Increase your Blog Traffic

101 Ways to Increase your Blog Traffic

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Website traffic plays very vital role in the success of every webmaster. It doesn’t matter how great your contents are, still you need to know that how to increase your blog traffic.

By increasing traffic, it doesn’t mean just getting more and more visitors. Before going to apply these tips, you need to set your goals and objectives, and then target your traffic. When you will set your goals, then you can get more conversions easily.

Increase your Blog Traffic

So let’s move to the top 101 ways to boost traffic to your website or blog.

1. Content is king: This is the first and more important step. Quality blog must have quality article with proper research and proper optimization.


2. Always do keyword research before writing a new blog post. You can use Google Keyword Planner tool to find keywords.


3. Brander URL: Your blog or website URL should be simple and easy to remember.


4. Write longer posts: I’m not saying that every time you should write lengthy articles, but your article should be enough to solve the problem of your reader.


5. Avoid Copied Article: Copying contents from others website will only possible in dreams now, and you should forget this concept now.


6. Ask your readers what they’d like you to write about.


7. Headings and subheading: Don’t put all eggs in one basket, split your content into headings and sub heading to make it more easier for your readers.


8. Place your main keyword in main title.


9. Eye-caching images: Attractive images are very important to attract your visitors, and images are also beneficial for SEO.


10. Optimize Images Before uploading to your website.


Read: How to Optimize Images for Better Search Engine Rankings


11. Add Alt tag: Crawler can’t read images, to tell the crawler about your images, you need to add alt tag for your images.


12. Meta title: Title tags are often used on search engine results pages (SERPs) to display preview snippets for a given page. Adding title tag is more useful to increase SERP visibility.


13. Meta Description: Meta descriptions that provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages. Meta description is a short summery of your whole article.


14. Meta Keywords: Lot of conspiracy about adding meta keywords, because Google say’s that we are not using the keywords meta tag in web ranking. Anyways, still adding Meta Keywords is worthy.


15. Inner Linking: Cross linking is also a good practice to increase your traffic and more effective SEO as well.


16. Website Layout: Your website should not be too complicated to navigate, and make sure your website should be responsive.


17. Make attractive logo that should represent your website.


18. SEO By Yoast: If you are using WordPress, then SEO by Yoast is a most popular Plugin for SEO.


19. W3 Total Cache: It is an another best plugin for WordPress to enhance your website performance.


20. Website Speed: Loading time matter much, if your website taking too much time to load, then user will not explore your website further.


21. Submit Sitemap: Create XML sitemap of your blog or website and submit into major search engines like, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, and other popular search engines.


22. WP It is a great WordPress plugin to optimize your images.


23. Add Google Analytics code into your website, and check your daily traffic and many more.


24. Search Engine Submissions: Submit website URL to major search engines. Lot of tools available to submit URL, but I will recommend you to submit manually. Submit URL to these search engines:

Alta Vista
Alexa Internet


25. Write about topics trending on Twitter and in Google trends.


26. Interview influential people in your niche/industry.


27. Comment on other blogs and appreciate them and their efforts as well.


28. Allow comments on your blog, so your readers can leave feedback about your article.


29. Don’t allow spam comments.


30. Add contact us page, so people can contact you.


31. Update Regularly: Keep updating your blog, by this way people will visit more and more.


32. Go back and update your old blog post and improve them from time to time.


33. Giveaways and Coupons: It is one of the best strategy to boost your traffic. If you have collection of some premium software or themes, then you can start a giveaway, and give this gift to winner user.


34. Follow all the SEO rules and regulations that already set by Google and other search engine.


35. Avoid Black Hat SEO techniques to increase your blog traffic, like keyword stuffing and other techniques.


36. Build backlinks: Building backlinks is one of the most important factor in SEO. There are lot of way to build quality backlinks, but you should follow related and high quality backlinks.


37. Don’t hesitate to link other relevant blog.


38. Guest Blogging: There are lot of advantages of doing guest posting. You can make good relations with others bloggers and you can gain backlinks as well.


39. Allow Guest Post: If you are doing guest posting, then you should accept guest posting as well.


40. Create Community: Creating community is one of the most difficult task in SEO, but not impossible. Without creating relevant community, successful blogging is not possible at all.


41. Engage your readers: Readers engagement takes time, but you can’t ignore it. Reply them if they ask anything in comments. This will help you to build a better image.


42. Build Credibility: In begging, building reputation is bit harder, but by the passage of time, you can build better credibility. You must know what you are talking about, and you must confident about services that you offer.


43. Scribd: It is a world largest document sharing website, you can increase traffic by sharing documents on Scribd.


44. Facebook Page: Create a Facebook page, and share your website link on your fan page.


45. Facebook Profile: Create well looking Facebook profile by adding proper information, and add related friends.


46. Facebook Groups: Join related group on Facebook, and share your website in these groups.


47. Twitter: Join Twitter and share your website link on Twitter.


48. Submit your best posts to Digg and Reddit.


49. Regularly pin images with your URL on Pinterest.


50. Link to all your posts with StumbleUpon.


51. Share Latest post on all social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter.


52. Use popular #Hashtages on twitter.


53. Set up an Instagram account and tell your followers when you publish a new post.


54. Add social sharing buttons on your website, so users can share your post on other social media platforms.


55. Add Social Links to increase your social community.


56. Join Social Bookmarking Sites: Join popular social bookmarking websites and share your links there. Here are some popular social bookmarking sites.

