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8 Things You Should Do Before Applying For Google Adsense

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When I started blogging career I come across many website and I read many articles about Adsense, like how to get approve Google Adsense? How to approve Adsense account? Thousands of articles already published on this topic but I still feel to write this article because lot of article is written just for getting traffic nothing more.

Lot of newbie wants to start blogging career but they also want to know how they will earn from website or blog? So if you want to start blogging career then you should aware from what is Google Adsense? How can apply for it…
So Google Adsense is PPC (Pay Per Click) Program that allow you to insert ads on your website or blog, when anyone will click on your ads Google will pay you some percent of advertisement. Now a days Google announce very stick policies for Adsense, it’s become lot harder to approve now but tips that I am going to give you, I you will adopt these tips then I can assure you, you will come again to say thanks to me 😀
So apply there 8 tips to approve Adsense easily…

1. Contact Us / About / Privacy Policy Pages

There three pages are very essential to get approve Adsense, lot of time I reject from Adsense due to this mistake, lot of newbie doing this mistake and they are rejecting from Adsense many times, so you need to make there three pages simply in contact simply write your name, E-mail address Cell phone, Give Facebook contact address, Twitter Address, G+ address or simply create Contact Me from. Next is About mean write little biography about your website that what type of services you are providing. Last one is Policy Privacy mean what are you blog policies etc…

2. Minimum Number of Posts

May be you are not agree with me on this point, lot of my friends having more then 100 post but they can’t get Adsense and many friends have around 40 to 50 post they are enjoying Adsense earning, so mean to say that quantity doesn’t matter quality matter, if you have well written and well optimized contents then you can approve if you have 40 to 50 post. Never apply for Google Adsense if your blog has less content and is not optimized according to Google terms and Conditions. So there is no specific limit that should be before applying for Adsense.

3. Traffic

Lot of people consider that traffic doesn’t matter 😀 no dear traffic matter much, if you have more then 100 post and you have 50-100 visitors per day then how you will get Google Adsense? You should have approximately 1000 visitors per day, page view doesn’t matter much, and in traffic above then 70% traffic should from search engine.

4. Domain Name

Buy your own level domain mean self hosted domain and a reputable webhosting service, like Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator. You will never approved on sub domains or on blogger, so always try to buy .COM domain name, if you will have commercial (.com) domain then you will get adsense easiliy.

5. Design

Its very important step I think so, lot of newbie even old blogger don’t care to much but believe me its not only important it’s essential for your website that should user friendly, it may not possible to reach your original content user have to cross many steps. So you need to keep your website simple, easy, user friendly.

6. First 3 Months

Google Adsense policy is 6 months but I suggest you first three months, in first three month you need to do burn midnight oil mean your full effort, first three month don’t give your attention toward earning give full attention on dragging more visitors, once you get more visitors then go for Adsense other then you will just reject nothing more.

7. Other Ad Networks

Before going to apply for Adsense make sure that you are not advertising of any other Network, if you are advertising then stop it because at a time two program can’t be run so it’s important for you because lot of newbie try to earn by both hand they are advertising of two or three networks which is against Adsens policy.

8. Name/ Email / Age Verification

Before submitting you application make sure that you name is correct because after submitting application your name can’t be change, verify you age that you are above 18 or not if you are not then you will not get payment, and last is verify your e-mail address and after that submit your application.
So if you will adopt these tips I can assure you, you will defiantly approve by Adsense.
Best of luck for your blogging career as well as if you want to apply for Adsense then many best wishes for that.

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52 thoughts on “8 Things You Should Do Before Applying For Google Adsense”

  1. Hello admin,
    Thanks for your valuable post. Nice information and One of the best articles about Google Adsense. I apply Google Adsense with blogspot but my site rejected.

    Best Regards,

  2. Thank you for taking time to share valuable contents. i agree with your points that, there are several reason for rejection of Adsense application. however, your ideas might be helpful to overcome from this problems.

  3. Hi WAQAS,
    Very good tips. I was wondering how I can get one Adsense account as I tried once but was not approved. Here you go! with some awesome tricks. Thank you for the share.

  4. Hiii WAQAS,
    thanks for sharing this informative post. you have covered all the points very clearly. this post going to help lots of blogger and webmasters. thanks again…!!

  5. Hi Waqas Brother. I have all these qualities it’s mean I can apply for adsense. Thanks dear for sharing your experience here.

  6. dear sir i have google adsense account but i have no earning in my account my adsense account is new tell me when my earning starts.

    1. There will be no issue of Adsense is old or new, If you have good organic traffic then your earning will start automatically and if you will have no traffic then Google can’t do anything for you !

  7. adsense account has been approved but now i want to link my blog to adsense and I tried to add my blog URL using your said method but they say hosted sites are not allowed.

    1. For that you have to re apply for adsense, Go to account setting and edit show ads on and put your website there, after that they will review your application and then they will accept or reject you.

  8. Thank you very much for your useful post…I have been finding like this post for many days,at last I got,thank you again!

  9. Durgesh kumar

    sir ,, i always enjoy your posts/articles.,, its now my time to apply for the google adsense,,plz have a check over my website and tell me if there is any point that i need to correct ,,,
    thank you

    1. It depends on traffic and CPC rate, If you have traffic from US you will get $1-2 per click, while you have traffic from such countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh you will hardly get 0.5 or something like that.

  10. Siddharth Sharma

    Hi Waqas Bro,
    Wow! Great tricks and tips are here to get approval of Google adsense in just few days. actually i am going to apply for Google Adsense so, now thinking to follow mostly all points which you have shared.

    Thanks to Share 🙂

  11. Hi Ahmed,

    I have got Google adsense account by uploading video in Youtube as you mentioned in your another blog.

    But here you have mentioned not easy to get Google adsense account. The ID which I get that is something different or same.

  12. Hi there,
    Nice points to look for while applying an Adsense account.

    One more thing buddy, i think a little bit of improvement in language here will make this blog reach new heights. 🙂

  13. thanks for giving helpful guide.i am make a blog and this is 1 month old but not getting’s getting atleast 10 pageview per day so give me any idea to incrase visitor plz help me

    1. Thanks Suresh for you feedback here.
      You have to learn proper SEO to increase your visitors, publish quality contents, make loyal readers, create subscriber list and share new articles. Focus on creating good quality articles.

  14. Good suggestion!
    but i saw some of websites are put Google ads and other ads network like info link ? and it seems work normally !

  15. If what you are saying about getting at least 1000 visitors a day before I should apply for Adsense, then I think I’m going to have to wait for many months. I’m doing everything I can to increase traffic, but it seems like a really hard task.

  16. I am already getting much traffic on my blog. Now time to go for adsense. Will let you know if I won or failed. 🙂

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