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10 Things To Do Before Publishing A New Post

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Is writing lengthy articles are enough?

Probably every day I’m getting this type of questions. If you are writing just lengthy articles, and you are expecting maximum traffic, then it’s your biggest mistake.


Writing excellent contents is the key of success, but there are several things you need to do before publishing a new blog post. Just writing and publishing blog post can ruin your whole SEO strategy. Honestly, there are endless list of things from keyword research to publish button. Here I’m going to discuss some secret precautionary tips before publishing a new blog post, and it is very tricky to predict viral potential of content after applying these tips, but it can give you a better chance to achieve your maximum goals.

1. Have I created an attractive headline?

Most of the bloggers don’t care about this, but if you are not creating attractive headline, then you can’t attract more visitors. Create eye-catching titles to force readers to click on your post. Make sure your post title should be at least 40 characters and less than 70.

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2. Did I add images to the post?

Images are good enough to explain your whole article. Let’s suppose you have an article about beauty tips, and you have an image of beauty or something like that. So this can help you to encourage readers to read your article. Images are also important to get extra SEO benefit by adding alt tag and description.

3. Did I manually edit the permalink?

When you publish a new post, WordPress generates permalink automatically, but you have to edit according to your need, and remove extra words from the permalink. Too long permalink can bury your main keyword. If you are using blogger, then editing permalink is very easy, just click on post permalink, and remove extra words from the link.

4. Is there enough meat on the bone?

Must check how many words are in your article. Writing article of just 200 or 300 words is not recommended now. Your article must be 500+ words to get better search engine position. Here is the short summery of average content length of top 10 search results.

top 10 search results

5. Did I add internal links within the content?

The number of internal links pointing to a page is a signal to search engines about the relative importance of that page. Internal linking helps lay the foundation of your SEO efforts. Cross linking is the most overlooked tactic to force search engine crawler to crawl your maximum pages.

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6. Did I read through the post to check for spelling mistakes?

Too be honest, I’m also a victim of this mistake, but I’m trying to overcome this silly mistake. During writing an article, it might possible that you have done spell and grammar mistakes. So, proof reading is must, if you can’t do proof reading, then you can use any software or any plugin. is a useful resource to make your article error free.

7. Did I split my content and add subheadings?

Don’t put all eggs in one basket. If your article is too complicated to read, then user will never try to read your article, because already there are many alternatives of your article. Divide your article into paragraphs, headings, and subheadings to make it easier to read.

8. Is the content valuable to my audience?

It’s very important, and you must think about that. If you are publishing irrelevant articles, or less informative, then user will never come again after this experience. So, always try to write for your readers, instead of search engine. Search engine can give you ranking only, but your regular visitors are your asset. Before publishing a new post, make sure your article should be rich with information.

9. Is this piece of content timeless?

User always tries to look to the point information. Hardly 10% readers will read your whole article. People say lengthy article is king, but I’m saying timeless content is king, because user will get maximum information without wasting extra time. If you have accurate information, user will share with others and social media as well. I’m not saying that lengthy article is not good, lengthy article is superb, but should be informative

10. Did I preview the content?

Before publishing new post, must save in draft to see how it look? So, if there is any mistake, you can change it easily. No extra math, just you can see live preview of your article before publishing it.


I hope you will enjoy reading this article, and you can gain some extra knowledge as well. Let us know what other things you consider before publishing a new post. Don’t forget to share your feedback in comment.

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9 thoughts on “10 Things To Do Before Publishing A New Post”

  1. Awesome and detailed post! Well, all of these points are must to consider, especially proofreading (6th point) and knowing if this is useful content for audience (8th point). Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Hello Waqas,
    There is of course no doubt these are indeed interesting must which ought to be considered. Having images which can’t do the rest of the talking matters a lot but that is something many bloggers don’t pay attention to.

  3. Very nice and interesting post.. Yeah. Ignoring the power of images and using a good keywords in the title could be one of the biggest mistake any blogger can make.. Images are very crucial for blog posts.. Anyways, thanks bro Waqas for sharing and do have a nice weeks ahead.. 😀

  4. Interesting, but practical tips.

    “Did I read through the post to check for spelling mistakes?” is a basic error in publishing a new post. It will result in a bad outcome, your post will reflect to the author. Readers will possibly think you haven’t proofread it and think you’re in a hurry.

    “Is there enough meat on the bone?” I can see that time-by-time, a blogger’s tactic in blogging changes. The pace of change is quite fast; all aim to produce a well written, relevant and a traffic magnet post. Now I understand why bloggers now write epic posts.

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