3 Best WordPress Login Plugins

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Finding a proper WordPress login plugin is like finding the perfect spouse – you have to search far and wide and in the end, after going through many bad options, you realize that nothing is perfect and you have to compromise. I went through a wide plethora of login plugins and many of them were either bad, or simply didn’t live up to my expectations. There were a few that seemed promising but turned out less than thrilling. In the end of more than three hours of research I managed to find a proper plugin that goes close to what I was looking for. It’s still not perfect, but it’s something. Here’s what I tried and what I found.

Default WordPress Meta Widget

This one is absolutely abhorrent. I don’t know what they were thinking when they were designing it (if they were thinking at all) but this is sub-par quality plugin and shouldn’t be featured on WordPress. The plugin does work, but it has so many useless features and irrelevant information that it ends up being stacked and bloated. The WordPress self-promotion aside (way to be subtle, WordPress), it gives you too much irrelevant information and ends up working badly. Like I said, it does work, but it doesn’t work well. It’s not even one of those things where you can just ignore one or two basically bad features – the whole thing is just bad.

Tabbed Login Widget

This one looked promising due to it’s excellent rating and overall good user reviews. The description also have out some interesting information about the plugin. It’s supposed to be a proper widget. It should enable users to get back to the page they’ve logged in from instead of sending them to the home page, it should display proper error messages and more. That’s funny, because speaking of error messages, that’s exactly what I got when I tried to install it a few times in a row. I couldn’t get the bloody thing to work. I don’t know why that was but it seems to be a common problem for many users so it begs the question – is the widget really good or have those who rated it simply trolled us into thinking it was. I honestly don’t know the answer and I’m not sure I want to know. If you can’t install a plugin easily and seamlessly, without wasting time, then it’s not a good plugin. Now onto the more useful information – what you can use.

Sidebar Login

First of all, Sidebar Login works well out of the box. It integrates well with your theme and doesn’t require you to tweak it around in order to make it work. That’s just the way I like it. I mean, we use plugins to make our lives easier, not more difficult, right? If I wanted to tweak everything, I would probably skip the plugin part and just tweak everything on the site, myself. But anyway, this one works well out of the box, just like a good plugin should. It also enables you to have full control of where a user is being redirected to when login in or out. Overall, it’s everything you will ever need for proper login. If you’re looking for a widget plugin for your WordPress website, this is what you should go for.

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