long Tail Keyword like “Best SEO Techniques”, so it will be more easy to rank high due to less competition. So always focus on long tail keywords instead of short keywords. You can use Long Tail Pro software to find these keywords.

4. Google Authorship

Google Authorship

Lot of people asked me that Does Google Authorship Matter for SEO? Yes! Undoubtedly Google Authorship is very important in modern SEO. Anytime, when you will see search result with author image, it is more attractive to click on it. So, it is an extra advantage of having Google Authorship in SEO.

5. Improving Site Speed

Improving site speed not only improves visitor experience, but it may also have a direct influence on your search engine rankings. Google has confirmed that site speed matter in order to rank websites. Lazy load website will be panelized or not ranked high. So optimize your site well, decrease loading time and get high search engine result.

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6. Updating Fresh Content

Update your website with fresh contents on regular basis. By updating contents, crawler will crawl your website more quickly and there will be more chances to get better position is search engine. Updating regularly can help you to improve the amount (%) your content changes, How often you update your content, How many new pages you create over time. So these things are very important to improve website SEO.

7. Don’t Try to Outsmart Google

Cheating with Google might work temporarily but you can’t go for a long time. Never try to do gambling with Google because Google is king and you are nothing. Be honest, Google will honest with you. Never try to do over optimization to get higher visibility in search engine, otherwise you will be penalized.

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8. Social Media has a Big Hand

No doubt that social media is second major source of traffic. Social signals are also very important for any kind of website. Use different social platforms like Facebook, Twitte, G+, Pinterest, Linkedin and so many others. Create social community, keep engaging them and share your links there. Social media is my favorite way to increase websites traffic.

9. Video Optimization and Promotion

Video promotion is also an effective way to get traffic. YouTube is a largest website in sharing videos, so we can use it to drag traffic. Create YouTube channel with an effective name that should relate to our niche. After that, upload a video and do proper optimization, use attractive title, description and tags. You can share your link there and redirect visitors to your website.

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Watch What Matt Cutts Saying:

Over to You:

So these are some best ways to increase website traffic, I hope if you follow these tips, there will be no need of link building. Again I’m repeating that link building is still valuable to rank high your website, but it is not the only way. I hope you will like this article. If you have any question, any suggestion, any appreciation, please must share in comments. Keep enjoying!

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  1. Bro. Its really a helpful for article for e4very newbie blogger.. so many blogger are want to get more backlink but dont know if you are good in article writing you will definately get a good result from google. great article.. thumbs up..

  2. Thank God for coming across this wonderful tips on Facebook
    Surely you’ve said all that I have been wondering about “Long Tail Keyword”
    But I have been able to understand how to use it today
    Nice work

    1. Thanks Usama for you visit here,
      Basialy long tail keywords mean target long keywords instead of short. As i mentioned above that “SEO” is a short keyword, when you will try to use this keyword, there will be less chances to come up on this keyword. So if you target “Best SEO Techniques”, so it is a long tail keyword and very useful to use because of less competition and high searches. If you have any confusion, i will try to write article soon.

  3. Good work brother. You explained the whole topic in deapth..Every point is well described. It was really great experience to read the whole article. Keep it up the good work.

  4. Awesome tips waqas. I too believe if the genuine, unique and innovative content present to readers in a decent manner can bring lots of traffic to our website or blog.

  5. well done.
    Pl.provide more help.I am a beginner and desiring to get & enhance traffic so ur article is interesting.Pl.send more information & send me step by step guide line to get proficiency in the subject matter.

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