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Blogger vs WordPress Which Is The Best Platform For Your Blog?

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When someone thinks to start blogging career, the first and main thing which comes in his/her mind is which platform should be chosen for running his/her blog. These days there are not only but two main competitors in the Blogging world. First one is WordPress and other one is Blogger. So Newbie’s always think that what should they use either WordPress or Blogger.


Blogger vs WordPress Comparison 2014


These both are much competitive in the latest blogging world. Both of them have their own merits and demerits from different aspects. In this post I am going to put light on advantages and disadvantages of both from nearly every aspect so that a newbie’s could easily choose best one for their blogging career.

Blogger vs WordPress Which Is The Best Platform


WordPress is CMS (Contents Management System ) which is used to create, upload, manage a website. It is most popular platform which is used to create website now a days.


Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress.


 Advantages of WordPress:

1. Complete Control

In WordPress you have complete control over you website. You can Access all files & root directory because it’s self hosted platform and you have control over your Cpanel. You can generate full back any time. You can update it even each and every thing is in your hand.


2. Professional Look

WordPress looks more professional than blogger, dashboard also looks professional and latest than blogger.


3. Themes

You can change, upload themes as much you wish. Thousand of WordPress themes are available on the internet free and premium as well. It’s very easy to install themes, I think just one click you can install theme.


4. Thousands of free plugins for every task

I amazed when I was searching some security plugin for WordPress, believe me thousand of plugin are available even for a single task. Lot of plugins are free of cost you can download or search them and on one click you can install. There is no complicated customization of plugin few plugins that require little customization but mostly start working after installation.


5 . Customization

You have no need to know languages like HTML, CSS, PHP or any other, WordPress provide you front end editing not back end because its built-in software that provide you interface to create webpage friendly.


6. More better SEO Options

Lot of readers may not agree with me but main difference which I personally think is SEO. There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress search engine optimization. Wordpress provide you friendly SEO. You can just install plugin like All In One SEO Pack or SEO by yoast that may help you in website optimization, but it’s very important that you could optimize your website more efficiently other then there will be no advantage of these plugins.


7. Vast Community

There are millions of peoples who are using WordPress platform and also million of form are available that may help you in any difficulty, you can just ask question on any form you can get the reply of your question very quickly.


 Disadvantages of WordPress:

1. Security Threat

Security is major problem in wordpress, you are not too much secure in wordpress. Hackers can target you any time. WordPress website can be easily hacked if you have not done security measurement with the help of security Plugins.

2. Hosting

I think it’s not disadvantage of WordPress because no pain no gain. You need to purchase Hosting for Running a WordPress site. Lot of companies providing hosting like Hostgator, Godaddy, Bluehost and thousands of other.

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3. Backup

You need to generate backup on regular basis because hacking is a big disadvantage in WordPress. So live to secure you need to create backup after everyday.


Blogger is Google owned platform where you can start blogging free of cost. Million of blogs hosted by blogger currently. You can also host your own domain and start working on your blog using free facilities provided by blogger. Let me explain some Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger.

 Advantages of Blogger

1. It’s Free And Easy

As I mention above that blogger is free of cost. There is no annually or monthly charges of blogger. I think major difference which I saw that it’s free of cost.


2. No Issue of Hacking

As I mention above that it’s Google hosted server, so no one can hack Google server. Plus point that people consider it that no one can think to hack Blogger. One way it can be hack if some one got your E-mail password, so live to secure in blogger you need to keep secure your E-mail your blog will secure automatically which is not a hard work.



Interface of blogger is very easy and understandable for newbie’s. There is no need of technical skills, I think everyone can use blogger who know the ABC of blogging.


4. The Google Advantages

As I mention above I think no need to repeat it again that it’s hosted and controlled by Google. You will get all the advantages that Google is providing like fast indexing, fast crawling, pagerank and many more.


5. Loading Speed

Loading speed matter much to indexing fast in search engine. As blogger sites are hosted by Google’s own servers, they have much better loading time as compare to other hosted sites.


 Disadvantages of Blogger

1. Unprofessional Design

Blogger always looks like unprofessional weather it’s in appearance weather in dashboard. Blogger sites looks like old aged HTML websites. There are no professional templates are available, if available then customization is too difficult in blogger, you have to do each and every thing manually.


2. Not SEO friendly

Major drawback that I consider is SEO problem. You can see just Permalink Structure in blogger which seems like that which is not good in the eye of search engine, and you can not use keywords for every post. You can not use search engine title which are available in self hosted websites.


3. Google Owns Your Site

In advantages in mention one point that “Google Advantages” when you will get advantages of Google then you should follow the term and condition of Google. If you violate and rule of Google its personal experience will ban you, like if you used copy write material or if you create Adult post and many more you can read Blogger Term and Conditions. So, Google can ban you any time by giving any reason which is very painful.


4. Lack of Plugins

Blogger not supporting any Plugin. it’s mean you have to make changes in code of template every time you want to add or delete some thing, for any task you need to do manually there is not such as plugin that can do anything for you.


 5. Don’t have good customer support

There is no as such customer support by Blogger, if you ask any question I think so you will never get a reply. so, due to this reason people may discourage by Blogger.



So I try to put my analysis over both, it’s time to decide yourself that which one is better, but if give you suggestion that if you are newbie then use blogger and if you are professional and want to do serious blogging then no need to waste your time on blogger then I suggest you to use WordPress because it’s self hosted and it gives you the freedom to choose your own domain name and install any theme that make your blog professional look


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