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Get Familiar with Some Riveting Pinterest Inspired WordPress Themes

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Pinterest is one of the leading social media website along with the other; it is different with the other social media platform. Pinterest is most famous between the designers, photographers and artist to store and share their work as pining the images, videos. 

Pinterest is not only important between the photographers, visual artist but business website takes its benefit to promote their product by pinning the images and videos in front of their followers. It has the infinite scrolling with the pins in grid like views which look awesome. 

Conversion rate on this social media website is far higher than the any other social media platform, in simple term “Pinterest drives more traffic than the other top five social media websites”. 

Most of us love Pinterest design and really would like to have blog look like it. If you want your WordPress blog to look like the way Pinterest look then this list will surely help you. 

Top five free wordpress pinterest theme which is exactly the clone & Inspiration of the Pinterest design: 


iPin is a free WordPress theme; it is a clone of Pinterest which will give you same grid view look likes the Pinterest. In terms of design iPin is fully responsive with infinite scrolling and have many features 

Design & Features: 

•        Responsive design 
•        Infinite scrolling 
•        Login and register page 
•        Ads ready 
•        User can creates boards and pins 
•        Facebook and twitter login 
•        Easy to share pins and boards


Another Pinterest mimic, it is also a free WordPress theme that uses twitter bootstrap. Woomark JQuery plugin automatically resizes the images on the homepage, like mentioned above theme it has the similar features. 

Design & Features: 

•        100% Responsive design 
•        Infinite scrolling 
•        Customized background option 
•        Customized color option 
•        Left sidebar page template 
•        Full width page template

3. Pronto

wordpress pinterest theme

Pronto is simple and best inspired Pinterest WordPress theme. It has a fixed sidebar on the left; grid images illuminated when mouse cursor is take over it. Pronto is simple to setup theme with no extra effort to make simply install, add your posts and you are set. 

Design & Features: 

•        Responsive Design 
•        Notification bar on the top of page 
•        Flickr photo widget added 
•        Author page 
•        Very clean WordPress theme 
•        Easy to set up

4.Shaken Grid (Lite)

It is lite free version which is inspired from Pinterest design look.  JQuery Masonry automatically arranges element horizontally and vertically according to the grid, which ultimately minimize the gap among the elements. When click on the image on the grid it will show full sized image which is ideal for the portfolio, arts and visual designers. 

The lite version offers only two color scheme (light and dark) where the premium version offers eight color scheme with more features add to it.


wordpress pinterest theme

It is an awesome free WordPress theme which looks exactly the clone of Pinterest. If you want your blog to look like Pinterest then you must try this free WordPress theme.  

There are several website that is using this awesome theme; under the thumbnail it shows the number of views and comment on it.

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