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5 Reasons You Should Avoid Copying Content From Other Websites

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Its very hot topic now a days, everyone talking about copyright, so lots of peoples consider it legal till now :P, but believe me I feel very sorry when any blogger used copy contents, so copying contents mean you are killing your time no more, because reason is that internet is not simple as it was before 10 or 15 year back, Google become so latest now, Google launch Google panda recently may be you know about it, so don’t waste your time on copying contents from other website because it my danger for you, I try to highlight five major reasons that could be if you are using such contents.

1. This Is Short Term Benefit!

First drawback is that you can not get advantage of such contents for long time may be 6 or 7 months no more, after a few months you will panelize by Google panda it’s sure and also personal experience 😀 , so another reason may be that if you are using Adsense for your website then Adsense will also block, so this is first reason.

2. The copyright owner can file case against you (DMCA)

Owner can submit report against your website to DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), its Google algorithm so it’s will take action against your website and will drop you in search engine and if you are using Blogger then you will remove by blogger.

3. Search (Your site/blog will be drooped from search engines)
Main thing you will not get mean to say search engine traffic because if you will publish already published contents so think how you will get traffic? So it may not possible that to get maximum traffic by publishing copyright contents.

4. You Will Be Caught By Your Viewers

Soon may be you will caught by your own viewers/readers and you will lose Respect and Fame another painful drawback, so don’t try to give copyright material, always try to give helpful, informative article to your viewers by which user can get something.

5. Its Illegal Work!

Final word is “Illegal”, you should consider the meaning of it, “illegal” mean against the rule and regulation, if you will run your website against rules then search engine will also give you negative marks and you will never come in top rank.

Disadvantages of stealing contents:

1) You will lose trust of users.

2) You will lose credibility in public.

3) You can face Google penalty.

4) You can lose ranking in search engine.

5) You will earn nothing with copied contents.

6) You will be shutdown sooner or later.


My Advice:

To become a successful blogger, you need to do work with passion. Create quality contents so users love to read and search engine also prefer fresh contents.

Never try to copy other hard work, you will get nothing to it.

Final few words:

So readers I try to aware you about copyright, if will remain original, genuine, honest then believe me you will get all other things like earning, traffic, high ranks etc…
So hope you will never copy contents from other websites, so if you have any idea in your mind or any personal experience so must share with us in comments.
So please must share will your friends to secure himself from copying.

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8 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Avoid Copying Content From Other Websites”

  1. I agree with all your points. Copying from others site is a Short Term Benefit but soon the site content will be banned from search Engine. So its better to work hard for the first time then one can get long term benefit

  2. i did not notice that i am coping the content while making my first blog. I came ti know when blog was almost disappear from search engine but now i have deleted all the coped content and publish the self written new content. will the blog be in the search engine again or the game is over.

    1. No game is still there, you can make your blog visible again in search but you have to do lot of work. Delete all indexed post and re-submit your sitemap in Webmaster Tools.

  3. If I use pictures from google for my blog while posting in Facebook or twitter for extracting people then is it a violation of google terms?? While my,blog doesn’t contains any of those shared pics.

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