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How To Get An Approved Google Adsense Account in 1 hour?

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Now a day Google Adsense is the only program that new or old bloggers finds very difficult to get approved. As you know that Google Adsense is highly CPC program, but to get approval is bit difficult, few years back there were no such restriction by Google, but now a day lot of bloggers even Pro blogger saying that they can’t get Google Adsense Account, So today I discover one of the most used approval method of Google Adsense.
google adsense account
In this tutorial I am going to illustrate you how to can get approval from Adsense just in a 1hours. As we know that every problem has a solution, so today in this tutorial we will try to find solution of Adsense, Here we will discuss that how to get Adsense very quickly through YouTube Monetization method and later on we can add on our website, so learn step by step that how to get Adsense account approval.

Google Adsense Account Approval Trick Within 1 Hour 2013:

Step 1: First of all you should have Gmail account, if you have then well and good and if not then Sign up for Gmail.
Step 2: Login to your “YouTube” Account and visit
Step 3: Now click on “Enable My Account”.
Adsense approval tips
Step 4: Now accept the term & conditions, Just Click on “I accept”.
Google adsense approval tricks
Step 5: Now new page will open, just click on “Monetize” Button“.
Google Adsense Approval
Step 6: After that check your Email inbox.
Step 7: Now upload a unique video in your YouTube account.
Note: While uploading video don’t forget to add proper description and Tags, Now publish your Video.
Step 8: Now link your Adsense Account, Visit here and click on “How Will I be Paid” it will expend and click on “associate and Adsense Account”.
Google Adsense approval
Step 9: Now new screen will open, here you have to put your YouTube channel address in front of “I will show ad on” and click on continue button.
Google Adsense Account Approval Tricks
Step 10: Now you will be redirected to new page, here you have to put your complete information which is required, after filling complete form click on “Submit”.
Now wait for 1-2 hours, you will receive a conformation Email, Yahooooooo! You got Adsense account.

How To Link Your Website To AdSense:

Step 1: Sign in to your Adsense account and click on Account settings.
Step 2: Scroll you page down and you will see a link like Sites authorized to show ads.
Step 3: Now add URL of your website where you want to show Adsense ads.
Step 4: Now go to My ads & create new ad unit, get ad code and implement on your website.
Note: You can link this Account to blogger as well. 

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89 thoughts on “How To Get An Approved Google Adsense Account in 1 hour?”

  1. My adsense account has been approved but now i want to link my blog to adsense and I tried to add my blog URL using your said method but they say hosted sites are not allowed. Please guide me how can I add my blog in my adsense account ?


    1. Login to your adsense account > Go to Account Setting > Scroll down you will see option “Access and authorization” and click on “Edit” add your website URL, if they approve your application you will able to show ads on your Non-hosted websites as well…

      1. how much time it take my blog name is Is it ready for adsense ?

        I got hosted but i wanna convert it into normal

  2. Hi,
    I have gmail account and on same i have create “” blogs but I am not able to start adsense on that blogger URL. Giving error msg ” You are currently signed into the Google Account, which is either not an active AdSense account, or still pending an approval. This account cannot be used to monetize your content.”

    Pls provide me and solution for same.


    1. You can show ads on blogspot blogs mean hosted websites, if you want to show ads on non hosted sites such as your .com site then you have to re-apply for adsense, reply option available in account setting of your adsense.

  3. Hi there,

    Thanks a ton for this awesome article..
    I am just a month old blogger and trying to figure out things..
    Initially when I knew nothing I applied for google adsense and got rejected..
    After reading this article,I followed the steps and got approved for youtube adsense..
    I have submitted my url and put up the code too..
    Keep up the amazing work !!

    1. Hi
      I read your article. It is very interesting & now i got adsense approval for my youtube channel.while i was trying to show adds on my website it is showing a message like
      “URL cannot contain host partner ‘”. How can i apply adds to my blogger site.

      1. Go to account setting, then go in Access and authorization section, edit this”Sites authorized to show ads” and put here your website address. After that they will review it and will inform you if you deserve for adsense.

  4. When adding adsesse account to youtube they are showing the message that your account not have active adsense acount or pending approval
    please help
    or should i need to make new account ???

