Content Marketing Tips

8 Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Content Marketing Tips
Content marketing is a great tool for getting the attention of customers and getting very popular when it comes to increasing brand awareness and sharing information with the audience. So it is important that you have a valuable content that can attract the target audience. If you cannot do that, many customers will leave for your competitor. The following few tips can help you improve the content marketing strategy for your small business.

Answer the Questions from Your Customers

Small business often struggle to understand what content should be marketed online. For regular marketing it is easy to make a sales pitch and push the product and services to the customers but it isn’t the case here. They are always looking for the same thing they want in the store and that is advice. The simplest thing a small business content marketer can do is to answer the questions that are in the minds of your customers.

Use Email Because It Is More Effective

Content marketing without email marketing is not completely at all. Every business requires an email list to keep in touch with their customers and also to promote further content to them. RSS is an age old method and that is why you would need to tie up your blog and content marketing with an email campaign to maintain relationship with the customers and stay at the front in their minds. There is a higher chance that they would be converted into a paying customer. Bottom line being email marketing coupled with content is the most sensible way to boost your sales.

Use Infographic

Most people love absorbing content in visually rather than just reading some text. We all love visuals and that is why using Infographic will help you put the content in front of the readers and in fact help in sending the right message to them with more success.

Plan extensively for long term

Content marketing can be used to get results in a one-off campaign but it can be highly effective as an on-going campaign just like magazines and newspapers. Schedule and create content for years to come with proper type of content that will serve your marketing objectives as well as satiate the customers’ need. If proper planning is not in place there are chances that the content might not provide enough benefit at all.

Keep your content easily shareable on social networks

Whenever you add a post to your website ensure that you also add the same post to your social media page instantly. It is advisable to share every post you make on most common social network websites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Keeping an active social media presence will help in getting more followers to your website. Also make every content post on your site sharable for each visitor so that they can put it on their page to market you furthermore. Install a social sharing toolbar to make it easier for the customers to share the content on all their social network profiles in one single click.

Start a blog

If your business doesn’t possess a blog for yourself start creating one with sites like WordPress, self-hosted blog with a custom domain name that is used for your business or brand name. The blog should also be quite responsive and mobile-friendly so that it is also accessed by mobile devices. The look and design of the blog should be themed on the content to make it more appealing for the customers to enjoy.

Keep a tab on Analytics

Monitoring different content marketing strategies helps in judging how it is performing. It includes keeping a tab on conversions and where they are coming from – email marketing, social media websites, and blog posts. Monitoring the analytics helps in knowing what works best for your business and what doesn’t. On the basis of these results you can plan some measures that would help to ensure a successful content marketing campaign and eliminate waste of any time and resources.

Have a consistent content

When you start adding content frequently it is important that you maintain the consistency to move forward. Website visitors start expecting it and keep returning to your site in anticipation of a new informative content. If it isn’t updated they are likely to lose interest and never return only to go for a website that shall provide them with consistent content. Every business has different frequent requirement where larger business add content several times a day, smaller businesses can post one daily or weekly. But stay consistent to get good results off it. Whatever intervals you plan for content deployment should be maintained.
These simple tips about content marketing can help you boost website traffic, engage customers, convert revenue and get search rankings. Take time to implement them properly to get a highly successful content marketing campaign.

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