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50 Actionable Blogging Tips by the Experts Infographic

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Blogging tips” is a widely searched keyword over internet. When I did bit research before writing this article, I found two most searched and discussed terms, first blogging tips and second is how to reduce blog loading time.

Rightly so…

As of 2014, an estimated 6.7 million people are connected via blogging platforms. Think WordPress and Blogger among others.

May you have heard about blogging many time before and many conspiracies as well. Different people having different thoughts about word “blogging”.

Many people think that blogging is an art, many think that its science, many thing is logic, many think it’s a way to play with search engine and so on.

Today we are going to discuss few untapped blogging tips from the blogging gurus who are doing tremendous job in blogging field and these tips can remove all bogus conspiracies about blogging from your mind.

Here is Infograph about blogging tips from blogging Experts:

Blogging Tips

infographic credit

1. Use a Professional Looking Domain Name

Don’t use domain like or Use paid domain like this will help you to make an online identity.

2. Update the Favicon for Your Site

Favicon is an image on the top of the browser. Use your own custom image to make it more branded.

3. Update Your Permalink Structure

Annoying permalinks like always dangerous. If you are using WordPress or any other CMS system, then there is an option to optimize your permalink and make them SEO friendly.

For WordPress users, Go to Settings > Permalink to see how they look.

4. Skip the Unnecessary Plugins and Widgets

Installing unnecessary plugins can create lot of issue for your website. It can be an obstacle in fast loading.

5. Do Not Add an RSS Counter

Never show less subscribers on your website. When you feel good numbers then you can show RSS counter.

6. Add a Video To Your Blog

80% people do not read your whole article. So to make your blog more attractive, add related videos in your content.

7. Format Your Blog Posts

You article presentation must be absolutely awesome. Annoying article will never give you any sort of boost. Make your article in headings, sub headings, paragraph, bold, italic and related images.

8. Add Images to your Blog and Site

As I mentioned above, 80% people do not read your whole article. So you have to give more and more guide to the user in less time.

9. Have a Checklist of Things to do After You Publish a Post

Blogging is not just writing and publishing articles. You have to do many things after publishing an article like checking errors, feature image, comments etc.

10. Build an Email List Right From the Start

Make an Email subscription form and collect Emails and then you can do article marketing through these subscribed Emails.

11. Pick a theme

Theme must be simple and easy to navigate. Design of theme shouldn’t be too high in graphics.

12. Give yourself grace

Persistency + consistency = Success

Blogging is not a magic that could happen overnight. To achieve success you have to work with persistency and remember ups and down is a part of blogging.

13. Be awesome

Create awesome and shareable content. Make your presence like a professional guy.

14. Tell the truth

Always be honest, upfront and build trust.

15. No copy-catting

Produce ever green content, users love to read fresh content.

16. Don’t measure stats too early

Even myself, I was victim of that when I came to blogging. Watching Google Analytics everytime was a bad habit. Don’t waste your time to watch stats of your blog too early, focus on producing quality stuff just.

17. Make your content easy to share

Use social sharing buttons at the begging, ending and side of your content so user can share your content easily on popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

18. Never underestimate the importance of networking

Communicate with other bloggers and viewers. Ask for comments and feedback on your blog.

19. Short sentences win

Try to save to the time of your viewer and give more knowledge in less time. Sometime long sentences can interrupt the reader which is not good for your blog.

20. Don’t write too little or too much

Writing lengthy content is good to rank your keyword but you have to keep your readers in mind. Too lengthy content can be boring but content should be in depth and to the point.

21. Spend Time Over Each & Every Article

Now Google started penalizing low quality contents. So try to spend time over each and every article and make it absolutely perfect for both search engine and users.

22. Post Unique Social Media Content

You can target popular social media websites to get more and more visitors to your website. Share interesting and informative post by using popular hashtags.

23. Post Only Quality Content!

This is one of the most important blogging tip compare to rest of blogging tips. Your content is king and you should focus on quality of content over quantity.

24. Interact & Tell Your Story

Interact with your readers via comments, email and social media. Always have your own unique perspective.

25. Target Your Audience

This is first and most important step when you are creating any website or blog. You have to have to decide that which type, which category, which territory we have to target.

26. Conduct Webinars & Interviews

By doing webinars and interviews can lead to authority, publicity and credibility. There are hundreds of people who are doing extra ordinary work in blogging or you can pick any other category. So make a list of pro bloggers and contact them to have their interview.

27. Invite Guest Bloggers

This is also a great strategy to generate more traffic. Get point of view of your readers as well.

28. Write Guest Posts For Other Sites

By doing guest blogging, you can have many and many advantages like more popularity, engagement with other people and more important is natural and quality backlinks.

29. Focus On People

Give first priority to your readers. Listen to your audience. Provide what they are looking for.

30. Avoid Too Much Promotion

I mentioned many times before than don’t make your blog pond of advertisement. Too much advertisement can irritate your audience.

31. Become an expert in your niche

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Become Pro in your field and share your experience so readers love to read.

32. Write a tutorial

Write quality, neat, specific, and in-depth article.

33. Give away your very best content and then some

Provide your best content on your site and provide some more as a report.

34. Be current

Be updated and make your blog up to date with latest tips and techniques.

35. Don’t write about your cats, dogs, boyfriends, kids.

Don’t make this stupid mistake. Don’t write irrelevant stuff on your blog.

36. Be timeless

Write a post that will remain time-tested for years.

37. Write with “everybody is entitled to my opinion” attitude.

38. Write about your kids

What Ana was trying to say is write what is best for your blog and readers. If your blog is about parenting then write about your kids. If your blog is about finance or income then, will writing about your kids help the audience in any way?

39. Write about other blogger’s best posts

Dedication is most important thing is blogging. If you are a dedicated person, then you can survive, otherwise selfish person has no space in blogging. If you see an awesome article on other blog, then you can write about it.

40. Make your own “best of the best” list

When you cross 100+ posts, make a list of all and add them in one post. Works perfectly!

41. Start a post ideas journal

This could be a good old notepad or word document. Capture your ideas for your next post whenever it happens. Ideas don’t just flow when you sit down to write.

42. Add Facebook ‘Like’ buttons

Make a Facebook page and add like box on your website to increase number of followers easily. Also add Facebook share button so your post can go viral on popular website like Facebook.

43. Add Twitter ‘Retweet’ buttons

Getting more traffic from social media is an awesome way to get more visibility. Add s button to get more tweets on twitter.

44. Make a list of every blogger in your niche

Don’t think about other bloggers in your niche as competitors, they provide the best chance of making your blog a success. Bloggers who succeed are the ones that network and help each other.

45. Add social proof to your blog

If your website stats are good, then share all stats with proof otherwise just show Facebook like and tweets.

46. Refine and explain your blog’s unique selling proposition

Make your blog unique and informative so user become bound to read your blog instead of others blog.

47. Learn SEO Basics

Learning is most important thing in blogging. I would recommend you that never stop learning even you are professional in your field.

48. Implement a call to action

Ask readers to comment or ask readers to subscribe for email updates.

49. Take down the ads

Don’t put ads right from begging, let your blog grow and then put advertisement.

50. Develop a Facebook fan page

Build a Facebook fan page sooner rather than later. Take advantage of the 500 million Facebook users.


Reading an epic list of tips like this gives people goose bumps but they don’t last long, do they? If you want it to last long then you need to do something with the tips and try to do them practically.

I hope you love this article. Don’t forget to add comment.

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