      1. thanx man i tried from a different account and it works i just recieved aa mail that ur adsense account is activated

  5. Hi,

    I am trying to include my blog, but then it gives me an error message “URL cannot contain host partner ‘’.” Need your help on this. I also do not get to see “Sites authorized to show ads” options

      1. I have got an adsense code but do not know where to paste it exactly, I need your help as I am not very technically sound

        can you Give me a Detailed Explanation as to where to paste the adsense code.

        I would be really thankful to you if you could help me out

        Nikhil Kashid

  6. I have made my blogger account around 2 days ago. I am regularly publishing content on my blog. I’ve tried the google adsence, but it disapproved my account. I found on some sites–they say wait for 6 months to grow traffic on your blog and then Re-apply…. So please tell me if I get an Adsence Account by your method, will I be able to attach my blogger account to it?? Will I be able to get Ads on my blogger blog also?

  7. Sir i applied the whole method which u said and i suuceed to show the ad on my bloig but i didnt got any mail in my mail box of approvement they said your account is under review for 1 week but ads are running on blog…. I’m totaly confused plzz
    You’r dis step

    Step 10: Now wait for 1-2 hours, you will receive a conformation Email, Yahooooooo! You got Adsense account.

  8. Sir 1 More doubt on de 2nd day my eastimated earing it shwd 0.31$ n next it gtt vanished ? Y

    nw it is nly 0.11$

  9. I think so sir it was my mistake in seeing nw its wrking crrctly…..its shwing yestarday earnig 0.11$ TodaY’S earing 0.00$ Thnx……. if ny other doubt will der i will ask u…later

  10. sir i use hot spot shield too but can not activate my monetized tab. i can click on monitize tab but it do nothing after the click too. please help me i had already uploaded 1 videos too. How to enable my account? help!!!

  11. Thanks for the useful information. I want to use my brothers name and address for my payment in another country. Can i register in my country with his name, telephone and address. Thanks

  12. Hi got successfully adsense account through youtube, but i want to associate to my blogspot blog,please tell me how to associate to blogger in clear steps

  13. sir i create the google adsense acount for his blog but the adsense acount become disable after 2 days pleas tell me the reason

  14. I have used your method to get adsense account through you tube.
    I have created ads in ad unit and placed the code in my blog.Even after one week live ads are not shown in my blog.
    only blank ads are displayed and later the ad unit status went to idle status.

    Please help me to display active ad units in my blog.Thanks in advance.

  15. Hello! I’ve done every step as told, my adsense account is approved, I’ve monetized it with blogger too and it’s been 2-3 weeks and yet my blogger blog doesn’t show ads. I don’t even get any notification on adsense page as to why this is happening. Any idea? You can see the blank space on the site.

    1. If you are unable to connect blogger with Adsense then do a simple thing, go to ad unit and create new ad unit there, get Script code and paste it into new HTML widget and drag it where you want to show ads.

  16. i have custom domain on my blogger blogs but it show on earning tab that Your blog doesn’t currently qualify for AdSense. so, in how many days it will show sign up tab for adsense in my blogger blog. please help me.

  17. Hi Sorry for my previous comment where i stated that the post and the comment here is fake.. But i truly apologize now for that. Because i followed the above steps to know whether it is working or not,, and you know it worked!!! and i got Adsense account. But if we see the email what we get,, you’ll have below Notice.

    Your AdSense account only allows you to monetize the content that you create on AdSense host partner sites.

    What are the other Adsense host partner sites apart from Youtube?

    If blogger is Adsense Hosted sites then we can create a blog there and start the earning process immediately. But i am curious about other option also. please reply me if you know others.

    By stating “Adsense host partner sites” it is clear that you cannot put ads immediately in your self hosted websites. If you need to do then you have to do as said in google email

    If you later decide that you’d also like to implement AdSense on a domain that you registered yourself, we ask that you provide us with the URL where you plan to show ads. To submit this one-time review request form, follow the steps described in

    So you have to get approval separately for your self hosted websites which will be difficult to get as usual.

    once again i apologize for my statement in the previous comment. Would like to get a reply from you.

      1. If this Trick works after march 2014. Please check it. I Have 4 adsense accouts, but My ads are always blank, Now adsense Change their policies and this trick will only work for Youtube Only.

  18. Hi In your “How To Link Your Website To AdSense:” topic you have mentioned to add URL at the “Sites authorized to show ads.” But i couldn’t find any option like that. Could you please help me in this.

