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Build A Brand And Acquire Clients Across The Globe With eCommerce WordPress plugins

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Online shopping is an emerging platform among people in this fast moving world. There are a few leading online shopping stores such as Amazon and eBay who have attained a brand name in this tough and highly competitive market. With such online stores, the internet has been also evolved as a mammoth platform for business exposure. WordPress is the right option for those who want to groom their business globally and locally as WordPress offers a wide range of plug-ins that can meet the business needs. Some plug-ins are available with in-built features and if you need for some specific needs, you can Hire WordPress developers also. 

A plenty of small scale industries have turned to a leading companies by expanding themselves with such online stores. Following are a few WordPress plugins that you can use facilely to build a brand for yourself:

Top eCommerce WordPress plugins:

  • Cart66 Lite:

best eCommerce plugins
Cart66 Lite is an e-commerce plugin that you can employ to your WordPress blog. Unlike other plug-ins, you will find it more vigorous and versatile. Deal with your digital and physical products by getting and employing this wonderful plug-in available at the optimal cost. With this, explore multiple currency and shipping options, so that it can help your entrepreneur at an international edge. Paste your ads in any webpage and make use of affiliate marketing to attain high profit.

  • Jigoshop:

best eCommerce plugins
Another long-standing e-commerce WordPress plugin is the Jigshop. Just download it to your system which is available for free and is having a range of premium extensions and themes that can be purchased. The theme will aid you to acquire a professional look without any cost that is usually associated with an e-commerce website. Extensions of added functionalities have been engraved such as marketing enhancements, payment gateways and many more. There are a few extensions also that are offered by 3rd party developers.
Features of Jigoshop envelopes customer account area, order management, inventory tracking, discount codes, product import/export, control over tax and much more.

  • EcWid:

best eCommerce plugins

Another absolutely free plug-in for WordPress. It is a fully-fledged online shopping platform that is definitely easy to install and manage. It can be customized also, so build a website in your own way. You can also visit its showcase gallery that empowers live website and uses WordPress plugin. Its designing has been done by using AJAX at a greater extent. Similar plugins can be developed with Custom WordPress Plugin Development technology as well. 

  • eShop Plugin:

best eCommerce plugins
Here, your search comes to an end, if you were seeking a highly accessible WordPress plugin. It is having very straightforward controls and it is also providing a plenty of methods for listing the products. Just enjoy adding and customizing the settings as it is very easy. It also has a simpler interface which allows you to do quick browsing and purchasing. You will also find multiple payment gateways, multiple shipping options, statistics for purchase and much more.

  • WooCommerce:

best eCommerce plugins

This is another highly popular plug-in and is extensively used on various online stores across the globe. An unparalleled selection of themes is available that can be purchased and this is one of the biggest leverages. No doubt, WooThemes sells their own themes that can be used anytime with WooCommerce, but also there is a plethora of third-party themes that are developed in order to integrate with WooCommerce. Download this theme without paying a single penny along with paid extensions. The excellent features of WooCommerce include control over shipping, product and inventory management, order management, coupon codes and much more.

The list of such WordPress plugins do not end up here as you will find many more by exploring the internet. WordPress plugins have been designed and developed to meet other professional and personal needs as well. You can download and install it at your end either at free of cost or by paying an optimal amount. 

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