Top 10 Wordpress Plugins

Essential wordpress plugins For A Newly Created Website

There are thousands of plugins on web for your WordPress website, for new WordPress users it will be a difficult time finding the right plugins which they must have. I have gatheredhere some plugins which are very important for a newly created WordPress website. These plugins make your site user friendly, look good,secure andhelp in

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Highlighting Text in WordPress

Complete Guide to Highlighting Text in WordPress

Highlighted text is a common trait of almost every website that’s available over the World Wide Web. It’s not uncommon to find WordPress powered websites containing text that’s been highlighted with a colored background and the color is usually “yellow”. If you too own a WordPress site, highlighting text on your web pages is what

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3 Best WordPress Login Plugins

Finding a proper WordPress login plugin is like finding the perfect spouse – you have to search far and wide and in the end, after going through many bad options, you realize that nothing is perfect and you have to compromise. I went through a wide plethora of login plugins and many of them were

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calendar plugins for wordpress

Event Calendar Plugins For WordPress

Calendars have been a crucial part of human society for thousands of years. Our whole lives revolve around what day it is; the days of the week can even influence our moods (we all hate Monday but are quite delighted when the weekend cometh!). Needless to say this tendency has transferred to WordPress. Many sites

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