    1. Login to Adsense account, Go to account setting, You’ll see Access and authorization option, click on edit and you will see “I will show ads on”, add your website url here.

  19. Bro u r owsum at internet
    Hats off 2 u bro
    bhai for my sake plsss can u tell me how much money u r earning per month from internet
    I eagerly wanna knw coz I thnk u r superb at blogging , making ads. And earning ppc very coolly
    Some say u cnt earn from internet
    Some says dat u can earn a lot of money as web is spreadng ol over the world
    Bro I tried out many sites many tries to earn money from internet
    Can u plsss let me knw the truth
    If yes its true to warn money on internet then plsss bro help me out
    Plsss I need to earn money. very urgently

    1. Thank you so much Abhishek for your feedback and appreciation,
      First thing that i would like to clear you that Yes! you can make money online. If someone saying no you can’t earn, telling lie. Another thing that you should know that it’s not too easy as it seems. For online earning you should have some skills through which you can earn. Blogging is best to make money if you can do. Learn WordPress, Learn SEO, after that you will be able to make money.


  20. Thanks for sharing this article.But now this trick doesn’t work with any blogspot blogs and ads are only shown on youtube videos.If i place ads on blogspot blogs it shows blank space only and it doesn’t show ads.

    1. Thanks Raman for your feedback, yes i have got same complaint regarding this issue, maybe they are not allowing on blogspot now but old hosted accounts still working.

  21. Tejpal Choudhary

    Awesome article dude,

    I got my adsense account by using the trick that you described here & that was just a hosted one .After publishing few articles only 13 articles looks much less but with this number of the posts applied for adsense for website and they accepted my request and that hosted account changed into normal account.

    So guys with this trick you can get adsense account easily for your online stuff on your blog or website.

  22. very nice information but my adsense not showing add on my blog my blog address www,

  23. sir,
    thanks to update this page i got approved asense but after fut code on website its again disapproval pls guide me to code approval

  24. Hi,

    I used this method last January. On Jan 30, my YouTube AdSense was approved. Then I applied for AdSense Content but was rejected. I re-applied and on March 6 I received an email that my AdSense for Content is already approved, BUT until now I still see blank ads. When I login to my AdSense account, it still shows the my AdSense for Content application is still under review.

  25. hi,
    I have just tried this method to get approval from you-tube. yes i got activation mail, now i can see ads on youtube but when i am using it on my blogger blog, ads are showing blank. i have linked youtube account to blogger. but ads are not showing. please help

  26. hey.i want to make up my youtube channel related to gaming….so can you just tell me something which could make my channel famous on youtube???

  27. Yes anyone can make fully approved account by given trick but you can not use YouTube adsense account on blogspot as google has changed rules in 2015.
    You have to apply through blogspot and for non hosted sites, you have to submit application.

    It is not tough to get approval.don’t listen big bullies.
    I have only 16 post,20 page view per day and not so hi fi post but I got approval in first attempt so don’t use these tricks. Apply direct.

  28. hello, I like your information but still I need to know only one thing which is that- Is it really need a website to get approved adsense account? If not then where to get ads unit for my videos.
    I am waiting for your answer.

  29. hi
    i have followed all your instructions but after i clicked on “how do i get paid, and associate with adsense account” the feedback was ” you will be redirected to adsense to link youe adsense account or create a new one if you dont have one yet. once you have completed this process, you be redirected back to youtube” and i spent almost an hr there but was not redirected. what do i do? pls help

  30. Hi Sir, I completed my $100 today. But still a red line is showing in my adsense account. I mention the text which is showing “We’re sorry, some data in this report is delayed, please try again later. There’s no impact to ad serving or payments”.
    Please tell me whats the solution of it. I really need it

  31. Hi Waqas

    I am unable to associate my adsense account with my youtube channel. On the associate page, there is no movement after Save and Continue is clicked. The page just hangs. At times The message comes : The function is not available.
    Pleas e help

  32. Hello sir, I have a blog with adsene on it but suddenly some of the ad units went idle. How can I get these ad units to become active. My next question: I have another blog which was disapproved by AdSense. can I place ad units codes generate from the first blog on and how?

  33. Your content is excellent but I have a doubt regarding Adsense in telugu website actually Google Adsense doesn’t support telugu language article’s. But many telugu websites displaying Google ads how it’s possible of getting Adsense for telugu sites please solve my problem

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