Stumble Upon
Tweet Meme
Slash Dot
Friend Feed


57. Email List: Create list of your email subscribers and share your latest post to them. These are most popular email listing websites:

Get Response
Mail Chimp
Jango Mail
Ezine Director
Campaign Monitor
Benchmark Email
Vertical Response


58. Add your website address at the end of your email address.


59. Classified Ads: You can use classified ad websites to increase your blog traffic. These are some popular classified websites:

60. Blog Directories: Directories submission is a great way to increase your traffic. Here is the list of top blog directories:

Eation Web Blog Directory
On Top List
Blog Search Engine
Blog Universe
Globe of Blogs
Blog Universe
Spill Bean
Blogging Fussion
Blog Flex
Blog Listing
Blog Digger

61. DMoz Listing: It is an open directory project, if your website is listed in DMoz, then you are luck, because they are only accepting high quality websites.

62. Article Marketing: You can write article for other high quality websites. Here are some high quality websites for article writing:


63. Press Release Submission: Writing press release is bit hard, but if you are good in writing, then nothing impossible for you. Here are some popular Press Release submission sites:

64. Join Forums: Forums can help you to boost your traffic, and you can increase number of backlinks as well. Join forums that related to your niche.

65. Join Slideshare and share your PowerPoint slides to increase traffic.

66. Advertising with Google:

67. Advertising with Facebook.

68. Newspaper Advertising is also a great idea to increase traffic.

69. Advertise your blog on local TV channels.

70. Yellow pages Advertising.

71. Do Banner Advertising on other websites.

72. Traffic Exchanges: Exchanging traffic is a good way to increase your blog traffic. Here are some website that do traffic exchange for you.

73. Sponsored Social Media Advertising.

74. E-book: Write your own E-book, and allow users to download it, but don’t forget to collect their emails before downloading. Emails are very important to do marketing in the future.

75. RSS Feed: Really Simple Syndication is a vital part of SEO. Here are some popular RSS websites:


76. Create an interesting infographic.

77. Q&A sites: Explore Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers, if you have solution for any problem, you can add reply by giving URL of your website.

78. Develop WordPress theme and add credit in footer.

79. Blog Pinging: After publishing a new post, ping you blog by using site like pingomatic (Ping O Matic)

80. Create Videos and upload to YouTube or DailyMotion, and place post URL in description of video.

81. Create Business Card and distribute among your friends and family.

82. Include a link to your RSS feed.

83. Tell your friends and family about your blog.

84. Add Call To Action at the end of your blog post.

85. Join Blogging Community like “Blogging Engage“.

86. Write Top 10 posts.

87. Write 101 post list like this.

88. Write “How To”, people are more interested to read these type of post’s.

89. Write about controversial topic and star conversation.

90. Always be first to break the story.

91. Don’t make your website the pool of advertising.

92. Hire SEO expert.

93. Include translation option for your websites/blogs.

94. Redirect your broken page (404 Page), or make a custom 404 error page for your website.

95. Do free webinars, and help people who are facing difficulties.

96. Do not use frames on your website.

97. Try to avoid java scripts on your website as much as possible, because it can increase your loading time.

98. Add related post under every blog post.

99. Add poll to attract more and more people.

100. Keep eye on your traffic, and make future strategy according to it.

101. Help those who are struggling in your community that will help you to build more trusted community.

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  1. Wow! Waqas!

    What else should I ask for? You have a great long list of tips on how to increase blog traffic. Sure, professionals and new bloggers will love to read a post like this that you created for us.

    I will share this to my friends! Thank you for the effort. The roundup of advices could help us get more idea how to leverage our blog traffic in many ways. However, we should pick one or more that we think best fit for out objectives and goals.

    Additionally, I will bookmark this. I’ve useful and I will make this as a reminder that there are lots of ways to drive traffic.

  2. Hi Waqas,
    Thanks for this nice post to increase Blog Traffic ! I just taken a short look of these all point but Waqas don’t you think these are 101 ways but Audience love short & simple ways to increase Blog Traffic !

    1. Thanks Mansi, Yeh i totally agree with you that audience always looking for shortcut, i have lot of articles related on how to increase traffic, so i think you can read those articles as well.

  3. All are good points Waqas bhie, as i don’t have any blog i just gets some pure back links by commenting in other blog’s articles, i think i should save this link it may help me when ill make my own blog.

  4. OMG..!! Wat an extreme research!!! Thank u very much dude. You have provided the entire blogging secret in a single post. I have been reading your other posts too. your website is highly informative. I have bookmarked both ur website and especially this article. Thanks a lot. Keep contributing more.

  5. I have an important question that
    if some one sending fake trafic to my site what should i do … who to protect by fake visitors hope you will reply soon … thanx 🙂

  6. Hey Waqas….
    today i can,t say that this a Perfect Post the reason is i am really Disappointed with this Post Because your Post Title is about Increasing Traffic and you are Sharing SEO Tips and Some Social Media Optimization i was not Expecting this kind of Post From a Blogger Like you.

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